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Brand: Bottega Verde
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OLIVO - Body Butter for Normal-Dry Skin, Intensely Nourishing, with Olive oil from Palazzo Massaini (150 ml)
  • The qualities of the finest Olive oil from Palazzo Massaini
  • High level of soothing, nourishing vegetable oils combine to help demanding skin regain its natural beauty
  • Sensation of softness and firmness after each application
  • 98% ingredients of natural origin
  • A wonderful application, especially after a bath or shower
SGD 19.90
Bottega Verde Olivo Di Palazzo Massaini - Bar Of Soap 150gr
  • Delicate formula, enriched with the finest Olive oil from Palazzo Massaini.
  • Nourishing, soothing, protecting... for gentle cleansing.
  • 98%* plant-derived ingredients
  • Paraben free
SGD 5.90
Intensive Foot Cream with Salicylic Acid for Callouses (50 ml)
(1 reviews)
  • Reduces and softens callouses and rough skin quickly an deasily
  • Exfoliates and improves rough, thicken cream
  • Rapidly absorbs into skin
  • Fresh mint fragrance
SGD 14.90
Bottega Verde Extraordinary Face Cream 50ml
  • 100% Active Plant Power Anti-aging skin moisturiser
  • Fights signs of aging 24 hours a day
  • Contains Vitamin E to fight free radicals
  • Argan Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to help skin regeneration and improve elasticity
  • Smoothing, hydrating, anti-aging and redensifying action with AQUAPHYLINE®, Hyaluronic Acid and MAXnolia.
  • Argireline® for an anti-wrinkle effect
  • Unique patented airless pot that preserves the precious active ingredient
  • Free from following, Silicon
  • Petrolates
  • Parabens
SGD 79.90
Moroccan Argan - Fragrance Diffuser (100 ml)
  • Warm, heady notes of magical emotions
  • Sweet, gentle perfume that releases intense, spicy notes and mild floral hints
  • Great as a gift set as well
SGD 22.90
Bottega Verde - Dahlia Imperiale EDT
  • Marvelous, Pulsating, Sweet, Enveloping and Delicate
  • Intensifies at its heart with pure white notes of Rose, Lily and Dahlia petals
  • Notes of sweet sensuality
SGD 49.90
Bottega Verde Pure Skin - Day Face Cream 50ml
  • Skin:combination and oily skin
  • Actions:sebum-balancing action
  • Scent:fresh, ligt perfume with green and floral notes
  • Characteristic:face cream able to effectively remove shine and reduce the blemishes usually found on oily or combination skins
  • Texture:medium consistency lotion
  • Application Area:face
SGD 39.90
Bottega Verde White Sublime - Whitening Night Face Cream 50ml
  • Actions:lightening, replenishing, moisturising
  • Suggestions:those wanting even-toned, radiant skin
  • Characteristic:lightening, replenishing, moisturising
  • Texture:cream
  • Application Area:face and décolleté
SGD 49.90
  • The wonderful texture and especially gentle, natural formula offers a sensational new showering experience.
  • Gently cleanses without harming the skin, leaving it soft and silky.
  • Excellent for especially delicate or dry skin!
  • 98%* naturally-derived ingredients
  • Paraben free
SGD 12.90
  • A soft and fluffy lather, which both cleanses and releases the velvety elegance of royal gardenia fragrance.
  • Enriched with gardenia extract, it offers an intense and enveloping beauty session. 
  • Hydrating and aromatic
  • Free from parabens.
SGD 72.90
Bottega Verde - Lei Glam - Eau de Parfum (50 ml)
  • Glamour at its Best!
