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Hasbro Classic Battleship
  • Classic Battleship game lets you hold head-to-head naval battles
  • Red pegs mark strikes and white pegs mark misses
  • If you can locate your enemy's ships you can destroy all 5 for the win
  • Battleship Salvo feature lets you launch multiple strikes
  • Portable battle cases let you play anywhere
SGD 33.90 -32%
SGD 49.90
Playskool My little pony Pinkiepie party popper
  • Toddlers can bring their My Little Pony friends on a colorful ride Place the car at the top and press the balloons to roll down Balloons also activate fun tunes as the ponies ride Adorably chunky figures sized for little hands Works with other Playskool Friends My Little Pony figures (each sold separately)
SGD 44.00 -27%
SGD 59.90
Star Wars BladeBuilders Blast-Tech Lightsaber
  • Star Wars BladeBuilders Blast-Tech Lightsaber
  • Fire projectiles from Lightsaber hilt 
  • Create adventures and scenes from the Star Wars Universe
  • Flick to extend electronic lightsaber
  • Customizable with other BladeBuilders Lightsabers (each sold separately)
SGD 20.00 -67%
SGD 59.90
Hasbro Monopoly Junior Board Game
  • Fast-trading Monopoly Junior game is for younger player
  • Comes with 4 junior tokens before they grew up.
  • Buy cool properties such as the pet store, the candy store, and the video game arcade.
  • Easy rules use single dollar bills for simple transactions.
SGD 29.90
Nerf Super Soaker FlashFlood
(2 reviews)
  • 2 ways to soak the competition Flash Strike for a quick wave of soakage Flood Strike for continuous soaking Holds 23.5 ounces (695 milliliters) of water Soak targets up to 38 feet (115 meters) away
SGD 27.50 -31%
SGD 39.90
Star Wars BladeBuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber
  • Star Wars BladeBuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber
  • Includes Spinning Connector Lightsaber hilt 
  • Create adventures and scenes from the Star Wars Universe
  • Flick to extend electronic lightsaber.
  • Customizable with other BladeBuilders Lightsabers (each sold separately)
SGD 49.90 -38%
SGD 79.90
Risk: Star Wars Edition Game
  • TIE fighter gameboard features 3 theaters of combat
  • 2 ways to play: 2 players or 2 teams
  • Players choose to play as the light or dark side
  • Features iconic Star Wars vehicles including the Millennium Falcon
  • Includes 3 gameboard pieces, 20 X-wing fighters, 16 Y-wing fighters, 15 B-wing fighters, 56 TIE fighters, 6 Rebel fleet markers, 1 Millennium Falcon token, 1 Executor token, 4 hit tokens, 9 Stormtrooper tokens, 1 Rebel Strike Team token, 30 Empire order cards, 30 Rebel order cards, 5 dice, and instructions.
SGD 69.90 -30%
SGD 99.90
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Monopoly Ultimate Banking
(3 reviews)
  • Introducing a modern banking version of the Monopoly game: the Ultimate Banking Edition. In this edition, Monopoly money is no more
  • The Monopoly Ultimate Banking game features an all-in-one Ultimate Banking unit with touch technology that makes the game fast and fun
  • Now players can instantly buy properties, set rent, and tap their way to fortune. Each player gets a bankcard and the Ultimate Banking unit keeps track of everyone's fortunes. It also scans the game's property cards and can boost or crash the market.
SGD 39.90 -26%
SGD 53.90
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Hasbro Monopoly Grab and Go Game
(1 reviews)
  • Grab & Go game is a compact mobile version of the Monopoly game
  • Includes all the classic properties
  • Community Chest cards and Chance cards
  • Part storage in the game board
  • Grab & Go game is a compact mobile version of the Monopoly game
  • Includes all the classic properties
  • Community Chest cards and Chance cards
  • Part storage in the gameboard
SGD 15.90 -20%
SGD 19.90
Hasbro PLAYSKOOL Step Start Walk N Ride - 5545
  • • Two-in-one activity toy starts as a sturdy walker to help babies learn to walk and converts to a fun ride-on for toddlers.
  • • Maximum weight 19 kg (42 lb).
  • • Adult assembly required
SGD 34.90 -13%
SGD 39.90
Hasbro The Game of Life Game
  • Kids' top career choices included in this game
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Adult assembly required
SGD 35.90 -10%
SGD 39.90
Hasbro Game Of Life Despicable Me
  • High quality toys for children all ages
  • Made using safe materials
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Play the game of life minion-style in this despicable me version of the classic game
  • Your minion can be a DJ or a hula dancer
SGD 39.90 -33%
SGD 59.90
Classic Jenga
  • Ages 6 and up. 
