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Modengzhufu Japanese-style sauce dish rice bowl  

  • A group style ancient the cup Bowl Plate dish, And before store on the thread bowl is part of with a series pattern the same selected self-Japan the traditional floral, Ya Er not Yan, and SUSSI the blue and white with combination, look chic and elegant slim cut Design of Water Lotus, point to plum patterns, With the unique the spiral pattern, holding in his hand is very have texture like flat and naive the Japanese style tableware the pro, you the same will love to it
  • Brand : Modern housewife
  • Size : 7 inch
  • The number of : 1
  • Material : Porcelain
  • Tea utensils craft : Enamelling
  • Pattern : Other
  • Style : Japanese style
  • Disc type : Flat plate
  • The origin of the : Other
  • Source main map : Independent real shot chart

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Style: 8 inch disc water lotus
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Specifications of Modengzhufu Japanese-style sauce dish rice bowl

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  • 1x item
General Features:
  8 inch disc water lotus
Model Not Specified
Warranty type No Warranty
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