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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Toner 250ml/8.4oz
  • An oil-free, alcohol-free toner
  • Helps mildly eliminate any remaining residue, dirt & oil without stripping skin of vital moisture
  • Contains Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract & Antarcticine to nourish & relieve skin
  • Skin appears fresh & healthy looking
  • PH-balanced, tested for safety & gentleness
  • Free of paraben, fragrance & colorant
  • Kiehl's
  • Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Toner 250ml/8.4oz
SGD 35.90 -22%
SGD 46.30
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TN Dickinson's Witch Hazel Natural Astringent
  • 100% natural ingredients (containing 14% alcohol)
  • Excellent to mix it with organic essential oils
  • Good Quality
  • Gentle Relief for: Oily, irritated, red, damaged, blemished or inflamed skin
SGD 17.00
Naturie Skin Conditioner Hatomugi Lotion 500ml - intl
  • Enhances the permeability of your skincare and thus enhancing the effectiveness of your skincare
  • Formulated to target various kinds of skin problems, such as loosen pores, fine lines and skin aging
  • Contains adlay which is enriched with Vitamin B1 and B2 help clear acnes and improve the problem of uneven skin tone.
  • Can be used as toner to balance skin’s acidity, smoothen skin, enhance skin’s elasticity and moisturize skin for all day long.
SGD 18.90 -30%
SGD 27.00
SGD 93.80 -33%
SGD 141.00
Hera Uv Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture Spf34/Pa++ #21 Cool Vanilla
  • SPF34 / PA++ 15g x 2ea
SGD 62.89 -47%
SGD 119.60
100% Pure Organic Moroccan Rose Water
  • Moroccan Rose water Hydrating & moisturizing for the skin giving it with that refreshed look.
  • The pure rose water mist regulates the PH balance of the skin
  • Calming & soothing Your skin
  • Moroccan Rose water is an Anti-aging revitalise the skin helps to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.
  • Moroccan Rose water is perfect to help soothe sun-burned skin, 
  • Prevent Acne
  • Aids in healing scars, cuts and wounds.
  • Great natural Cleanser, aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores
  • Makeup remover
  • Skin Toner
SGD 29.00
DHC Salicylic Face Toner 160ml
(1 reviews)
  • Suitable For Normal + Acne/Blemishes
  • Paraben Free
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Penetrates pores to minimize acne breakouts
  • Help your Skin maintain a Healthy pH level
  • Salicylic acid is an excellent acne fighter 
SGD 25.40 -21%
SGD 32.00
Missha Time Revolution Clear Toner 250ml
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Soothes, and helps eliminate pores
  • Contains fermented yeast ingredient for clear and healthy skin
SGD 25.77 -52%
SGD 54.00
Laneige Homme Dual Action Energy Toner - Men's Care
  • Dual-action water
  • Niacinamide
  • Anti-wrinkle+brightening cosmetic
  • Absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky residue on the surface
  • Refines old skin cells
  • Immediate energizing effects
SGD 45.00
SGD 95.80 -40%
SGD 159.00
Cle de Peau Beaute Intensive Fortifying Emulsion 4.2oz, 125ml - intl
  • Nourishes skin at nighttime to restore vitality.
  • Contains Illuminating Complex EX, a special ingredient that moisturizes and promotes cell growth based on Intuitive Skin Theory*. It reduces skin damages caused by environmental stress.
  • Strengthens skin’s nighttime bio activity to improve skin functions and restore radiance.
  • Formulated with 4MSK to deliver an intensive brightening effect on skin.
  • Reduces fine lines, prevents wrinkles, improves dull skin and dark circles.
  • The lightweight and watery texture blends into skin comfortably.
  • Contains exclusive Cellular IC Normalizer, which repairs skin’s defense and damaged skin cells in a short time.
SGD 168.80 -34%
SGD 254.00
SGD 179.80 -33%
SGD 270.00
SGD 57.80 -34%
SGD 87.00
Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion 150ml - intl
  • Loosing pores
  • Spots dullness
  • Wrinkle, sagging
SGD 48.90 -30%
SGD 70.00
Pola B.A Facial Lotion 4oz, 120ml
  • Contains rich, nano moisturizing molecules which penetrate and absorb rapidly into skin to improve skin texture and absorption of nutrients.
  • Unique “Moisture Absorption Increment” formula allows the lotion to spreads easily on skin and thus increase its absorption.
  • Blends with skin and creates beautiful skin.
SGD 225.80 -39%
SGD 373.00
Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water SPF 20 PA++ 100ml
  • Maximum Hydration
  • Hydrates & refreshes skin
  • Lightweight & fast absorbing
  • Fuss-free reapplication
  • Suitable to use on top of makeup
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Helps shield skin from harmful UVA & UVB
  • Non-greasy
  • 360 application for use on all parts of the body
  • Refreshes & cools skin when outdoors or after exercise
SGD 12.90 -32%
SGD 18.90
Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Hydra Bounce 100ml
