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Liqui Moly Ceratec 3721 (300ML)
  • Chemically inert
  • Compatible with fine filters
  • Highest thermal stability
  • Increases smooth operation
  • Long engine service life
  • Mixable with all commercially available motor oils
  • No deposits
  • Reduces frictional losses
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Suitable for diesel particulate filters
SGD 48.00 -8%
SGD 52.00
Cyber 12V Oil Fluid Extractor Transfer Pump Electric Car Motorbike w/ Hose
  • Pump Size: 8 x 13 x 8.3cm/3.12 x 5.07 x 3.24inch( L x W x H)
  • Inlet Hose: Approx 127cm/49.5inch(L), 6mm/0.23inch(Diameter)
  • Outlet Hose: Approx 166.5cm/64.94inch(L), 12mm/0.47inch(Diameter)
  • Motor Voltage: D.C 12V
  • Sound pressure level: 70 dB (A)
  • Power Consumption: Approx.5 A
  • Diesel/Heating Oil Flow Rate: 250L/H
  • Motor oil (40-60degrees) Flow Rate: 1L/min
SGD 39.10 -37%
SGD 62.10
Liqui Moly Injection Cleaner 1803 (300ML)
(4 reviews)
  • Cleans the injection system
  • Cost-effective due to exact dosage
  • Guarantees low fuel consumption
  • Optimum dosage
  • Reduces pollutant emissions removes carbon deposits from the intake valves and in the combustion chamber
  • Tested for turbochargers and catalytic converters
  • Good Quality
SGD 21.60 -10%
SGD 24.00
WD-40 Specialist Automotive Brake & Parts Cleaner
  • Non-staining, leaves no residue and is non-corrosive
  • Helps to stop disc brake squeal and eliminate clutch slippage
  • Removes oil, grease, dirt and brake fluid
  • Cleans without disassembling the unit
  • Safe to use on brake linings, pads and drums
SGD 13.50 -25%
SGD 17.90
Outdoor 12V DC Automatic Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Switch for LED Light
  • Output - Red (sensor output lines)
  • Blue and brown input power
  • Blue and Red take the load (lamps).
SGD 5.67 -50%
SGD 11.34
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Liqui Moly Ceratec Engine Additive - 300ml
(19 reviews)
  • Rapid oil delivery at low temperature
  • Long engine service life due
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness
  • Saves fuel and reduces pollutant emission
SGD 59.90 -32%
SGD 88.00
Liqui Moly Top Tec 4100 5W-40 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil - 5 Litres
(5 reviews)
  • Smooth engine running characteristics
  • Long engine service life due to exceptional protection against wear
  • Rapid oil delivery at low temperatures
  • Optimum oil pressure at all engine speeds
  • Premium lubrication reliability at high and low temperatures
  • High shear and ageing stability
  • Reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness
  • Tested with catalytic converters and performance proven with turbochargers
  • Mixable and compatible with commercially available motor oils
SGD 98.00 -23%
SGD 128.00
  •   Engine Flush is a fast acting, solvent free, engine cleaning formulation that removes engine deposits, sludge and contaminants with the oil service drain. It contains added zinc for engine wear protection and its fast acting formulation works in 10 minutes. The solvent free formulation protects gaskets and seals from damage during the cleaning process.
SGD 16.50
loctite 243
  • Threadlocking Adhesive - medium strength.
  • General purpose. Suitable for all metal threaded assemblies.
