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Oral B Advanced Power 400 Electric Toothbrush powered by Braun - 30-50% Off Retail
(10 reviews)
  • Floss action micropulse
  • Dual clean
  • 3D white
  • 2 Duracell batteries included.
  • Oral B Advance Power Tootbrush
SGD 17.50 -71%
SGD 59.90
(11 reviews)
  • CLEAN AND WHITEN YOUR TEETH the all-natural way
  • PREMIUM FORMULA: All natural and organic ingredient to help detoxify you mouth and teeth, and leave it feeling clean
  • ACTIVATED COCONUT CHARCOAL: An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powder that's excellent for gum health and sensitive teeth, plus it removes food and drink stains over time!
  • 1-2 MONTH SUPPLY: Depending on usage, this natural teeth whitener jar will last 1-2 months (110 uses approx)
SGD 54.00
SGD 118.00 -24%
SGD 155.00
2x LION enzyme mint toothpaste 130g - intl
  • Remove tooth dirt
  • Whitening teeth
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Prevention of tooth decay
SGD 17.00 -4%
SGD 17.70
Crest 3D WHITE Whitestrips Professional Effects (Teeth Whitening)
(1 reviews)
  • Enamel Safe: all Crest 3D White Whitestrips use the same enamel safe whitening ingredient as the dentist
  • A whiter smile after just 3 days
  • Full results in 20 days
  • Professional-level results at a fraction of the cost vs. light & laser systems
  • With Advanced Seal technology for no-slip whitening
  • New improved lower strip for more whitening coverage
  • 40 Total Strips: 20 upper and 20 lower strips
SGD 69.90 -26%
SGD 95.00
Tena Value Adult Diaper L10 (8 pack)
(4 reviews)
  • 2X the Absorbency you need
  • Skin Soothing Layer Topsheet: Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive Extracts, Vitamin E
  • Dry Fast Core with Super Absorbent Polymers to provide excellent urine retention and ensure excellent surface dryness
  • Anti Leakage Barrier provides maximum containment of urine and faecal and prevent leakage effectively.
  • Refastening Frontal Patch allows repeated adjustments of tape tabs for comfortable fitting and wear.
  • Wetness Indicator color fades as the diaper gets wet. Recommended to do diaper change when 2/3 wetness indicator faded
  • Body Shape Design follows the body's contours for a snug fit and provides greater user comfort and also leakage protection
Bunion Device Hallux Valgus Orthopedic Braces Toe Corrector Daily Big Bone
  • Beautiful and fashion
  • New trend
  • High quality
  • Affordable price
SGD 4.20 -50%
SGD 8.40
New Electric Contact Lens Auto Cleaner Washer Cleaning Device Green
(1 reviews)
  • Compact & portable design
  • On/off switch button
  • Replace the traditional hand-rub cleaning the lens
  • Use the multi-cleaning solution or normal solution of salt for disinfection
  • Effectively remove the sediment and bacteria material on the lens
  • Extend the life of the lens, more comfortable to wear, more healthy and safety.
  • Material: plastic
SGD 6.65 -50%
SGD 13.30
PHilips HX6063/05 Sonicare DiamondClean Standard Toothbrush Heads
  • 3-pack
  • Standard size
  • Click-on
  • Superior cleaning,whiter teeth
SGD 52.00
Poise Pads Slim 16pcs
  • Slim
  • Napkins
  • Odour Control
  • No-Wing
  • Breathable
  • 0.1550kg
SGD 3.11 -10%
SGD 3.45
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$3 Off $15 Spent
Nivea Deodorant for Men Spray Cool Powder Spray 150ml
  • Immediate cooling menthol feel
  • Powder comes with association with clean, fresh, dry for men who has been to National Service
SGD 9.10
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Power Toothbrush
(3 reviews)
  • It removes more plaque than a regular manual brush, leaving teeth feeling clean
  • Reduces up to 2X more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush
  • Oral-B is the #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide
SGD 39.90 -32%
SGD 59.00
(3 reviews)
  • BRAUN ORAL-B - ADVANCE POWER ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH Electric toothbrush for adults.
