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Brand: Dermalogica
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Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit 5pcs
  • MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit: 1x Clearing Skin Wash 50ml 1x Clearing Mattifier 15ml 1x Overnight Clearing Gel 15ml 1x Concealing Spot Treatment 3ml 1x Sebum Clearing Masque 22ml Ideal both for personal use & as a gift
  • Dermalogica
  • Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit 5pcs
SGD 57.40 -23%
SGD 74.60
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Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Firm 15ml / 0.5oz
  • Powerful firming complex helps combat lines around the delicate eye area
  • Help accelerate skin's natural repair process with Vitamin A (Retinol) as antioxidant vitamins C and E improve elasticity while scavenging free radicals
  • Silicones shield vulnerable skin, acting as a protective barrier against further assault
  • Seaweed Extract helps firm and minimize the appearance of fine lines
  • Increases skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Protects against moisture loss to help minimize fine dryness lines.
  • Shields against free radicals to help prevent environmental stress.
  • Brand new
SGD 75.00 -25%
SGD 100.00
Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (500ml)
(2 reviews)
  • For All Skin Types
  • 500ml
  • Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (500ml)
SGD 69.40 -23%
SGD 90.20
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Dermalogica Age Smart Antioxidant Hydramist 355ml / 12oz Pro Salon Toner
  • A refreshing peptide toner that creates a hydrating, antioxidant shield over skin to help reduce fine dryness lines and prevent the signs of aging
  • Mist over skin after cleansing and throughout the day to help firm, rehydrate, and minimize skin-aging triggers
  • Hydrates to reduce fine lines associated with dryness.
SGD 96.00 -36%
SGD 151.00
Dermalogica AGE smart Antioxidant Hydramist (150ml)
  • For Aging Skin
  • 150ml
  • Dermalogica AGE smart Antioxidant Hydramist (150ml)
SGD 57.40 -23%
SGD 74.60
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Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution Cleanser 500ml / 16.9oz
  • Rich, creamy cleanser conditions dry skin. 
  • Non-foaming formula gently lifts impurities while replenishing dry skin and maintaining moisture levels. 
  • Moisturizing Safflower Oil softens and conditions while invigorating extracts of Rosemary and Lemon refresh tired skin. 
  • Water-soluble, this soothing emulsion rinses off easily, leaving the skin clean, soft and supple. 
  • Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.
SGD 66.00 -39%
SGD 108.00
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Dermalogica Age Smart Antioxidant Hydramist (Salon Size) 355ml/12oz
  • A refreshing antioxidant shield with flash-firming properties Boosts collagen formation to reduce appearance of lines With Hyaluronic Acid to increase hydration & elasticity for skin Mist-on formula enhances skin protective barrier to fight damaging free radicals Rose & Clove extracts comfort & refresh skin Contains no artificial fragrance or color Ideal for mature & prematurely aging skin
  • Dermalogica
  • Dermalogica Age Smart Antioxidant Hydramist (Salon Size) 355ml/12oz
SGD 93.40 -23%
SGD 121.40
Dermalogica AGE smart Antioxidant Hydramist PRO (355ml)
  • For Aging Skin
  • 355ml
  • Dermalogica AGE smart Antioxidant Hydramist PRO (355ml)
SGD 95.00 -18%
SGD 116.00
Dermalogica AGE Smart Antioxidant Hydramist (355ml)
  • A refreshing antioxidant shield with flash-firming properties to improve skin texture while intensely hydrating dry, dehydrated skin
  • After cleansing, spritz directly onto face and neck, avoiding the eyes
  • Also ideal as a refreshing spritz over make-up throughout the day
SGD 116.00 -23%
SGD 151.00
Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser (Salon Size) 946ml/32oz
(1 reviews)
  • An ultra-calming cleanser for face & eyes.
  • Helps protect & soothe skin by external factors.
  • Contains various ingredients to calm your skin.
SGD 120.50 -23%
SGD 156.70
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Dermalogica Multi Active Toner (250ml)
  • Skin Type: All. 
  • <span>250 ml
  • Dermalogica Multi Active Toner (250ml)
SGD 46.10 -23%
SGD 59.90
More sellers from SGD 52.00
Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream Moisturizer 50ml / 1.7oz
  • Medium-weight moisturizer to balance combination/dry skin
