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Brand: LOCK & LOCK
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LOCK & LOCK Interlock Round Food Container 500ml (INL-301)
  • Size: ∅95 x 92mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 500ml
SGD 2.45 -30%
SGD 3.50
SGD 7.50 -5%
SGD 7.90
LOCK & LOCK Classic Airtight Square Food Container 2.6L (HPL-822B)
(1 reviews)
  • Size: 155 x 155 x 173mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 2.6L
SGD 11.55 -30%
SGD 16.50
LOCK & LOCK Interlock Press Bottle 2.1L (INL-413)
  • Size: ∅107 x 294mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 2.1L
SGD 8.50 -4%
SGD 8.90
SGD 12.20 -5%
SGD 12.80
SGD 13.80 -5%
SGD 14.50
SGD 5.95 -30%
SGD 8.50
LOCK & LOCK Dualock Aqua Fridge Jug 2.6L (HAP-794)
(1 reviews)
  • Size: 210 x 110 x 255mm Volume: 2.6L
SGD 17.15 -30%
SGD 24.50
SGD 18.00 -5%
SGD 18.90
SGD 6.93 -30%
SGD 9.90
SGD 9.40 -5%
SGD 9.90
SGD 18.50 -5%
SGD 19.50
SGD 37.00 -5%
SGD 38.90
LOCK & LOCK Interlock Press Bottle 1.3L (INL-412)
  • Size: ∅107 x 201mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 1.3L
SGD 7.50 -5%
SGD 7.90
SGD 5.60 -5%
SGD 5.90
LOCK & LOCK Aqua Slim Water Bottle 400ml (HAP-705)
  • Size: 85 x 52 x 152mm Volume: 400ml
SGD 9.40 -5%
SGD 9.90
SGD 9.40 -5%
SGD 9.90
SGD 10.00 -5%
SGD 10.50
SGD 16.00 -5%
SGD 16.90
SGD 18.90 -5%
SGD 19.90
LOCK & LOCK Interlock Round Food Container 2.1L (INL-403)
  • Size: ∅107 x 277mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 2.1L
SGD 4.83 -30%
SGD 6.90
SGD 9.03 -30%
SGD 12.90
LOCK & LOCK Classic Airtight Square Food Container 4.0L (HPL-822R)
  • Size: 155 x 155 x 257mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 4L
SGD 18.90 -5%
SGD 19.90
LOCK & LOCK Twist Airtight Round Container 360ml (LLS-121)
(1 reviews)
  • Size: ø98 x 76mm Volume: 360ml
SGD 2.73 -30%
SGD 3.90
LOCK & LOCK Classic Airtight Rectangle Food Container 180ml (HPL-805)
  • Size: 108 x 88 x 48mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 180ML
SGD 3.85 -30%
SGD 5.50
SGD 6.20 -5%
SGD 6.50
SGD 8.05 -30%
SGD 11.50
SGD 15.00 -6%
SGD 15.90
LOCK & LOCK Classic Airtight Rectangle Food Container 4.5L (HPL-827)
  • Size: 248 x 180 x 150mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 4.5L
SGD 15.33 -30%
SGD 21.90
LOCK & LOCK Classic Airtight Rectangle Food Container 850ml (HPL-808)
  • Size: 135 x 102 x 118mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 850ML
SGD 7.10 -5%
SGD 7.50
LOCK & LOCK Classic Airtight Rectangle Food Container 3.9L (HPL-829)
  • Size: 232 x 165 x 162mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 3.9L
SGD 13.65 -30%
SGD 19.50
LOCK & LOCK Classic Airtight Rectangle Food Container 600ml (HPL-811)
  • Size: 151 x 108 x 69mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 600ml
SGD 6.23 -30%
SGD 8.90
SGD 10.40 -5%
SGD 10.90
LOCK & LOCK Aqua Water Jug 3.0L (HAP-607)
  • Size: 255 x 105 x 258 Material: Polypropylene Volume: 3L
SGD 17.85 -30%
SGD 25.50
LOCK & LOCK Classic Airtight Cake Storage Box 21L (HLS-102)
  • Colour: Semitransparent Size: 322 x 321 x 177mm Material: Polypropylene Volume: 21l
SGD 40.50 -5%
SGD 42.70
SGD 10.90 -5%
SGD 11.50
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Well-Designed Food Storage from Lock and Lock in Singapore

People love to eat. They spend huge amount of money to buy nutritious food yet most of them sacrifice the quality of food storage containers. A food storage container considered as high quality if it is made of ceramic or glass, which can withstand high temperature of heat and cold. Besides, it should also not prone to crack and deep scratches. Using high quality food storage will provide you some healthy and fresh food longer while keeps away bacteria and growth of mold. In addition, right food containers also avoid contamination of chemical reactions. If this is the case, then going for Lock and Lock is the perfect way to go.

Lock and Lock Products

Lock and Lock was first introduced in Korean market and has become the world’s most patronized food storage container nowadays. Originally, this international brand was under Hanacobi – a domestic company in Korea that manufactures extensive range of kitchen and food storage equipment including home organization, lunch box, picnic and children’s products. Over the years, they gain so much popularity and admiration from different household, the reasons why they able to open many branches in many countries; in fact, they are enjoyed by families in 63 nations. In the recent Korean market research, almost 80% families all over the country use Lock and Lock while 70% appeared to be customer’s satisfaction. Add to this, they also received many recognitions including Best of Best award for four consecutive years from 2001 to 2004.

Why choose Lock and Lock Containers?

  • The brand visualizes itself to be the leading manufacturer of air tight food containers in the market
  • They offer a wide variety of high quality food storage containers at affordable prices
  • They focuses on improving their product line and aimed to become the acclaimed market leader of food storage
  • Products are made from premium and superior quality glass that can withstand heat and cold

    Lock and Lock Basic

  • Materials: This food basket is made from 100% heat resistant borosilicate glass that can withstand heating and cooling
  • Features: Commonly, this lunch box is heat resistant, microwave safe, stain and odour resistant, salt and oxidation resistant. Also available in different shapes and sizes
  • Advantage: You can use it safely in the oven, microwave and dishwasher

    Lock and Lock Clear

  • Materials:
  • Features: It is available in various shapes and sizes with natural color; equipped with stain and odor resistant, heat resistant and dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Use: Suitable for all kinds of serving dishes; also as gift suggestion