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Brand: Kenwood
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Kenwood SM650 Sandwich Maker
(3 reviews)
  • 700W
  • 4 Slices
  • 3 Sets of Cooking Plates
SGD 49.90 -50%
SGD 99.00
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Kenwood SM650 3 In 1 Sandwich Maker
(9 reviews)
  • Works as grill, griddle, donut maker, fish cake and waffle maker
  • Removable non-stick plates
  • Non-slip rubberised feet
  • Cool touch handles
  • Floating hinge
  • Power on and ready indicators
SGD 59.00 -40%
SGD 99.00
Kenwood IH350 Induction Cooker 1 Hob
(5 reviews)
  • 1900W
  • eight easily controlled power levels 
  • touch sensor control
  • pre-set cooking programs 
  • stir-fry cooking setting
  • 3-hour digital timer
  • keep warm function
SGD 55.00 -42%
SGD 95.00
Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker
  • 5 personal program settings
  • Features 58-minute rapid bake setting
  • Kenwood non-stick coated bread pan and kneader
  • Touch-screen controls
SGD 298.00 -34%
SGD 449.00
Kenwood KM283 Mixer 4.3 L
(22 reviews)
  • Motor: 900W
  • Bowl Material : Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Bowl Size : 4.3 litres (total)
  • Capacity - Flour For Pastry : 450g
SGD 241.50 -19%
SGD 299.00
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Kenwood KMM770 Premier Major STAND MIXER
  • Slow speed outlet
  • Total mixing action
  • Bowl
  • High speed outlet
  • Simple pop up head lift
  • Automatic electronic speed control
  • Capacity : 6.7 Ltrs
  • Volts : 220~240v / 50-60hz/ 1ph - 1200 Watts
  • Body : Silver
  • C/w Stainless Steel Bowl ,1 beater,1 whip, 1 dough hook
SGD 678.00 -32%
SGD 999.00
KENWOOD - Multipro Compact Food Processor, FPP235
(5 reviews)
  • 2.1 litre Bowl Capacity A generous 2.1 litre capacity making it ideal for preparing large meals for family and guests.
  • 1.2 litre Liquidiser A large calibrated 1.2 litre capacity liquidiser that's both lightweight and easy to use.
  • Dual Drive System Unique patented dual drive system that allows you to run a food processor and blender from the same power base.
  • 2 Speed Plus Pulse Impressive 2 speeds plus a pulse action. Allowing you to control your blending speeds and achieve the perfect texture.
SGD 119.00 -28%
SGD 165.00
Kenwood KMC570 Chef Mixer
(4 reviews)
  • Slow Speed Outlet
  • Total Mixing Action
  • Simple Pop-up head lift
  • 4.6 litres bowl size
  • Brushed Stainless steel
  • 1000W
SGD 446.99 -44%
SGD 799.00
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Kenwood 10L MO280 Oven Toaster
  • 10L Capacity
  • Grilling, Toasting
  • 1100 Watt Power
  • Auto Shut Off
SGD 49.00 -17%
SGD 59.00
Kenwood 1.6L Blender Bl370
(3 reviews)
  • Type : Blender
  • Wattage : 400W
  • Colour/Finish : White
  • Blade Type : Stainless Steel
  • Capacity : 1.6 Litre
  • Speed Settings : 2 speeds
  • Safety Lock : No
  • Wide Food Chute : No
  • Manufacturer's Warranty : 1 Year
SGD 42.00 -56%
SGD 95.00
Kenwood CH580 Quad Blade Chopper
(2 reviews)
  • Quadblade system
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 0.4Liter Bowl
  • Comes with mayonnaise attachment
  • Ice Crushing Quad blades
  • Power: 450W
SGD 44.50 -55%
SGD 99.90
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Kenwood SB055 Smoothie 2GO
(10 reviews)
  • 2 x 0.5l travel mugs
  • Non slip rubber feet
  • 2 speeds + pulse
SGD 59.00 -25%
SGD 79.00
Kenwood ZJG111CL Glass Kettle 1.7L
(17 reviews)
  • A sleek curved shape to suit any space
  • Schott Duran Glass
  • Clear glass for a view of water levels
  • Illuminated On/Off switch
  • Easy Flip lid and large handle for ease of use
  • 360 power base – suitable for left and right handed people
  • Cordless – no wires draped over the kitchen top
  • Removable mesh filter for easy cleaning
SGD 102.00 -32%
SGD 149.00
Kenwood FPM260 Multi-Pro Food Processor
  • Power: 750 W
  • Capacity: 2.1 litres
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Stainless steel chopping blade
  • Heavy duty
SGD 197.99 -50%
SGD 399.00
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Kenwood FPP225 Food Processor
  • The Multipro Compact Food Processor FPP225
  • You want a small, fast and stylish food processor that fits your kitchen and your cooking style. 
  • So we created this powerful little kitchen accessory, featuring Kenwood's latest, in-bowl drive system, to make it a whole lot easier for you to prepare great food, each and every day
SGD 94.99 -36%
SGD 149.00
Kenwood FPP225 Food Processor 2.1 L
  • 750W
  • Bowl Size : 2.1 litres
  • Capacity - Blender : 1.2 litres
SGD 95.00 -36%
SGD 149.00
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Kenwood KMM040 Titanium Timer Major