  • For 1 or more players
  • Good Quality
SGD 39.90
Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakening Kylo Ren's Voice-Changing Mask - B3927
  • Lots of action and adventure in the Star Wars world! Discover the thrilling stories of good versus evil in a universe of heroes, villains and aliens. A shadowy warrior strengthened by the Force, Kylo Ren commands the missions of the First Order with an inflamed temper like his unconventional saber of light. This Kylo Ren Electronic Voice Mask makes you speak as the Star Wars character: The Force Awakening. The realistic look and sound of this helmet takes the imagination away in the Star Wars universe.
SGD 69.90 -13%
SGD 79.90
Hasbro Connect 4 Grid Board game
  • Classic Connect 4 game is disc-dropping fun
  • Choose yellow or red discs
  • When you get 4 discs in a row you win
  • Includes grid, 2 legs, slider bar, 21 red discs, 21 yellow discs and instructions
SGD 18.00 -10%
SGD 19.90
Simon Air Game by Hasbro
  • Classic Simon gameplay now with touch-free technology
  • Game unit senses player's motions
  • Features cool lights
  • Play solo or with a friend
  • Includes game unit and instructions
  • Requires 3 1.5V "AA" alkaline batteries (demo batteries included)
SGD 31.90 -36%
SGD 49.90
Jenga Game
  • Pull out a block without crashing the stack to win at Jenga
  • Includes 54 Jenga hardwood blocks, stacking sleeve with instructions
  • Genuine hardwood blocks
  • Simple, solid, and timeless
  • It takes skill, strategy, and luck! Challenge yourself or play with friends.
SGD 25.00 -10%
SGD 27.90
Hasbro Monopoly Singapore Edition
(1 reviews)
  • For 2 to 6 players
  • Featuring a speed die for a faster, more intense game of Monopoly
  • Monopoly is the fast-dealing property trading game that your will have the whole family buying, selling and having a blast
  • Feature Singapore favorite landmark
SGD 46.90
Hasbro Furby Connect Prime Pink
  • Explore the Furby Connect World app and discover surprises together
  • The Furby Connect friend gets updates with the app and learns new phrases
  • This Furby friend expresses with more than 150 colorful eye animations
  • Make Furby sleep just by putting the included sleep mask on
SGD 179.00 -31%
SGD 259.00
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Hasbro Monopoly Empire Game
  • Fast, fun gameplay
  • First player to fill their tower wins
  • Tokens and game pieces are based on the world's favorite brands.
  • Players own their favorite brands.
SGD 39.90 -20%
SGD 49.90
Hasbro Mastermind Board Game
  • Be the first player to crack the code to win.
  • Now up to 5 players can compete against each other to score points whilst trying to crack the code.
  • For 2 to 5 players. 
  • Battery Requirements: N/A
SGD 26.00 -13%
SGD 29.90
Hasbro Star Wars Furbacca
  • Interactive toy reacts to motion and touch
  • Creates an extra level of interactive play when Furbacca app is engaged
  • Create adventures and scenes from the Star Wars Universe
  • Unlocks Star Wars Furby Furblings
  • Includes Furbacca figure and instructions.
SGD 59.95 -57%
SGD 139.90
Risk The Game of Strategic Conquest (Hasbro)
(1 reviews)
  • Attack once, many times, or not at all
  • Reference cards keep you moving
  • Earn troops and attack your opponents
  • Defend your territories when your opponents attack
  • Gameboard, 5 armies with 40 infantry, 12 cavalry, and 8 artillery each, deck of 43 cards, 2 reference cards, 5 dice, rules
  • 2-5 players
SGD 49.90 -17%
SGD 59.90
Hasbro Furby Connect Medley Purple
  • Explore the Furby Connect World app and discover surprises together
  • The Furby Connect friend gets updates with the app and learns new phrases
  • This Furby friend expresses with more than 150 colorful eye animations
  • Make Furby sleep just by putting the included sleep mask on
SGD 179.00 -31%
SGD 259.00
Nerf Rival Apollo XV 1595 Red
  •        Apollo XV-700 blaster has spring-action firin Easy-load magazine Ready indicator          
SGD 53.90
Hasbro Risk The Game of Strategic Conquest
  • Take over the world in this game of strategy conquest
  • Features updated figures -- includes 300 figures
  • Improved Mission cards speed up the game; features 12 Secret Missions
  • Rich board art draws players into the Risk gaming world
  • For 2 to 5 players.
  • For 10+ age group
SGD 59.90
Transformers Superion (Combiner Wars)
  • Silverbolt
  • Quickslinger
  • Firefly
  • Skydive
  • Air Raid
  • Powerglide
SGD 149.99 -35%
SGD 229.99
Risk Europe Game - intl
  • Conquer medieval Europe in this game of strategy conquest
  • Features 7 kingdoms with unique strengths
