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Paranoid Korean style will buy! Is really good read wild! Three Layer collar necklace!  

  • Wild three sets~
  • Chain Material: Alloy/silver-plated/gold-plated
  • Brand: Other/Other
  • Price Range: 51-100 yuan

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Product details of Paranoid Korean style will buy! Is really good read wild! Three Layer collar necklace!


-Paranoid piggy exclusive custom-


The a batch all sold out

The two batch August 4 issue the OH~


Update physical map!!

A, small sequins piece may be have a little with small scratch the local

Does not affect the wear da


Now weather hot

A class clavicle chain personal jewelry must be to be winded a word!

[Not guaranteed never fade!]

Fade speed and individual difference and wearing habits with very big relationship

Here to share small tips;

1/Can be in the extension chain and lobster buckle at in advance coated good transparent nail polish

As neck, more easy to the sweat so accessories at the corrosion will be more fast

2/A day to wear after take towel wipe dry place back transparent op bag

Or put back to jewelry box in also can be!

[See our shop New of the jewelry box Hee]


Summer especially South and humidity is high

And the chain completely soaked in salt water in with what difference t

And can not do anything I

~ Buyers show~



Thank you buyers show!!




[Design draft of good]




Ah ah


This section really the is super nice!

Recommended recommended!

Been out of the can be used with 10 thousand pieces of that section chain by to a lot of Sister of love

Therefore see this section can not help but want to be added to do ah!

And this of the deposit with the shipping 12 days or so

A set 3 pieces

No~ Enemy wild it

A set all is can be open to wear the great design hin Tie Xin na

Is equal to a buy the 3 pieces chain~

A, summer basic are do not worry about it


Black Pu letter collar{cool the and with this nice}

Length38 cm+ 3cm extension chain


Yi Jian wear heart the Chain{is part of sweet cute the with choker with is this year in the sweet cool wind it}

Length 40+ 3 cm


As well as that strip long some of sequins piece chain mustard in fact, drunk love that bar!

First a, length of chain on the not more

And before you buy over the chain together with a 1+ 1> 2 the effect

Absolutely will not and before buy the hit the models!

An ideal and choker with really the is buy! Buy! Buy!

Do not stop down it


Metal Part with copper pieces do

Outside plated KT security and color gold

Is not gold silver best are do not water oh!

Trouble good care!

Individual Difference and wearing habits different

Not guaranteed never fade!

Roogo want to this, price buy never fade

The pass Zhou daFu of class gold counter inquiry it t


The a batch deposit 10 yuan 50

(The a batch make money the time mustard plus to send jewelry each child ha)

The two batch deposit 12 yuan 50

The three batch deposit 15 yuan 100

Make money 48 yuan~ The full amount 69 yuan

A set is 3 bar! Beat deposit replenishment accounting down a strip not to 20 block money!

Value ah!!!!

Beat deposit offer very multi-be sure to shoot deposit Oh!




Specifications of Paranoid Korean style will buy! Is really good read wild! Three Layer collar necklace!

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General Features:
  Spot a sleeve ~
Material Metal
Model Not Specified
Warranty type No Warranty
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