  • Bowl size : 6.7 litres
  • Capacity egg whites - 16 maximum
  • Capacity Flour/dough : 910g
  • Motor Power : 1500w
  • Body material : die cast aluminium
  • Bowl Material: Polished stainless steel
  • Bowl Tool material : Stainless steel
SGD 1,187.99 -26%
SGD 1,599.00
More sellers from SGD 1,188.00
Kenwood JKP250 0.5L Dual Voltage Travel Kettle
(5 reviews)
  • Power: 650 W
  • Capacity: 0.5 litres
  • Water level indicator
  • Anti-limescale filter
SGD 39.90 -33%
SGD 59.90
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Kenwood HM330 Hand Mixer
(9 reviews)
  • Turbo button 
  • Contoured design 
  • 6 speeds 
  • Stainless steel beaters
SGD 36.90 -61%
SGD 95.00
Kenwood Titanium Timer Chef KMC030 Kitchen Machine
  • Power: 1400 W
  • 8 speed levels
  • Capacity: 4.6 litres
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
SGD 899.00 -31%
SGD 1,299.00
More sellers from SGD 938.99
Kenwood FPM260 Multipro Compact Food Processor
  • Power: 750 W
  • Capacity: 2.1 litres
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Stainless steel chopping blade
  • Heavy duty
SGD 198.00 -20%
SGD 249.00
Kenwood Chef Sense KVC5000T Stand Mixer
  • Perfect for mixing
  • Aluminum bowl
  • 4.6 liter capacity
  • With graduation for easy measuring
SGD 849.00 -6%
SGD 899.00
Kenwood SMP060WG Blend Xtract Blender
  • Blended nutrition on the go
  • Power Up Pronto
  • Colour: White & green
SGD 68.00 -14%
SGD 79.00
Kenwood KVC5000T Chef Sense Mixer
  • Perfect for mixing
  • Aluminum bowl
  • 4.6 liter capacity
  • With graduation for easy measuring
SGD 698.00 -22%
SGD 899.00
Kenwood HM530 Hand Mixer
  • 3 Speeds
  • Pulse Function
  • Powerful 280W Motor
  • Stainless Steel Beaters
  • Compact Design
  • Unique Tool Storage
SGD 52.00 -25%
SGD 69.00
Kenwood HB680 Triblade Hand Blender
  • Powerful 450W motor
  • One speed plus turbo
  • Triable
SGD 49.00 -17%
SGD 59.00
More sellers from SGD 49.90
Kenwood HM680 Chefette Metal Bowl Hand Mixer
(5 reviews)
  • 5 speeds + pulse function
  • Stainless Steel Beaters and Kneaders
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • 350 watt powerful motor
  • Splash Guard
SGD 139.00 -30%
SGD 199.00
Kenwood KVC5000T Chef Sense Stand Mixer
  • Perfect for mixing
  • Aluminum bowl
  • <span>4.6 liter capacity
  • With graduation for easy measuring
SGD 668.00 -33%
SGD 999.00
  • 2 speeds 
  • 400W 
  • Ice crushing ability
SGD 38.00 -56%
SGD 85.50
Kenwood BL370 True Compact Blender
(4 reviews)
  • Stylish compact design
  • Powerful 400W motor
  • Calibrated 1.6 litre goblet
  • 2 speeds plus pulse
SGD 42.00 -56%
SGD 95.00
Kenwood Compact Blender BL227
  • Calibrated 1 litre plastic goblet
  • Additional multi mill
  • 2 speeds plus pulse
  • Stainless steel blades
SGD 58.00 -16%
SGD 69.00
More sellers from SGD 59.00
Kenwood HDP406WH Triblade Hand Blender
  • Triblade: the power of 3
  • Even easier to use and more powerful 
  • Faster, stronger and even easier to use than ever before
  • Unique Triblade system
SGD 155.00 -22%
SGD 199.00
KENWOOD PATISSIER MX 316 Food Mixer in ( Pink )
  • For amazing cakes, pastry and delicious breads, the colourful retro Kenwood Patissier MX316 food
  • mixer has it all.
  • Create perfect cakes in style MX316 Pattisier retro food mixer from Kenwood is designed to help you
  • perfect your baking skills. Create delicious sponge cakes, crumbly pastries and speciality breads with
  • the help of the Pattisier's three dedicated bowl tools, and bake in style with the retro design available in a
  • variety of colours.
  • Keep clean in the kitchen The Pattisier kitchen machine features a handy splashguard that fits neatly on
  • top of the 4litre bowl, useful when whisking flour or icing sugar. With a quick release head lift,
  • dishwasher safe plastic coated aluminium bowl tools and durable metal body, the Kenwood Pattisier
  • food mixer is an essential kitchen tool for all aspiring bakers.
SGD 428.80 -46%
SGD 799.00
Kenwood Kmc570 Premier Chef Kitchen Machine / Mixer / Free Ss Bowl
  • Kenwood Kmc570 Premier Chef Kitchen Machine / Mixer / Free Ss Bowl / Local.Warranty
  • Kenwood
  • Home Electronics
SGD 579.00 -28%
SGD 799.00
Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender HDP406WH
  • Triblade: the power of 3
  • Even easier to use and more powerful 
  • Faster, stronger and even easier to use than ever before
  • Unique Triblade system
SGD 139.00 -13%
SGD 159.00
Kenwood Km283 Prospero Kitchen Machine / Mixer
  • Kenwood Km283 Prospero Kitchen Machine / Mixer
  • Kenwood
  • Home Electronics
SGD 276.00 -8%
SGD 299.00
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Kenwood: The Product for All

