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Lazada Singapore Is Rewarding Its Most Loyal Customers!

Lazada Singapore has grown into a successful e-commerce business through the support and loyalty of its customers. We’ve been showcasing massive deals, affordable products, online vouchers and hassle-free shipping and returns for years now. With more and more avid visitors purchasing on our website, Lazada remains as one of the leading online shopping platform not only in the country, but in the whole region. That is why, we at Lazada Singapore wants to give back and reward all of our loyal customers out there.

Shopping at Lazada Singapore is going to be more exciting with Lazada Select! You have been backing us up throughout the years, joining us in every online sale and participating in all of our exciting deals. So, we want to thank you with the Lazada loyalty program which is devoted to making your shopping more electrifying, entertaining and rewarding. Loyal customers will get to earn astonishing vouchers and rewards for their purchases. Shop at Lazada Singapore now! Big rewards and discounts are awaiting all Lazada Singapore’s loyal customers.

Your Every Order is Worth a Voucher!

The more orders you place on the current month, the more discounts you get the following month! Shop more and be a part of our Lazada Select program, from Bronze to Silver to Gold memberships. Lazada customers just need to order once, thrice or 6 times a month to determine their membership tier. Each membership tier has an allotted amount of discount that each customer can use on the succeeding month. All qualified customers will get amazing Lazada vouchers which will be sent via email.

So, shop more to earn more! Browse through all your most-loved products from top-rated brands now. Search from all the Lazada categories, from lovely men and women’s clothing to high-tech gadgets to sports and travel essentials to home appliances. Purchase your chosen items at discounted prices and receive special vouchers depending on the number of times you order for each month. Save more on online shopping with the Lazada Select loyalty program.