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Electronic Accessories to Go Along with Your Gadgets

Enhance the functionality of your phones, PCs and tablets with the right tech accessories. Whether you want to make your gadget look more attractive or need to protect it from harm, there are several useful and up-to-date electronic accessories in the market today to go along with your gadget. Consumers can browse through Lazada Singapore’s huge selection of tech accessories, from stylish phone cases and durable screen guards to powerful cables and docks to dependable power banks and expansive storage cards. Be astonished with thousands of gadget accessories available online, whether you visit our website or download our App. Purchase your chosen accessories and avail of Lazada’s free nationwide shipping with 14-day free returns when you order. Score the coolest and the hottest tech accessories today by checking out the country’s leading online shopping website in Singapore – Lazada.

    Tablet and Phone Accessories

  • Cases and Covers: Phone and tablet cases come in a variety of designs, colors and forms, manufactured by top brands such as Nillkin, Spigen, Vococal, Apple and more. These are made to protect the rear edges of your precious phones and tablets. These cases are usually made of plastic, leather, wood, synthetic, silicone, polycarbonate and polyurethane materials. Protect your phones and tablets from scratches, bumps and cracks with dependable cases and covers from Lazada Singapore!
  • Screen Guards: Shield your phone and table screens from dusts and scratches through screen protectors. These guards are usually made of a strong urethane film or tempered glass. Some are made of ultra-thin films. Get the perfect screen guard to suit your phone’s need at Lazada now!
  • Power Banks: Lengthen the battery life of your gadgets with this must-have item. Power bank is enormously advantageous for those who are always on-the-go. Having this gadget accessory can lessen all your charging worries. Grab this incredible device now at Lazada.
  • Cables and Docks: To maximize the usage of your phones and tablets, you have to make sure that you have the right cables and docks for it. These cables and docks help you connect your gadget to computers as well as other electronic devices. Transfer files from your phone to your laptop using these cables that you can purchase at Lazada.

    Computer Accessories

  • Monitors: A computer is not complete without a monitor. Be it an LCD or LED computer monitor, Lazada brings you a numerous selection of monitors available at different sizes and brands. Browse through Lazada’s sleek collection of monitors at discounted prices now.
  • Mice: From traditional to gaming to wireless mouse, Lazada has a few variants that you can select from. Mouse helps you to effortlessly navigate through your computer and other device such as your laptop. This is very convenient for those who find it hard to navigate through touch pads.
  • Keyboards: Get all your work done in no time using this essential computer accessory. This device is very useful creating documents and even in playing games. It is equipped with all the letters, numbers, and other command keys. Choose from Lazada’s range of keyboards now, from standard to gaming to Bluetooth.
  • Speakers: A computer set is nothing without the speakers. Enjoy navigating through your computer or laptop while hearing some fine sounds from your speakers. These come in different types, designs and colors, brought by trusted and distinguished brands like Philips, Logitech, A4Tech, Creative and more.

    Camera Accessories

  • Memory Cards: Get additional storage for your photos and videos with memory cards that you can purchase at Lazada. These cards are available 1GB to 128GB. Make sure that you won’t run out of storage space. Get this handy storage now.
  • Tripods and Monopods: Get the right angle for a picture perfect shot! Tripods and monopods are must-have items for camera enthusiasts and professionals. You’ll surely capture a steady portrait when you have this device on hand. Invest on a tripod or a monopod now!
  • Cases, Covers and Bags: Keep your camera secured and well-protected at all times. Camera bags are very important especially for those who loves to travel around. You can keep all your camera accessories in one place when you have a camera bag with you. Cases and covers protect your camera from bumps and scratches too. So, make sure you buy these essentials now.
  • Sport and Action Cam Essentials: There are specific accessories for action and sport cameras. From camera mounts and house cases to covers and head straps to connectors and screws, action cameras come with such essentials to get the best shot. Check out these items at Lazada!