  • Deep-moisturizing Lecithin and Aloe Gel nourish while extracts of Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica soothe and hydrate the skin, helping to restore suppleness and tone
  • Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract plus vitamins C and E help shield skin from environmental assaults
  • Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors
  • Smooths fine lines and promotes elasticity
  • Shields against dehydration and pollution
  • Antioxidants help fight skin-aging free radicals
  • Brand new
SGD 53.00 -33%
SGD 79.00
Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit: Cleanser 50ml + Toner 50ml + Lotion 22ml + Scrub 22ml + Total Eye Care 4ml + 2 Samples 7pcs
  • Oily Skin Kit: 1x Dermal Clay Cleanser 50ml/1.7oz 1x Multi-Active Toner 50ml/1.7oz 1x MediBac Clearing Oil Control Lotion 22ml/0.75oz 1x Skin Prep Scrub 22ml/0.75oz 1x Total Eye Care 4ml/0.1oz 1x Intensive Moisture Masque (Sample) 1x Precleanse (Sample) Ideal both for personal use & as a gift
  • Dermalogica
  • Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit: Cleanser 50ml + Toner 50ml + Lotion 22ml + Scrub 22ml + Total Eye Care 4ml + 2 Samples 7pcs
SGD 61.20 -23%
SGD 79.60
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Dermalogica Precleanse 473ml / 16oz Pro Salon Size Cleanser
  • Deep-cleansing oil melts impurities and make-up from skin.
  • Achieve ultra clean and healthy skin with the Double Cleanse regimen that begins with PreCleanse.
  • Thoroughly melt away layers of excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual products that build-up on skin throughout the day with skin fortifying Olive, Kukui and Apricot oils. 
  • Add water to transform this hydrophilic (water-loving) formula into a milky emulsion that easily rinses debris from the skin's surface, allowing your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to penetrate even further for professional cleansing results. 
  • Formulated with conditioning Rice Bran and Vitamin E oils, this gentle blend can be used around the eye area to even remove waterproof mascara. 
  • Offers a deep cleansing ideal for even the most oily skin conditions. 
  • Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.
SGD 104.00 -60%
SGD 261.00
Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution PRO (946ml)
  • Skin Type: Dry/Prematurely-Aging. 
  • <span>946 ml
  • Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution PRO (946ml)
SGD 118.00 -51%
SGD 239.00
Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream PRO (177ml)
(1 reviews)
  • For Dry
  • Pre-Maturely Aging Skin Type
  • 177ml
SGD 127.00 -48%
SGD 242.00
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SGD 132.00 -37%
SGD 209.00
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Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque (75ml)
  • For Oily Skin Type 
  • 75ml
  • Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque (75ml)
SGD 53.00 -30%
SGD 76.00
Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair (30ml)
  • For All Skin Types
  • 30ml
  • Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair (30ml)
SGD 59.00 -36%
SGD 92.00
Dermalogica AGE smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant (75ml)
(1 reviews)
  • Skin Type: Aging. 
  • 75 ml
  • Dermalogica AGE smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant 
SGD 68.00 -42%
SGD 118.00
Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Mattifier (40ml)
  • Skin Type: Acne/Breakout-Prone. 
  • <span>40 ml
  • Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Mattifier
SGD 64.00 -33%
SGD 96.00
Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair (30ml)
  • A unique anhydrous (waterless) moisturizer that melts gently into sensitized skin to soothe and help repair damage caused by environmental aggressions. **30ml - Unboxed on 2% discount**
SGD 67.00 -27%
SGD 92.00
Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque 75ml / 2.5oz Mask
  • A refreshing, moisturizing masque to remedy dry, stressed skin. 
  • Use after cleansing to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. 
  • Unique cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid traps moisture to deliver time-released hydration for lasting suppleness. 
  • Help stimulate skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor while lycopene-rich Tomato Seed lipids help restore skin's protective barrier, enhancing moisture levels for healthier, smoother skin. 
  • Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.
SGD 53.00 -35%
SGD 81.00
Dermalogica Body Therapy Conditioning Body Wash 473ml/16oz (EXPORT)