  • Introduces Kings Orders cards than can make or break conquests
  • Immersive gaming experience
  • Features 4 separate armies with unique abilities
  • Includes gameboard, 15 crowns, 4 armies with 35 Footmen, 12 Archers, 12 Cavalry, and 4 Siege Weapons each, 8 castles, 12 red dice, 32 King\'s Orders cards (4 decks), 8 City Bonus tiles, 21 gold pieces, 40 silver pieces, 4 War Banners, First Player Marker, 4 reminder cards, 8 Crown cards, card box, and game guide
  • Brand : Hasbro
  • Item model num : B7409
SGD 97.38 -26%
SGD 131.00
Baby Alive Twinkles n TinklesBlonde 2700
  •   Baby Alive turns real mommy moments into a magical world of play. More than adorable dolls, they talk, eat, drink, wet, and laugh. real babies! Girls get to be like mommy, experiencing first-hand what it's like to be a parent who is excited, delighted, and surprised by the many ways they can nurture and play. Using accessories based on each baby's theme, they can feed her a bottle, change her diaper when she really wets, get her ready for activities, and more. With Baby Alive, kids can experience nurturing play. ..and love like a mommy does! Diaper lights up when she needs changing! Open diaper and pretend to change it with pretend wipes and cream! She comes with a bottle and makes drinking sounds! She says sounds and phrases in English or Spanish! Style her rooted hair!
SGD 52.90
Monopoly Gamer Collectors Edition
  • Features Bowser character token and Bowser Jr.
  • Boss card
  • Includes translucent blue and white Power-up die
  • Nintendo character tokens: Bowser, Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong
  • Box includes a tray to store character tokens
  • Includes gameboard, 5 Nintendo Character tokens (Bowser, Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong), 5 Character cards, 5 Character stickers, 4 Reminder cards, 8 Boss cards, 16 Title Deed cards, 1 Numbered die, 1 Power-up die, 90 coins (50 Golden coins and 40 Five Coins), and game guide
  • Brand : Hasbro
  • Item model num : C2127
SGD 136.89 -2%
SGD 139.40
Hasbro My Monopoly Game
  • High quality toys for children all ages
  • Made using safe materials
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • You can customize this My Monopoly game your way
  • Classic fast-trading property game
SGD 29.90
Transformers Computron (Combiner Wars)
  • Scattershot
  • Afterbreaker
  • Strafe
  • Lightsteed
  • Nosecone
  • Scrounge
SGD 149.99 -35%
SGD 229.99
HASBRO Littlest Pet Shop Blythe Style Trendy Set - A8227
  • Blythe is an amazing fashion designer who can talk to pets and understand them, and this Trendy Set is your chance to have fashion and fun with your Blythe doll and her animal pals! The sassy Blythe doll comes with a fancy outfit of her own, and you can swap accessories and outfits from other sets (sold separately) for all kinds of stylish looks. The set includes a Fawna Woodbury deer pal for her to have adventures with! Jump-start your fashionable Blythe fun with the Trendy Set!
SGD 6.90 -37%
SGD 10.90
Hasbro Transformers Generations Alt-Modes Series 1 Figure - B7064
  • The Transformers are back and they’re twice as fierce! They’re hitting the battlefield against their enemies as Alt-Modes fighters. They’ve got big heads and tiny bodies, and they convert in 1 step to big-head warrior mode! Will you get Bumblebee? Cliffjumper? Skywarp? There are 8 to collect, so start building your Alt-Modes army today!
  • •Includes figure. Figure may vary.
  • • Series 1 Alt-Modes pack includes 1 Transformers Alt-Modes figure
  • • Figure converts in 1 step
  • • Collect all 8 (each sold separately)
  • • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts may be generated. Not for children under 3 years.
  • • Figure may vary.   Ages 8 and up
SGD 6.90 -30%
SGD 9.90
  • Includes 1 mask.
  • • Mask designed to look like Star-Lord himself
  • • Imagine joining intergalactic battles as Star-Lord
  • • Mask fits most heads. Superpowers not included.
SGD 16.90 -15%
SGD 19.90
Hasbro Spider-Man Iron Spider Ground Vehicle - B5760
  • • Create your own Marvel adventures with the world's greatest collection of Super Heroes
  • • Choose from figures, vehicles, and role play toys for heroes of all ages each sold separately
  • • Marvel toys from Hasbro feature iconic characters like Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, and other favorites
  • • Re-create the excitement of Marvel's hit TV shows and blockbuster movies
  • • Build the ultimate collection of figures featuring Marvel's legendary character
SGD 17.90 -31%
SGD 25.90
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Hasbro – Making The Youth Smile