  • Enchanting Allure
  • Elegant and sensual
  • Symphony of Oriental and fruity harmonies
SGD 44.90
Repair and Control Oil with Argan Oil (50 ml)
  • Recommended for those who desires soft, silky hair
  • Puts a stop to frizziness
  • Nourishing, protective and repairing
  • Effective on both wet or dry hair
SGD 24.90
Bottega Verde - Keratin and Cashmere Shampoo
  • Perfect for dry and damaged hair
  • Repair and protects hair
  • Creates for bounce after each wash
  • Makes hair wonderfully easy to manage
  • Results in silky smooth hair
SGD 11.90
Aloe Vera - Refreshing Gel with 90% Moisturising and Soothing Aloe Vera - 100ml
  • Contains 90% aloe vera extract
  • Soothes, softens and moisturises the skin
  • Best for after sun exposure or after hair removal
  • Cooling effect
  • Ideal for stressed skin
SGD 18.90
Aloe Vera Cleansing Mousse - 100ml
  • Effectively removes make up and impurities
  • Leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean after use
  • Moisturising, softening and soothing properties
SGD 16.90
Chilean Musk Rose - Anti-ageing stick
  • Anti-aging, Nourishing & Soothing
  • Can be used on the lips and around the eye area
  • Contains pro-retinol and vitamin E to reduce the signs of aging
SGD 16.90
BOTTEGA VERDE Baby cleansing wipes - Wipes for the body, hands and face, with organic Calendula water and Olive oil from Palazzo Massaini (25 wipes)(Off White)
  • Made with high skin tolerance ingredients, pH balanced
  • Contain organic Calendula water and olive oil from Palazzo Massaini
  • Fragrance is free of declarable allergens
  • Formula dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
  • Recommended for use from the first months 0+*
  • *in vitro testing on EpiDerm'
  • Paraben free
SGD 13.90
BOTTEGA VERDE BOTTEGA VERDE Baby scented water - Relaxing and refreshing (30 ml)(Beige)
  • Formula with high skin tolerability ingredients
  • Fragrance no declarable allergens
  • Formula dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
  • Suitable from the first months 0+
  • Paraben free
SGD 18.90
BOTTEGA VERDE Baby Bath - Hair and body mousse with organic Calendula water (100 ml)(Beige)
  • Formulated from ingredients with excellent skin tolerance
  • Ideal for daily cleansing
  • Formula suitable for the delicate eye area
  • Physiological pH
  • Fragrance with no declarable allergens
  • Formula dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
  • Suitable from the first months onwards 0+*
  • *EpiOcular in vitro tested
SGD 14.90
  • Peony EDT Perfume
  • Peony Bath & Shower
  • Peony Body Milk
SGD 72.90
BOTTEGA VERDE Deocrema - balsamic cream deodorant for feet (100ML)
  • A genuine beauty treatment for your feet, to nourish, soften and deodorise in a single application,
  • Long lasting, feel-good freshness for feet care.
  • Contains Menthol - deodorizing and refreshing action. 
  • Ideal for use early in the morning to leave feet feeling good all day or at night, for immediate relief after a hard day. 
  • Continued use prevents dry skin and keeps feet looking good and in shape for longer. 
SGD 16.90
Scolpito - Bust Firming and Elasticizing Gel with Hops
  • Cool and quickly absorbed gel
  • Ideal for a cosmetic and toning action in the bust area
  • Contains a powerful mix of active ingredients to bring compactness, nourishment and tone to skin tissues
  • Addition of Plant Collagen and Vitamins helps to prevent skin ageing and loss of tone
  • Used daily, it helps to keep the décolleté area firm and looking good
SGD 22.90
  • An immediate sensation of freshness and relief for tired legs and feet!
  • Ideal for those who walk a lot or spend long periods on their feet
  • its ice effect regenerates tired limbs and is the quickest, most effective way to a refreshed, great-feeling legs
  • Refreshing action is combined with a gentle action that prevents the spread of unpleasant odour. 
SGD 16.90
  • Ideal for effective repair and highly soothing, helping to eliminate hard skin and rejuvenate the feet thanks to its rich formula. The very rich consistency of this cream is a guarantee of maximum effectiveness. It containsrefreshing Menthol, Cocoa butter, to hydrate, smooth and protect and a by-product of Salicylic acid with exfoliating properties to reduce corns and callouses. 
SGD 14.90
OLIVO - Body Oil for Normal-Dry Skin for Nourished, Toned Skin, with Olive oil from Palazzo Massaini (100 ml)
  • Authentic blend for radiantly beautiful skin with the finest Olive oil from Palazzo Massaini.
  • Restores natural radiance and offers instant comfort to dry skin
  • Excellent for applying to damp skin after showering
  • Leaves a feeling of softness which lasts all day long.
  • Pure silk-like texture is non-greasy and a real pleasure to massage into your skin.
