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  • Nintendo Switch Export Set

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  • Arcade Games Joystick Controller Conso...

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  • PS4 1TB Pro Console (Black)

    SGD 659.00SGD 599.00

    SGD 499.00SGD 395.00
  • D99 Retro Gaming Console

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  • Sony PS4 Slim 500GB Playstation 4 Cons...

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  • PS4 PRO 1TB Console Export Set

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  • PS4 500GB SLIM Latest Model CUH-2006A ...

    SGD 560.00SGD 445.00
  • Sony PS4 Playstation 4 Slim Console 50...

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  • PS4 PRO 1TB Standalone Console(Black)

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  • Nintendo Switch The Legend of Zelda: B...

    SGD 89.90SGD 85.00
  • Sony Singapore NEW DUALSHOCK®4 CUH-ZCT...

    SGD 67.90
  • PS4 Slim 500GB Standalone Console(Gold)

    SGD 449.00SGD 399.00
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers - ...

    SGD 159.00SGD 122.00
  • The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

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  • NEW DUALSHOCK®4 CUH-ZCT2G14 wireless c...

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  • Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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  • Dual Charging Dock Station for Playsta...

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  • Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

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  • PS4 Slim 500GB Export Set

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  • PlayStation®4 Hits Bundle(Black)

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  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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  • The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The World

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  • XIM 4 Mouse Keyboard Adapter Converter...

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  • Nintendo Switch 1-2 Switch

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  • Xbox 360 Fifa 15

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  • WiiU Splatoon

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  • 2.4 GHz R400 Wireless Presenter Receiv...

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  • Nintendo Switch Carrying Case & Sc...

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  • PS4 Injustice 2 Deluxe Edition (R3)

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  • PS4 LEGO Jurassic World (R2)

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  • 3.5mm Y Adapter Audio Cable Stereo Fem...

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  • 4Pcs Silicone Gamepad Joystick Cap Thu...

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  • PC Vibration Joypad Game Controller Ga...

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  • PS4 God Wars: Future Past / R1 (English)

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  • Transparent Lock + 10-Piece Lockpick T...

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Break Boredom and Stillness with the Proper Gaming Consoles

Gaming has become a huge part of today’s pop culture, with a lot of video game titles becoming such a great hit among children, teens, and families. Aside from the competitive gamers who play video games as a sport, most casual players would agree that it is a great way to relieve stress and unwind – basically a source of leisure and entertainment for a lot of people. Nowadays, the gaming console is one of the most popular and common form of devices that is often associated with gaming. Multiple gaming shops and device manufacturers aim to create only the best ways for gamers to enjoy the thing that they do, which is why effort is put toward the most competitive and difficult launch titles that are always good of a challenge for many players. Some video game shops in Singapore even sponsor tournaments and contests for gamers, which would eventually start the competitive gaming revolution.

The Gaming PC: Proper Computer Gaming Done Right

While most people associate casual gaming with the consoles, these same people also think of professional gaming when mentioned of the gaming rigs. These very high-end computers are built specifically for playing multiple high-definition PC games on one device. Powerful RAM, strong processing and larger storage capacity, these are just some of the components that the gaming PC possess, all sold in gaming shops in Singapore, and all required for the most comprehensive and detailed PC gaming that highly-skilled pro gamers would want in their devices.

    Gaming Consoles

  • Overview: The gaming console bears the standard for the industry, allowing you to play multiple games on one single device. The latest versions of the consoles out aren’t just made for gaming, but are also credible multimedia devices that you can install to your LED TV.
  • Uses: The gaming console is a stationary device, only aimed to work within a vicinity of a TV. These devices are also aimed to be very family-friendly, with some games made to target a family-perspective, playing simulated games with your parents or siblings.
  • Available Products: The Xbox series, the PlayStation series, and the Nintendo Entertainment Systems are some of the devices that fall under this type .

    Handheld Consoles

  • Overview: The handheld consoles are the perfect devices that you can play when you are on the move. These small gaming devices aren’t also made to be underestimated as there are also some gadget features that are exclusive to these handheld consoles.
  • Uses: As stated, the handheld consoles are made to be played by gamers on the go. These consoles are also able to play DLC games, which reduces the chances of playing games using the smaller external cartridges.
  • Available Products: Two of the popular gaming handheld series made are the Nintendo and Sony PSP series, with the 3DS and the PS Vita, taking up the majority of the market .

    Gaming PCs and Laptops

  • Overview: The gaming rig is a type of computer specifically built to run and play competitive games without any tech problems and errors. These PCs often have the best specs and features that the PC can offer, all made specifically for the gamers and their competitions.
  • Uses: The gaming rig is one of the more powerful variants of the computer, aimed for the professional gamers in their competitions. It is also proper to note that not only individual players buy these very high-end PCs but also sponsored groups and corporations that provide the PCs for the actual competitions.
  • Available Products: The different lines of gaming PCs and laptops are made by Alienware, MSI, and Nvidia. Some groups like Asus also make a variety of the gaming computer.