SGD 26.00 -41%
SGD 44.00
WD-40 Multi-Use Product Smart Straw 12 oz
(5 reviews)
  • Permanently attached Smart Straw
  • Sprays 2 Ways: Flip up for stream, down for spray
  • Thousands of uses
SGD 13.00 -19%
SGD 16.00
Motul 300V Power 5W-40 Engine Oil Pack of 2
  • Designed to run low viscosity lubricants
  • Minimize fuel dilution in the oil
  • Double Ester technology 
SGD 150.00
Mobil 1 5W-50 Engine Oil - 1 Quart (Pack of 6)
(5 reviews)
  • Prevents deposits and sludge build-up to enable long and clean engine life
  • Anti-oxidants to help improve oil life
  • High performance basestocks combined with a precisely balanced component system for excellent all-round wear protection
  • Wide viscosity grade to help provide a flexible combination of high and low temperature protection
  • Performs and protects at low temperatures
SGD 98.00 -26%
SGD 132.00
Fukuoka ProV5000 Fully-Synthetic 5W-40 Engine Oil (4 Litre)
  • Japan Formulation System
  • Excellent high-temperature oxidation stability
  • Superior cold-start performance and shear stability
  • Fuel savings at part/full load
  • Low evaporation and black sludge creation
SGD 58.00 -34%
SGD 88.00
Motul 300V Competition 15W-50 Engine Oil Pack of 2
  • Run low viscosity lubricants
  • Minimize fuel dilution in the oil
  • Double Ester technology 
SGD 150.00
WD-40 Specialist Fast Acting Degreaser
  • Power foam works immediately on contact and rinses away easily
  • Cleans equipment to make it run more smoothly and last longer
  • Removes grease oil, dirt fat, dirt, soap scum and grimy residues
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces including metal, exhaust hoods and flooring
  • Spray up to 5 feet and stays where you spray it
  • ROHS Compliance
SGD 12.50 -26%
SGD 16.90
Liqui Moly Fuel Injection Cleaner - 300ml
(4 reviews)
  • Suitable for all petrol engines – as a preventative measure or to solve problems
  • Tested safe with catalytic converters and turbochargers
  • For adding directly to the fuel tank. 300 ml are sufficient for up to 70 l fuel
  • Effect lasts up to 2,000 km. 
SGD 25.00 -11%
SGD 28.00
  • Engine Stop Leak has been specifically formulated to control engine oil leaks due to deteriorated or worn seals and gaskets including the rear main seal. It provides a temporary seal to prevent loss of lubricating fluid and possible engine seizure or failure resulting in costly repairs. NOTE: Engine Stop Leak is designed as a temporary repair and does not replace the need for mechanical repairs. If leaks are still evident after use, replacement or repair of faulty parts may be required.
SGD 16.50
RESURS Total Engine 50gm
  • Up to 10% savings on your petrol
  • Improves your Engine's Compression
  • Restore and provides better protection to your engine
  • Reduces Oil burning up to 5 times
  • Reduces Engine Smoke to save the environment
  • Increases your engine's power up to 8-10%
SGD 30.00
Liqui Moly Molygen SAE 5W50 Engine Oil 2542 (1L)
  • Can be used in gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharger
  • Friction and wear reducing
  • High lubrication reliability
  • Low evaporation loss
  • Mixable with all commercially available motor oils
  • Optimum oil pressure under all operating conditions
  • Rapid oil delivery at low temperatures
  • Saves fuel and reduces pollutant emissions
  • Tested for turbochargers and catalytic converters
SGD 28.89 -10%
SGD 32.10
Motul 300V Power Racing 5W-30 Engine Oil Pack of 2
  • For racing cars with atmospheric or turbocharged engines, race or qualifying engines 
  • For cars requiring maximum power output and fastest rev raisings 
  • 100 percent synthetic engine oil 
  • Double Ester technology 
  • Maximum power output and decreases operating temperature
SGD 150.00
Liqui Moly Motorbike Speed Additive 3040 (150ML)
  • Cleans the fuel system
  • Higher performance gain
  • Improves the acceleration
  • Increases operational reliability
  • Prevents carburetor icing
  • Protects fuel against oxidation and aging
  • Protects fuel system against corrosion
SGD 10.80 -10%
SGD 12.00
Liqui Moly Motorbike 4T Bike Additive 1581 (125ML)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • For carburetor and fuel-injection engines
  • Highly economical
  • Increases operational reliability
  • Normalizes gasoline consumption and exhaust emissions values
  • Optimizes engine performance
  • Protects fuel system against corrosion
  • Reduces residues
  • Reduces the risk of knocking combustion
  • Tested for catalytic converters
SGD 10.80 -10%
SGD 12.00
3M™ Silicone Lubricant Aerosol Spray 24 fl.oz
(1 reviews)
  • Reliable lubricant can be used in a wide variety of applications
  • Fastdrying to maintain productivity
  • Longlasting and nonstaining to keep work surfaces clean
  • Meets a range of industry regulations and certifications for environmental sustainability
SGD 12.00 -40%
SGD 20.00
Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube 400ml
  • Bel-Ray® Super Clean Chain Lube is an aerosol chain lube that utilizes the the latest innovation in chain lubricant technology, combining unsurpassed anti-wear protection for long chain and sprocket life with an outer protective coating that will not attract dirt, sand, or grit and ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT FLING OFF when used as directed.