  • Maximum Hydration
  • Hydrates & refreshes skin
  • Lightweight & fast absorbing
  • Fuss-free reapplication
  • Suitable to use on top of makeup
  • Keeps Skin Bouncy
  • With collagen to help improve skin elasticity and moisturize skin, leaving a bouncy touch
  • Locks in moisture to keep skin supple
  • Helps smoothen the appearance of fine lines
SGD 12.90 -32%
SGD 18.90
Eau Thermale D'Uriage (Uriage Thermal Water) 50ml
  • A powerful cure treatment of trace elements and minerals
  • A source of radiance for your skin.
  • For daily use
  • Rebuild the skin barrier
  • Suitable for infant, adult and most sensitive skin
  • Instantly calms and soothes skin irritation
  • Fixes makeup without melting or smudging
SGD 15.90
[AHC] Hyaluronic Toner 100ml - intl
  • Hydrating
  • 5 Herb Ingredients
  • Tightening Loose Skin Pore Care
SGD 16.50 -60%
SGD 41.66
Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar 02 Jucy Bunny
  • {2015 NEW} TONYMOLY Hello Bunny Perfume Bar
  • #2 Juicy Bunny 9g
  • Top Note : Lemon, Bergamot, Orange (Citrus)
  • Middle Note : Freesia, Muguet, White rese (Floral)
  • Base Note : Musk, Sandalwood (Musk Woody)
SGD 16.90
Bottega Verde Pure Skin - Face Toner 125ml
  • Skin:SkinFor oily skin
  • Actions:EffectsRestores correct sebum balance
  • Direction for use:Method of useMorning and evening, after cleansing, apply the product to the face using a cotton wool bud
  • Scent:Fragrance:Delicate
  • Suggestions:Recommended for:An ideal product for oily and mixed skin types
  • Characteristic:CharacteristicsYellowish liquid
SGD 18.90
  • Size : 180ml
  • Moisturizing
  • Wrinkle care
SGD 19.00 -16%
SGD 22.72
Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Essence (Skin Brightening) 50ml
  • A brightening essence for pure, bright skin
  • Enriched with special tomatoes grown by Tomato Artisan Hyeongsung Kim
  • Contains 30% sun-kissed tomato extract and a stabilised Vitamin C derivative
  • Recommended for dull skin in need of radiance
SGD 21.90
Lapothicell A.C. Daily Calming Peeling Booster
  • Botanical BHA and AHA ingredients
  • Wintergreen Leaf extract
  • Tea Tree Extract
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Cruelty-free
  • No parabens or artificial chemicals
  • Made in Korea
SGD 22.00 -31%
SGD 32.00
DHC Mild Lotion 100ml
  • Suitable For Sensitive
  • Paraben Free
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Revitalising lotion 
  • Helps your moisturiser go the extra mile in keeping your Skin freshly hydrated
  • Alcohol-free gentleness
SGD 22.40 -25%
SGD 29.90
SGD 22.80 -35%
SGD 35.00
Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Toner 180ml
  • A brightening toner for pure, bright skin
  • Enriched with special tomatoes grown by Tomato Artisan Hyeongsung Kim
  • Contains 10% sun-kissed tomato extract and a stabilised Vitamin C derivative
  • Recommended for dull skin in need of radiance
SGD 22.90
Voodoo Aromatic Rose Water Facial Spray
  • Nourish Skin Tighten Pores Refresh Skin Anti allergy Clinically proven in effectively lubricating skin and reducing wrinkles
SGD 24.90
SGD 25.50 -22%
SGD 32.84
Lancaster Cleansing Block Comforting Perfecting Toner 400ml/13.4oz
  • Alcohol-free lightly scented & flower based lotion.
  • Gently clarifies skin & optimizes skin tone.
  • Hydrates skin with essential moisture.
SGD 26.50 -17%
SGD 31.80
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Lancaster Softening Perfecting Toner Alcohol-Free (All Skin Types) 400ml/13oz
  • A gentle toner that finishes the cleansing process.
  • Combines duo of white flowers: Lily nectar & Iris Florentina water extract.
  • Clarifies skin & removes residues of makeup.
SGD 26.50 -17%
SGD 31.80
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2 x Enzyme 81 Oriental Skin Freshener 120ml - intl
  • 100% Authentic
  • Enzyme 81
  • Oily Skin
SGD 29.80 -34%
SGD 45.00
Bioderma Sensibio H2O 500 ml - intl
  • Sensitive to intolerant skin
  • Combines performance and very high tolerance
  • Cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes
  • Soothes and clears up irritated skin
  • Produces a feeling of instant freshness
SGD 29.90 -30%
SGD 43.00
Bioderma Sebium H2O 500 ml - intl
  • Combination, oily or blemished skin
  • Gently cleanses and removes make-up without drying out the skin
  • Purifies the skin and regulates sebum quality
  • Offers an immediate sensation of freshness
SGD 29.90 -30%
SGD 43.00
Bioderma Sensibio Lotion Tonique 250ml
  • Non-rinse off formula
  • Improve skin comfort
  • Maximises the efficacy of serums
  • Soothing and moisturising treatments
  • Highly Effective
SGD 25.40 -34%
SGD 38.50
Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique 250ml
  • Senstive Dehydrated Skin
  • Renew Radiance
  • Leaves skin fresh
  • Clear and radiant
  • Highly Effective
SGD 25.40 -34%
SGD 38.50
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Derma Care Toner and Mists in Singapore Can Help Boost Your Skin’s Health

