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Jianyue living room bedroom multi-bucket cabinet Cabinet
  • SF delivery Door Service Factory straight hair quality assurance !!!Exported country : AsiaMake : Other/OtherThe handmade : IsMaterial : WoodenPopular Elements : Pastoral StyleSuitable for people : VolkswagenSuitable for Space : Living roomStyle : European
SGD 48.60 -49%
SGD 96.00
Moisture pest control flour rice Bucket cylinder Migang
  • Can be installed very multi-dry moisture-proof tankBrand : Jin Fan (tableware)Popular Elements : Retro StyleStyle : ChineseMaterial : CeramicCapacity : 5L or moreItem No. : INL-9740
SGD 21.50 -52%
SGD 44.40
Features ceramic bucket Migang
  • Packaging volume : Size differentGross Weight : Gross Weight 12--26 kg aboutMaterial : CeramicCapacity : >5L
SGD 29.60
15kg plastic kitchen equipment flour rice storage box rice Bucket
  • [New with surprise] Now order that is gift Sheng M cup [material excellent] Thick food-grade PP Material, non-toxic tasteless Safety Health and durable [design good] bottom with pulley design + mention pull handle + deconstructable barrel cover + transparent skateboard, Shishang convenient and practical more effort [more assured] brand straight for, gift shipping insurance, damaged guaranteed compensation, 15 days no reason to back for goods; Three large security make sure you really buy back worry!Make : Is still unlimitedMaterial : PlasticCapacity : >5L
SGD 9.00 -57%
SGD 20.90
15kg automatic can be for weighing rice storage box rice Bucket
  • Make : Melewi/melewiMaterial : PlasticCapacity : >5LItem No. : 0091
SGD 17.40
Bang He 15kg kitchen storage box Migang pest M pot rice Bucket
  • Can be for weighing rice box with the press of a that is can be a m 3 two at the bottom with a wheel designPackaging volume : 5LMake : Bang HeGross Weight : 2 KGMaterial : PlasticCapacity : >5LItem No. : 602
SGD 19.70 -69%
SGD 63.40
Migang sliding storage box rice Bucket
  • Material : WoodCapacity : >5L
SGD 16.30
Glass with a lid large fruit Bucket Fruit Plate
  • 1. thick glass material textured good 2. At the top of the lid design, anti-gray and beautifulPackaging volume : 0.02Make : BaroquehouseThe handmade : IsGross Weight : 4Popular Elements : VintageItem No. : Glass with lid SeriesStyle : EuropeanMaterial : GlassMain figure textile parts : Independent photo shoot Map
SGD 39.80 -74%
SGD 156.00
Home moisture pest sealed rice Bucket
  • Japanese-style design 8 kg loaded drawer-style StorageMake : Taizhou A Tian Electronic Business Limited CompanyPopular Elements : Pastoral StyleStyle : Japanese-styleMaterial : PlasticCapacity : >5LItem No. : 928
SGD 7.30 -46%
SGD 13.50
15kg plastic pest control moisture cat food storage box rice Bucket
  • Large CapacityBrand : Melewi/melewiMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 5L or moreItem No. : 123
SGD 8.00 -69%
SGD 25.90
15kg Japanese-style Automatic Metering rice Bucket
  • Japan Hot same paragraph damaged sent it to usBrand : Melewi/melewiMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 5L or more
SGD 11.90 -10%
SGD 13.20
Rattan Storage Five bucket cabinet shoe wardrobe
  • Brand : Inspired impressionMaterial : Rattan
SGD 75.60
Shishang flour laundry powder with storage can rice Bucket
  • Can be loaded about 4-5KG about rice, Can be do rice Bucket, flour bucket, laundry powder barrel and other home and practical storage, with spoonExported country : AsiaMake : Yousiju
SGD 9.10 -3%
SGD 9.40
Home flour rice containing rice Bucket
  • Flip rice box 10 kg capacity comes with a measuring cupBrand : InomataStyle : Japanese-styleMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 5L or moreItem No. : 010538
SGD 19.70 -48%
SGD 38.20
Plastic shot kitchen storage box whole grains rice Bucket meter box
  • Whole Grains box cans sealed cansBrand : Hui QiMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 2L (including)-3L (not including)Item No. : HQ-9142
SGD 9.40 -68%
SGD 29.80
HSBC serco 10kg transparent large storage m box plastic rice Bucket
  • Brand : HSBC sercoMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 5L or moreItem No. : 31182
SGD 13.00 -39%
SGD 21.30
10kg plastic food flour rice box rice Bucket
  • Imported plastic IRIS brandPackaging volume : 1Brand : IRIS/IRISGross Weight : 1.8 kgMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 5L or moreItem No. : PRS-10
SGD 12.60
10kg plastic M Tank Storage Tank flour barrels rice Bucket
  • Material : PlasticCapacity : >5LItem No. : Rice Bucket
SGD 13.50
15kg square pest control moisture oak rice Bucket
  • 1, imported high quality rubber wood rice Bucket, wedge head physical stitching body to find not to a pieces nail; 2, corrosion, moisture-proof, antibacterial, pest control, anti-mold ability strong; 3, Cover mouth close in, effective lock live rice nutrition is not lost; 4, Tank Wall mm 5cm thick thickness, loading capacity ultra-strength.Packaging volume : 0.03Make : Mu YaxuanGross Weight : 5kgPopular Elements : Solid colorStyle : Nordic styleMaterial : WoodCapacity : >5LItem No. : R1103
