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Amazon’s E-Reader Extraordinaire: The Kindle in Singapore

Since the dawn of the digital age, there has been an increasing trend of digitalization of books on the market. Books are becoming less and less paper-based, relying more on the e-book technology to publish the texts online. This trend isn’t just helping the environment, but also compressing all of your favorite titles and stories into files and programs that you can access on a device. While a number of people would go out and buy tablet PCs for this purpose, some groups like Amazon decided to create specific devices that would help people access and read through these e-books.

In 2007, the American group released the Amazon Kindle, a tablet specifically designed for e-books. This e-reader is built very specifically that e-books look less straining to the eye, and provide much comfort and portability than other tablets around. The Kindle price is set at a proper selling point since these limited but impressive tablets are very much affordable than other devices. Battery is long lasting, and web browsing is also achievable through this device. All in all, the device gets a pass in every area on the Kindle review.

Amazon Expands the Tablet Device Through the Kindle Fire

In 2011, Amazon released the Kindle Fire, the brand’s take on the more conventional tablet PC. The device still has the same capabilities as its e-reader counterpart, but designed as a more media-based device. The Kindle Fire has a balanced QHD resolution and enough specs and features to help meet the best of both worlds in the large portable handheld devices. If you are looking for an appropriate device to read your digital books, you’d get the best on an affordable Kindle device.

Why consider buying the Kindle

  • Amazon’s most diverse brand of tablets released
  • The e-reader provides the most appropriate features for reading your favorite texts
  • The brand’s updates and upgrades are often highly anticipated.
  • The Kindle Fire is currently one of the more high performing tablets on a budget.

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

  • Overview:Like the brand’s namesake, the Kindle Paperwhite’s unique feature is its proper screen resolution, which mimics the paper text, making the e-books easier to read and less straining to the eye.
  • Specifications: The Kindle Paperwhite runs on a modified Android OS, designed specifically for running the e-book app. The 6-inch device uses the eInk Carta resolution for its paper-like display, and has Wi-Fi connectivity for downloading (e-purchasing) of the book files.
  • Generations: Instead of having a numbered series or different titles, the Paperwhite comes in different generations of devices, each replacing the previous in its line. The e-reader is in its 3rd Generation.

    Amazon Kindle Voyage

  • Overview: The Kindle Voyager brings more power and conventional specs that could make e-reading more easier than ever. The Voyager also brings a much denser and clearer pixel resolution, suitable for much faster read.
  • Specifications: The Kindle Voyage uses the same eInk Carta technology for its screen. The difference is its use odf smart backlit screen that adjusts its light depending on the user’s surrounding (specifically the lighting). The device also uses the PagePress feature, mimicking the actual flipping of a book’s page.
  • Generations: So far, the Voyage is in its first generation, released in 2014.

    Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

  • Overview: The Kindle Fire Tablet is the brand’s feature tablet series, boasting the standard specs of a tablet PC, down to its Full-HD resolution, with the additional usage of the e-readers present in the other Kindle devices.
  • Specifications: The Kindle Fire runs the Fire OS, based on Android 4.4 KitKat. The tablets come in HD, Full-HD, and QHD resolutions, each running quad-core processors, clocking in at 2.2GHz or 2.5GHz. The devices are equipped with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB non-expandable storage, and 2GB RAM.
  • Devices: The Amazon Kindle Fire comes in the original design, the Fire HD tablet, and Fire HDX device.