Ensure the good health of your skin, and complete the process of cleansing with the help of derma care toner & mists in Singapore. The appropriate treatment of your skin is incomplete if you don’t cleanse, tone and moisturize it adequately. These products will contribute majorly to fulfill the requirements of your daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing. This toner and mist shall help in the reduction of pores that you might have accumulated over time because of persistent exposure in the sun, and removal of extra oils from your skin. They will also help in removing any external dirt remains that might have collected in parts of your skin and any liquid or makeup build up that might have clogged your pores.

The application of this toner and mist will bring about a sea of change in your skin. With the help of these products, your skincare regiment is well taken care of. Get your hands on the toner and mists online and be ready to fight inflammation and redness of your skin and reduce the size of your pores.

Derma Care Products to Aid Your Skin Right!

Derma care comprises of products that are manufactured to target the individual needs of your skin. These products are generally formulated with the purpose of delivering the smoothest skin and are friendly with all skin types as well as are technology driven. These also boasts of skin friendly ingredients. The toners and mists are exclusively designed to take care of your cleansing needs.

Derma care has a collection of products including derma care facial toner, derma care skin toner and more to treat your skin with the best possible. These products will always come to your rescue whenever you need to maintain adequate skin balance. The products generally are a blend of active and rich ingredients. Whenever in a mood to shop, just browse through the many skincare products that Lazada has to offer. You will find a wide range of toners and mists that will act as companions to your skincare regime. The online medium also offers filters that will make your exercise of shopping all the more convenient. Lazada also offers free shipping through Singapore and an easy 14-day return on all the products you pick up.

    Derma Care Toners

  • Features: These toners are suitable for all skin types. These are also both fragrance-free and color-free.
  • Uses: Toners are usually used to remove oil and dirt on your face to retain your beautiful complexion.
  • Advantages: These toners are helpful especially for those who have acne-prone skin. These can also remove pollutants from heavy makeup or sun screen.

    Derma Care Mists

  • Features: Facial mists are suitable for all skin types. These are usually both fragrance-free and color-free.
  • Uses: Facial mists are usually used to hydrate your skin, lasting for all day. This is best used along with a moisturizer. It also refreshes your makeup and provides soothing relief for irritated skin.
  • Advantages: Facial mists restore dull and tired skin. It has minerals that can keep your skin hydrated all day long.