  • Suitable for all ‘O’ ‘X’ and ‘Z’ ring and roller type chains for street, off-road, and racing use.
  • Applications: 
SGD 22.00
Castrol Edge 0W-30 Engine Oil Pack of 6
  • Maximises short and long term engine performance
  • Improves engine efficiency independently qualified
  • Delivers unsurpassed levels of protection across a variety of driving conditions and temperature
  • Reduces engine deposits to help maximise engine response
  • "Euro"
SGD 122.00 -24%
SGD 160.00
Universal Motorcycle Brake Clutch Master Cylinder Fluid Oil Reservoir Cup Gold
  • Material: Billet aluminium
  • Size: 54x38mm
  • Hole Diameter: 4mm
  • Suitable for most of motorcycle
  • Comes with bolt and Bracket
  • Easy to install
  • Improve the effiency
  • Durable
SGD 9.38 -50%
SGD 18.76
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New Carburettor Carb Carburetor Keihin For Honda C90 C 90 Cub NEW
  • Air filter mount: 33mm
  • Intake inner diameter: 19mm
  • 48mm hole centre to centre
  • Durable
  • High Quality Material
  • Easy to Install
  • A perfect Replacement
SGD 15.62 -60%
SGD 39.42
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AN8 Aluminum 180 Degree Racing Swivel Hose End Fitting For Nylon Braid Adapter
  • Easy assembly
  • Smooth flow design
  • Material: Alloy Aluminum
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Universal fit
SGD 8.93 -52%
SGD 18.60
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Liqui Moly Octane Plus 2956 (150ML)
  • Increases the octane number
  • Improves performance
  • Prevents engine damage caused by knocking combustion
SGD 12.60 -10%
SGD 14.00
Liqui Moly Brake Fluid DOT4 - 500ml
  • Ideally suited to use with all disk and drum brake systems, as well as motor vehicle clutch systems for which a synthetic brake fluid of this specification is prescribed
  • Also ideally suited to use in ABS brake systems
  • 500ml
SGD 15.00
Liqui Moly High Performance GL+ SAE 75W-90 1L
  • Fuel-economy
  • Gear changing
  • Resistance to ageing
  • Noise reduction
  • Wear reduction
SGD 38.00
Liqui Moly Motor Protect - 500ml
  • Significant wear reduction 
  • Extended engine service life 
  • Fuel and emissions reduction through smooth-run effect 
SGD 48.00
Idemitsu 0W-20 SN/GF-5 Fully Synthetic - 4L
  • Great durability at high temperature 
  • Provides improved high temperature and deposit protection for piston 
  • Prolongs engine life by reducing wear 
  • Enhance fast engine responsiveness 
  • Meets the requirement of : API: SN/GF-5 
SGD 72.00 -27%
SGD 98.00
WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease
  • Wd-40 Specialist Protective White Lithium Grease Is Ideal for Metal-to-metal Applications That Require Heavy-duty Lubrication and Protection Against Rust and Corrosion
  • Our White Lithium Grease Sprays on Evenly as a Liquid and Sets Dry for a Thick, Protective Coating That Wont Run Off
  • Effective in a Temperature Range from 0° F to 300° F, Wd-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease
  • Provides Unbeatable Protection With Long-lasting Lubrication on Auto Hinges, Gears, Sprockets, Outdoor Hinges, Latches, Overhead Door Tracks, Pulleys, Cables and Guide Rails
  • Its Also Excellent for Lubricating Equipment Before Placing in Storage, and Is 50-state Voc Compliant
SGD 12.90 -13%
SGD 14.90
SGD 2.40 -54%
SGD 5.20
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SGD 3.40 -50%
SGD 6.80
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