  • A deep-conditioning body cleanser.
  • Provides a gently yet thorough cleansing.
  • Contains exclusive oils of tea tree lemon eucalyptus & rosemary to purify skin.
SGD 57.40 -23%
SGD 74.60
Dermalogica PowerBright Pure Light
  • Shield the skin from UV-induced hyperpigmentation
  • It features Oleosome technology, which uses natural plant spheres filled with sunscreens to increase SPF performance
  • A powerful peptide helps regulate melanin production 
SGD 110.00 -12%
SGD 125.00
Dermalogica mediBac Overnight Clearing Gel (50ml)
  • Skin Type: Acne
  • Breakout-Prone. 
  • 50 ml
SGD 64.00 -33%
SGD 96.00
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Dermalogica Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal
  • A smooth and creamy masque that soothes ultra-sensitive skin by helping to boost the immune function of skin while helping to calm aggravation and stress
  • Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal is a smooth and creamy masque that soothes ultra-sensitive skin by helping to boost the immune function of skin while helping to calm aggravation and stress
  •  It relieves skin itchiness & redness and restores critical hydration to parched skin
SGD 132.00 -10%
SGD 146.00
Dermalogica Pure Night (Nourishing Overnight Treatment Cream) 1.7oz, 50ml (EXPORT)
  • Nourishing overnight treatment cream helps restore skin luminosity
  • Helps control melanin formation and hyperpigmentation with an active blend of Oligopeptide, brightening Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Zinc Glycinate
  • Pumpkin enzyme smooths skin while Cranberry and Raspberry Seed oils help restore critical barrier lipids, optimizing skin hydration and reducing the appearance of fine dehydration lines
  • White Bird of Paradise Seed Extract helps increase skin luminosity while collagen-stimulating Vitamin C and Moth Bean Seed Extract fight signs of aging
SGD 131.80 -21%
SGD 167.00
Dermalogica UltraCalming Skin Kit: Cleanser + Mist + Barrier Repair + Serum Concentrate 4pcs (EXPORT)
(2 reviews)
  • Ultracalming Skin Kit: 1x Cleanser 50ml/1.
  • 7oz 1x Mist 50ml/1.
  • 7oz 1x Barrier Repair 10ml/0.
SGD 71.09 -17%
SGD 85.31
Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist (177ml)
(1 reviews)
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Reactive and Recently Resurfaced Skin. 
  • 177 ml
SGD 49.90 -23%
SGD 64.90
More sellers from SGD 53.00
Dermalogica Active Moist 100ml / 3.4oz Moisturizer
(1 reviews)
  • light, oil-free lotion
  • Oil-free, lightweight moisturizer to hydrate combination skin. 
  • Sheer, easy-to-apply formula contains Silk Amino Acids and a unique combination of plant extracts that help improve skin texture and combat surface dehydration. 
  • Natural botanical astringents of Lemon, Cucumber and Burdock help to refine the skin. 
  • Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.
SGD 74.00 -33%
SGD 111.00
More sellers from SGD 77.00
Dermalogica PreCleanse 16oz,473ml Cleanser  
  • 100% Authentic
  • Melt layers of excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual skin products
  • Offer a deep cleansing ideal for even the most oily skin conditions
SGD 111.80 -31%
SGD 163.00
Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair
  • Accelerates skin renewal and repair
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone
  • Improves skin firmness.
  • Use Overnight Retinol Repair alone or mixed with your prescribed Dermalogica moisturizer.
  • This product should only be used at night. We recommend not layering it directly with other targeted treatment products.
SGD 129.00 -30%
SGD 185.00
Dermalogica AGE smart Multivitamin Power Firm PRO (74ml)
  • Skin Type: Mature/Prematurely-Aging. 
  • 74 ml
  • Efficient firming complex helps improve lines around the delicate eye area
  • Antioxidant vitamins C and E improve elasticity while scavenging free radicals
  • Accelerates the skin's natural repair process with Vitamin A.
SGD 188.00 -52%
SGD 389.00
Dermalogica Total Eye Care with SPF 15 (15ml)
(1 reviews)
  • Skin Type: All
  • Dermalogica Total Eye Care with SPF 15
  • 15ml
SGD 48.60 -23%
SGD 63.20
More sellers from SGD 65.00
Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque 75ml / 2.5oz
  • A skin-clarifying masque with oil-absorbing Kaolin.
  • Bentonite clays plus Zinc Oxide to remove impurities and refine the skin's surface
  • Help to reduce oily-skin breakouts
SGD 54.00 -45%
SGD 99.00
More sellers from SGD 70.96
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Dermalogica: Skin Professionals’ Number One Choice Worldwide