American brand Hasbro first started as a small business selling textile remnants in the early 1920s. The owners, the three Hassenfeld brothers, soon found success in selling children’s items; pens, pencil cases, and other school supplies. They then transitioned once again, this time focusing on children’s toys. This trend continued until today.

While most of kids in this generation do not know what Hasbro is, the brand is still very influential in their market, as well as other exploits. Heard of G.I. Joe? What about Transformers? Before these two series were block buster film franchises, they were action figures, produced by Hasbro to appeal to young boys. The American brand also made the very popular and cultic My Little Pony series, as well as the educational and creative Play-Doh set.

Guaranteed Fun through Hasbro Games and Toys

Hasbro’s vision with their play sets is simply to let the children have fun. Their action figures, building sets, dolls, and other products aim for kids to use their imaginations and make them feel that they’re not alone in this world. Let your child experience the same fun you had when you were young. Help them learn, enjoy, grow, and be creative in their young lives with the much reliable toys of Hasbro.

Why choose Hasbro?

  • Company has nearly a century of experience when it comes to making toys for children
  • The company is very influential, bringing us known products as G.I. Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony
  • Products are made from safe materials
  • Toys are affordable world-wide

    Hasbro Action Figures

  • Type of toy: The action figures are small but realistic interpretations of actual people, superheroes, and cars for boys and young men. These toys are made to resemble the actual models, albeit in a much smaller and moveable version.
  • Features: These Figures have moveable limbs, and can transform into an animal or a vehicle according to the actual model it copies. Some accessories are also made for these toys that can be equipped to the figure.
  • Known sub brands: Hasbro’s line of action figures are home to the Transformers series and G.I. Joe. The toy line has also produced Marvel Universe action figures, and even Hasbro Star Wars toys

    Hasbro Stuffed Toys

  • Type of toy: These plush dolls are made of plastic and synthetic fur, made to appeal to girls and toddlers
  • Features: Hasbro’s stuff toys are battery-operated with voice features, multi-colored designs and made to be fun to hug. These dolls are also very interactive with those who play it
  • Known sub brands: Hasbro is quite known because of Furby and My Little Pony. These dolls are still highly popular and sold up to this day

    Hasbro Educational Games

  • Type of toy: Some toys made by the group can also teach your kids to read, write, think, and be creative.
  • Features: Hasbro’s educational games come as either a board and puzzle game, made with different colors to help kids distinguish color. These can be played alone or with friends
  • Known sub brands: Hasbro has their own version of some of the most famous board games out there like Scrabble. Other educational games include Simon Flash game, Taboo, Play-Doh, Mastermind, Scatterologies