SGD 18.00 -40%
SGD 29.90
Eye Occluder Instruments for Eye Exam Chart Illiterate Eye Exams
  • 100% Brand new 
  • The eye occluder is shaped to occlude either eye without pressure
  • It is constructed of durable black plastic
  • Use for eye chart exam 
  • Great instrument for optometrist 
  • Occluder size:Approx.6.2cm x 5.2cm(LxW)
SGD 0.90 -79%
SGD 4.20
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Tena VALUE Value Adult Diaper M12sx8(81-112cm)(1box/8packs=96pcs)
(1 reviews)
  • Double absorbency
  • Skin soothing layer topsheet
  • Anti leakage barrier
  • Refastening leakage barrier
  • Convenient Removal
SGD 62.00
Oral-B Pro 3000 Electric Toothbrush
(23 reviews)
  • Features include: Daily clean, gum care and sensitive
  • Clinically proven 3D cleaning oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up and remove plaque better than a regular manual toothbrush
  • With pressure sensor
  • Included in pack: Rechargeable toothbrush handle, charging station with brush head storage, 2 brush heads - 1 CrossAction, 1 sensitive
  • Number 1 toothbrush brand recommended by dentists worldwide
SGD 139.00 -30%
SGD 199.00
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Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Watsons Power Toothbrush
(1 reviews)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Rounded soft bristles
  • Gently massage gums to keep them healthy
SGD 8.70 -20%
SGD 10.90
FUTURO™ Sport Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer
  • Helps provide rigid support and protect
  • Breathable moisture-wicking durable material for strong support, soothing warmth and comfort
  • Reinforced side stabilisers help limit lateral motion
  • Adjustable closures for customised fit and support
  • Ankle straps lift and support arch
  • Wraparound style is easy to put on and take off
  • Use on right or left ankle
SGD 36.50 -17%
SGD 43.90
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Tena Plus Adult Diapers Pants Carton 4 Pack of 14 - Normal
(2 reviews)
  • Does Not Leak
  • Covers your groin area completely to prevent spill
  • Tabs are easy to reposition and does not loosen over time
  • Does not tear easily
  • Comfortable to wear
SGD 89.00 -10%
SGD 99.00
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Genuine Oral-B Precision Clean Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Head 4 Pack
(2 reviews)
  • This replacement electric toothbrush head promotes a clean mouth and healthy gums
  • Cleans deeper than a regular manual toothbrush
  • Penetrates hard-to-reach areas
  • Small vitality precision clean head reaches to back of mouth
  • Indicator bristles fade as reminder to change the brush head
  • Each head comes individually packaged
SGD 25.80 -35%
SGD 39.90
Zoomreal Kit2 Dental Teeth Whitening Program 10Pcs Set (EXPORT)
  • Easy to use
  • Home bleaching
  • Teeth whitening
  • Liquid based bleaching which does not damage teeth
  • 2 weeks teeth whitening program
SGD 61.00 -27%
SGD 84.00
Bunion Device Hallux Valgus Orthopedic Braces Toe Corrector Night Big Bone
  • Beautiful and fashion
  • New trend
  • High quality
  • Affordable price
SGD 3.60 -50%
SGD 7.20
Orabrush Tongue Cleaner
(4 reviews)
  • 90% bad breath comes from bacteria on your tongue
  • Soft micro-pointed bristles
  • Built-in scraper
  • Wide, flat head to reduce gagging
  • Long handle for brushing convenience
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
SGD 9.90 -13%
SGD 11.35
  • 3 test kits in a box
  • Over 99% accurate from the day of your expected period
  • Long, comfort-grip handle
  • One large, easy-to-read window – two lines means pregnant; one line means not pregnant.
SGD 29.90 -25%
SGD 39.90
ACCSAFE Disposable 3 Ply Surgical Mask
  • 3 ply earloop
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fluid resistant
  • Form-fit design
  • > 99% BFE
SGD 6.00
Pearl Regular Plastic Tampons, Unscented, 18 Ct
  • Has a unique LeakGuard Braid that helps stop leaks
  • Gives you ultimate protection even on your heaviest days
  • Smooth Removal Layer gives you amazing comfort, even on your lightest days
  • FormFit protection helps close the gaps that can cause leaks
  • Gives you up to 8 hours of protection
  • Conveniently packaged in discreet, purse-resistant wrappers with easy-to-open tabs
SGD 7.00 -41%
SGD 11.90
BeDazzle Teeth Whitening Strips
  • 14 Applications (14 upper strips, 14 lower strips)
  • Enamel Safe
  • Advanced Seal Strips with Non-Slip Technology
  • Patented Formulation with Slow-release Whitening Ingredients
  • Formulated by UK Dentists
SGD 9.90 -60%
SGD 24.90
3M™ Particulate Filter 2097
  • Exceptional 99.97%filter efficiency meets NIOSH P100-series test criteri
  • Advanced Electret Media (AEM) provides lightweight, easy breathing comfort
  • Versatile protection against many oil and non-oil based particulate contaminants
  • Bayonet compatibility allows use with many 3M™ half and full facepiece designs
  • Wide range of applications reduces inventory needs and training requirements
SGD 16.70
Pearlie White DentureClean Denture Cleansing Tablets 42s
  •  Cleans thoroughly and effectively in less than three minutes
  •  Antibacterial and antifungal
  •  Removes plaque and odours
  •  Can be used as an overnight soak
  •  Suitable for full dentures, metal or acrylic partials, orthodontic appliances, splints and mouth guards
  •  Leaves a fresh minty fragrance and taste
SGD 7.90
New Useful Pumice Stone Coffee Foot Care Dead Grinding Callus Pedicure
  • Beautiful and fashion
  • New trend
  • High quality
  • Affordable price
SGD 3.40 -50%
SGD 6.80
Face Skin Care Anti Acne Treatment Remove Scar Removal Cream Beauty Oily - intl
  • Beautiful and fashion
  • New trend
  • High quality
  • Affordable price
SGD 5.70 -50%
SGD 11.40
SGD 7.90 -21%
SGD 10.00
$3 Off $15 Spent
Nivea Deodorant for Woman Roll On Dry Comfort 50ml x 2 bottles
  • Anti-perspirant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Provides protection without irritation for all needs
SGD 9.00
Hot Silicon Snoring Nose Clip Anti snore Sleep Night Free Sleeping Aid Tool
  • Beautiful and fashion
  • New trend
  • High quality
  • Affordable price
SGD 3.67 -50%
SGD 7.35
Menstrual Cup Alternative Tampons Medical Silicone Safety Lady Cup Pink S
  • Materials: 100% Silicone Top Grade
  • Color: Pink
  • Menstrual Cup Alternative Tampons Medical Silicone Safety Lady Cup Pink S
SGD 1.83 -50%
SGD 3.66
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[Megamart] TENA Slip - Super Size M
  • Adult diapers Size ranging from M and L
SGD 55.50
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