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18 K choker gold Round rose gold clavicle chain  

  • Chain material : Titanium steel
  • Chain style : Wave chain
  • Pendant material : Titanium steel
  • Brand : zi
  • Extension of the chain : 10cm the following
  • Style : Japan and south korea
  • Inlay material : Unmounted
  • Whether with a fall : Is
  • Whether multilayer : No
  • On the application of gender : Female
  • Whether the spot : Spot
  • Circumference : 21 cm (including)-50 cm (including)
  • Condition : Brand new
  • Strange new : Fresh baked
  • Price range : 51-100 yuan

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Style: Round rose gold necklace (31 + 5 cm)
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Product details of 18 K choker gold Round rose gold clavicle chain


Super like the style, before see outside online Reds blueprint, on the very heart water.

To get like, to find factory orders, before and after nearly two a month before the small amount of spot

Yesterday take arrival the, really is very good-looking. One to on to get phone to shoot the figure. Really the is part of how to shoot are Midea type.

Chain is part of thin the kind. Wafer also is grinding is in place.

Have a certain thickness, is not to see up on the cheap the kind thin, side are plush.

This year itself on the very popular collar type of necklace.

But over street the black, this section slim the gold.

Pro must be do not worry about hit the models OH ~~

Material in also can be at ease, big summer the necklace must be to security and color good. 'S not wear a day neck black the real the very embarrassing!

So from a start on the selection of good the titanium steel gold-plated. Plated the but thick the 18k gold OH ~~ Under the original capital with wood have ~~

Like the pro quickly start it ·~~ By the summer is the time. Good the us a !!



Not allergic, not fade!


Small round diameter 5mm

Size 30 cm + 5cm extension chain





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Specifications of 18 K choker gold Round rose gold clavicle chain

What's in the box:
  • 1x item
General Features:
  One Size
Warranty type No Warranty
Metal Titanium
  Round rose gold necklace (31 + 5 cm)
Model Not Specified
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