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An Essential Guide for Scoliosis and a Healthy Pregnancy (Chinese Edition)  

  • Second edition
  • Information on scoliosis and how it affects pregnancy
  • Provides answers and expert advice
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Product details of An Essential Guide for Scoliosis and a Healthy Pregnancy (Chinese Edition)

Expert advice to survive pregnancy while suffering from scoliosis. “An Essential Guide for Scoliosis and a Healthy Pregnancy” is a month-by-month guide on covering everything you need to know about taking care of your spine and your baby. The book supports your feelings and empathizes with you throughout your amazing journey towards delivering a healthy baby. Second Edition is Fully Revised and Updated
By reading, you gain:In-depth and up-to-date information on scoliosis and how it can affect your pregnancy.Week-by-week information on what to expect during your pregnancy.Information that is suitable for all types of post-operative scoliosis cases and those that, to date, have not yet been operated on.Clear, compassionate and comprehensive answers to the common questions about scoliosis and pregnancy.Crucial decision making tools decisions for important issues including epidurals, birthing procedures, changes to the spine due to hormones, and more to protect your baby.Tips to help you minimize unnecessary weight gain and keep your nutrient intake high.The latest nutritional research that debunks pregnancy food myths and uncovers a number of surprising superfood choices.Expert advice on staying fit and eating right during each trimester of pregnancy.Self-care tips for side effects including nausea and back pain.Fun, fast, and safe scoliosis exercises during the month of pregnancy and postpartum.Tips for strengthening your pelvic floor, easing back pain, and losing belly fat postpartum.Relaxation tips to reduce pain and increase your comfort.More than 100 high-quality illustrations, including numerous full-color clinical photographs, detailed line drawings, and complementary high-resolution radiographsThis book provides answers and expert advice for pregnant women suffering from scoliosis. Full of information to cope with the physical and emotional upheavals of pregnancy during scoliosis. From conception to birth and beyond, this guide will hold your hand until you become a happy and proud mother of a healthy newborn baby.

Specifications of An Essential Guide for Scoliosis and a Healthy Pregnancy (Chinese Edition)

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  • 1 x Book
General Features:
Edition 1st Edition
ISBN/ISSN 2147483647
Model Health In Your Hands-HIYHCN04
Number of pages (pages) 236
Warranty type No Warranty
Year 2012
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