Kenwood has been around for decades offering wide variety of home products that include kitchen appliances that are perfectly designed and possess great quality. Kenwood also ensures that you get the best of the best when it comes to your home appliances that made our life easier and more comfortable. The inventions of home appliances are very helpful as doing chores can be time-consuming and you would have to use up more of your energy. It may be cooking, cleaning the house, or doing the laundry–these tasks can really take a toll on your day. That’s why home appliances are the must-have in every house for more efficient and well living.

Kenwood: The Must-Have Home Appliances

In the Singapore, every second is important; living along busy streets can give us stress and become inefficient. We need tools to make our daily lives easier like for making our own breakfast, without it sometimes we tend to skip a meal. With Kenwood kitchen appliances being available in the country, we are assured that we won’t skip our breakfast again or any other meal for that matter. From hand mixers, to toasters, to coffee makers–your options for these items are endless. Each and every one of their models comes with unique designs that are also available in eye-popping colors.

When buying home appliances, you can never go wrong with Kenwood. They have almost everything that you need to make life a lot more convenient around your household. With Kenwood, you can make different dishes for your family and friends like fresh pasta, the best salsa for those chips, and more! Kenwood is certainly a brand that you should invest in.

Why choose Kenwood?

  • The brand manufactures the very best high quality product
  • The brand produces elegant style yet intuitive product
  • The brand is known for award winning design
  • Kenwood thinks out of the box in making their product making it unique and high-tech.

    Kenwood Beverage

  • Products: Kenwoord provides innovative products to quench your thirst, for every season, with products such as juicer, kettle, and coffee maker.
  • Uses: These products are ideal for making your favorite drinks; like teas with kenwood's tea maker and kettles and create different flavors of juices with kenwood's juicer. Create your drink whether it is hot or cold.
  • Features: Kettles, tea, and coffee makers has concealed heating element. Juicer, on the other hand, have features, such as it has full safety interlock, and is detachable and dishwasher safe.

    Kenwood Food Processor

  • Products: Processor such as hand mixers, stand mixers, food processors, and blenders are available in Kenwood
  • Uses: Kenwood food processors are made to make the cooking process easier. For example mixers, mixing dough are tough when it's done manually by our hand. Also, we can save more time if we used kitchen appliance as it is more faster.
  • Features: All of these products have easy cleaning design, flexible user control, and made from durable materials, like steel, that both long lasting and fully-functional, no matter how many times the product was used

    Kenwood Kitchen tools

  • Products: For kitchen tools that help us in preparation like opening a can, Kenwood made products to do that, which are can opener, pasta cutter, and pasta roller
  • Uses: Most of our ingredients used in cooking are canned and preserved. Sometimes, opening a can may consume time or cause injury. Kenwood made electric can openers that is both faster and safe when used. Moreover, pasta cutters and rollers are also made to aid you in making home-made pastas.
  • Features: Kenwood's can openers are electronic and has one touch operation. Can openers and pasta maker tools are made from heavy duty stainless

    Kenwood Cooking

  • Products: Cooking is much easier and faster with slow Cookers, Food steamers, Oven, and sandwich makers
  • Uses: Ideal for cooking foods and making you star dish. Kenwood made innovative cooking appliances to serves your need, such as for frying, steaming, heating, toasting, and more.
  • Features: Most of the cooking appliances are easy to manipulate with manual and digital control to operate the devices. Kenwood are made from durable materials to last long.