It is true enough that the brand dermalogica is the number one choice of skin professionals worldwide. The brand is developed by the International Dermal Institute to spread the fairness and beauty on every person's skin. The brand is well-known to extravagantly optimize the beauty of every of its consumers. These happens through their various beauty products that are all formulated by the brand to be comapatible to most types of skin people have. So if you are a person who are looking for a beauty skin solution and that would also take care of your skin, then, this brand is for you.

The Edge of Dermalogica Singapore

Having good skin could not be achieved over night; you have to work on it and invest for good skin caring products. However, there are some products that are harsh when applied or have detrimental effects on your skin. Now this is where the brand dermalogica comes in. The beauty products in this brand are proven to be gentle and good on your skin, providing you brighter face. One of their best products is the Dermalogica daily microfoliant. This product is a revolutionary facial cleanse you can use every day. The difference with this item to other cleansing products is that is that it is powdered base.

Daily microfoliant is formulated to be gentle while effectively removes dirt and skin surface debris to give you a brighter and smoother skin. You can check Dermalogica reviews of this product; and you will be surprised on how it is highly rated and appreciated by the consumers. Also, if you are wondering about the other details of this product, you can check Dermalogica online to know the Dermalogica price and see more products they made and the impact or love of their consumers. If you love your skin, choose this brand for beauty skin and care products.

Why choose Dermalogica Singapore?

  • The brand is developed by the International Dermal Institute
  • Dermalogica is the most trusted skin care products worldwide
  • They are wide variety of skin care products you will surely enjoy
  • All of their products are formulated to be compatible to most skin type


  • Products: If you are looking for cleansers the brand has ultracalming, skin resurfing, gel, and dermal clay cleanser. For more skin cleaning products the brand also offers precleanse and wipes, sponge cloth, cleansing solution, and clearing skin wash
  • Uses: Dermalogica cleanser help you to rid impurities on your skin. They are also ideal for addressing skin issues. Commonly they are also used first before treatment on skin.


  • Products: Skin ecxpoliating is one of the best ways to achieve healtier skin. The brand provide you exfoliants you can use; these are daily resurfacer, exfoliating face brush, gentle cream exfoliant, multivitamin thermafoliant, and daily microfoliant.
  • Uses: The exfoliants of this brands provide the users to have more resfreshing looks and brighter skin. The technology under this is that the products lift dulling cells make your skin achieve its potential beauty.


  • Products: Choose from the brand's masques products, these are the multivitamin power recovery, sebum clearin, skin hydrating, and skin refining masque
  • Uses: These powerful products are ideal for boosting your skin to achieve cleaner, more hydrated, and younger looks in one product. Please me reminded that these products are not recommended to be used everyday; the brand recommended it to be used only 2-3 times a week


  • Products: Toners are one of the beauty products essentials. The brand provide a wide array of toners. These are the following: skin purifying wipes, antioxidant hydramist, ultracalming mist, and multi-active toner
  • Uses: Skin hydration is very vital to everyone's regimen. These products are ideal for refreshing you skin and provide the needed hydration to avoid dull skin


  • Products: Dermalogica moisturizer products are active moist, barrier repair, dynamic skin recovery spf50, intensive moisture balance, oil control lotion, power rich, pure light spf50, pure night, skin smoothing cream, solar defense booster spf50, and super rich repair
  • Uses: Moisturizers of this brand help to hydrate you skin and transform it to it full potential. The products have various uses and time in use


  • Products: Invest for Dermalogica's shaving products. These are the close shave oil, daily clean scrub, daily defense, invigorating shave gel, post-shave balm, pre-save guard, and soothing shave cream
  • Uses: The brand provide you shaving product you need before, while, and after shaving. These are the essentials to avoid injury and boost shaving experience

    Body Therapy

  • Products: Have a healthy body skin with body hydrating cream, conditioning body wash, exfoliating body scrub, hydro-active mineral salts, stress relief treatment oil, buffing cloth and ultra rich body cream
  • Uses: These body treatment products provide a spa-like experience that are healthy to you. These items are the body skin care you need to look young and feel young at the same time

    Skin Solutions

  • Products:There are many products of this brand to aid your skin problems. They are eye treatments, sun repairs, hydrating lip products, multivitamin serum, overnight repair, and concealing spot treatment
  • Uses: Most of this products are effectively used to fight against skin imperfection like, break outs, dark circle, sun burns, dehydration and used to strengthen skin tissues to fight sight of ageing. Most of them comes with added feature like spf