  • 96% naturally-derived ingredients
SGD 24.90
Sensitive Skin - BB Pearlised Multipurpose Face Fluid - Anti-Redness - relief and perfection - with MAXnolia and plant Ceramides (50 ml)
  • A multi-purpose fluid which boasts the presence of "magical" green corrective micro pearls to instantly conceal unsightly problems and redness.
  • Special "camouflage" formula is gentle and comfortable on the skin
  • Contains MAXnolia, an innovative active ingredient extracted from Magnolia and Grape seeds, with ultra-high anti-oxidant and soothing power, to help prevent the appearance of couperose.
  • Plant Ceramides helps by contributing to the barrier effect, which translates as improved hydration and protection for the skin, which is then less dry and sensitive
  • Ideal solution for even-looking, protected and hydrated skin.
SGD 39.90
Sensitive Skin - Anti-Redness Face Fluid - Relief & Protection - with MAXnolia and plant Ceramides (50 ml)
  • Light, mild lotion to help sensitive skin to find its natural balance, giving relief and protection
  • Combats annoying prickling and soothe unsightly problems caused by heat.
  • Presence of MAXnolia, a cutting-edge ingredient extracted from Magnolia and grape seeds with a high anti-oxidant, soothing power that helps to prevent the appearance of couperose.
  • Plant Ceramides has a barrier effect that translates as improved hydration and skin protected against dryness and sensitivity
  • After daily application, the skin feels wonderfully comfortable, looking softer and more radiant.
  • Also ideal for normal-combination skin types
SGD 39.90
Sensitive Skin - Anti-redness Face Cream for Relief and Hydration - contains MAXnolia and plant Ceramides (50 ml)
  • Ultra-mild, rich cream to hydrate, protect, and give relief to sensitive skin
  • Combats annoying prickling sensations and soothing unsightly problems and red skin
  • Presence of MAXnolia, an innovative functional ingredient extracted from the Magnolia and grape seeds, with extremely potent antioxidant and soothing properties
  • Prevents the occurrence of couperose
  • Plant Ceramides create a barrier effect that translates as better hydration and protection for the skin, making it less dry and less sensitive
  • After application, the skin feels marvellously well, radiant, even, and soft. Ideal for normal-dry skin types.
SGD 39.90
Volumiser, curl-enhancing fluid with Linseed oil (75 ml)
  • Protects hair and removes frizz
  • Restructures hair shafts for ultra-softness and shine.
  • Linseed oil is highly recommended for restoring body and replenishing dry hair
  • Developed to create soft, firm curls
  • Extra pleasant fragrance
SGD 18.90
Linseed Hair Conditioner 150ML
  • Recommended for dry, damaged hair.
  • Repairs, restructures and moisturises
  • Active ingredients nourishes hair deep down and from the first application
  • Leave hair shinier, extra-soft and easier to comb
  • Restore bounce and replenish dry hair
SGD 11.90
Color - Hair Mask 200ML
  • Recommended for those with coloured or streaked hair
  • EXtra norishing for color hair
  • Keep color hair lasting, brightness and shine
  • Paraben-free
SGD 16.90
Color - Hair Conditioner 150ML
  • Recommended for those with coloured or streaked hair
  • Keep color hair lasting, brightness and shine
  • Paraben-free
SGD 11.90
Linseed Gloss Oil 50ML
  • Recommended for dry, damaged hair
  • Restoring ultra soft and shiny hair
  • A few drops on dry hair, or before drying, it protects, removes frizz and restructures the stem
SGD 18.90
Linseed Shampoo 200ML
  • Recommended for dry, damaged hair
  • Restoring body and nourishment to dry hair
  • gentle cleansing and replenishing action
  • Gentle formula ideal for daily use
SGD 11.90
Ginseng cream conditioner with Ginseng extracts (150 ml)
  • Recommended for all hair types, especially weak and damaged
  • Ideal for lifeless hair that is fragile, dull and dried by too much washing, stress, dyeing or perms.
  • Keep hair soft and shiny
  • Frequent washing with Ginseng shampoo
  • Paraben-free
SGD 11.90
Ginseng shampoo with Ginseng extract and Plant Proteins (200 ml)
  • Recommended forall hair types, especially dry and damaged
  • Conditions, keeping hair clean, strong andhealthy
  • Ideal for lifeless hairthat is fragile, dull and dried by too much washing, stress, dyeing or perms
  • Frequent washing
  • Paraben-free
SGD 11.90
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