SGD 37.70 -10%
SGD 41.70
Juhan retro metal bucket wrought iron flower holder
  • Very interesting small metal tip bucket, we called it Iron Hat, Keyi direct wall hangers, basket or hanging in the garden fence on, matching succulent, pineapple, antlers fern or planting all kinds of fluffy flowers and are very suitable, direct plug in the pots in also is very good, creative Keyi everywhere!Make : JuhanStyle : Retro nostalgiaMaterial : IronItem No. : TY06100
SGD 5.80
10kg amplifier M flour storage box Migang rice Bucket
  • PP material, transparent front cover, sliding use, extra-large capacity, big small selectable, Can be storage rice, beans and other whole grains, dustproof, moisture-proof, Pest ControlMake : Bnbs/BNBSGross Weight : 0.65 kgPopular Elements : Solid colorStyle : ChineseMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 4L (including)-5L (free)Item No. : BN-8713
SGD 4.50 -6%
SGD 4.80
Flour storage box kitchen Migang M pot rice Bucket
  • Keyi put refrigerator the rice box Oh! Lid also is measuring cup, with a portable, transparent box, at a glance, lock design, sealed performance is good. One people life buy small in bags rice no longer have to do not worry about is not small rice box it! Food grade PP material, strong and durable large capacity.Packaging volume : 14*7.5*29.5Make : Hi to buy 8Gross Weight : 235gPopular Elements : Solid colorStyle : Japanese-styleMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 2L (including)-3L (not including)
SGD 3.40 -76%
SGD 14.20
Asvel pest control moisture Migang rice Bucket
  • With seal ring pest control moisture with measuring cupBrand : AsvelPopular Elements : Solid colorStyle : Japanese-styleMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 1L (including)-2L (not including)Item No. : 7509
SGD 9.40 -36%
SGD 14.70
10kg plastic sealed flour loaded rice Bucket rice storage box
  • Packaging volume : Packaging volumeMake : TianyaGross Weight : 0.5kgPopular Elements : Pastoral StyleStyle : EuropeanMaterial : PlasticCapacity : >5LItem No. : 5221
SGD 7.80
See life modern candle French Home Decorative Candle Holder Bucket
  • Applicable objects: Cup-shaped candle
  • Material: Copper
  • Style: Modern Chinese
  • Brand: See life
  • Item No.: HT3011XD
SGD 24.50 -31%
SGD 35.50
Fruit bucket large living room fruit bowl glass fruit bowl
  • High fruit bucket to processing please contact customer service!Packaging volume : 0Make : Zhuo onGross Weight : 1.5Item No. : High fruit BucketMaterial : GlassMain figure textile parts : Independent photo shoot Map
SGD 7.40 -83%
SGD 42.50
Size Solid wooden home sealed Migang rice Bucket
  • Natural wood handmade polished production seal pest control moistureBrand : Yellow a houseMaterial : WoodCapacity : 5L or moreItem No. : Rice Bucket
SGD 40.50 -49%
SGD 79.80
Pest control moisture sealed rice Bucket
  • Packaging volume : Packaging volumeMake : Other/OtherGross Weight : Gross WeightMaterial : PlasticCapacity : >5LItem No. : Item No.
SGD 8.10
Plastic rice Bucket storage m box measuring cup
  • Brand : Inomata (Japan)Material : PlasticCapacity : 2L (including)-3L (not including)Item No. : 4956233217011
SGD 7.70 -50%
SGD 15.40
Fasola green beans Hodo freshness box rice Bucket
  • Environmentally friendly ease material, and secure storage food; sealed performance good, waterproof, moisture-proof, pest control, anti-corrosion; funnel type exported, down the convenient can be control; double sealed, ears buckle, elastic seal ring; convenient handle, To take with convenient; box body with capacity label, lid at the same time also is measuring cup; extra-value special.Make : Fa So LaMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 2L (including)-3L (not including)Item No. : RY-178
SGD 5.80 -53%
SGD 12.40
10 kg/15kg ceramic Migang rice Bucket
  • Special Thick, durable and durable, pest control moisture, Sheng Mi, dress oil, noodles, flour, dry, whole, storage are very practical Oh. Registered brand, damaged replacement, health safety. The default Yuantong Express, for special pricePackaging volume : 0.015 cubeMake : Tea millet bloomingGross Weight : 5 kgMaterial : CeramicCapacity : >5LItem No. : MG30
SGD 42.30
Plastic cup cover rice box rice Bucket
  • Make : AsvelMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 2L (including)-3L (not including)Item No. : ASV-7509
SGD 6.50 -38%
SGD 10.50
Plastic transparent flour surface sealed containers rice Bucket
  • Very practical the section M tank, whole grains are can dress; food grade PP material, strong and durable 2.3L large capacity, portable with a cover with a measuring cup, sealed fresh also pest control, refrigerator also can storage Oh!Make : Portable with a cover with a measuring cup grains TankGross Weight : 0.5Material : PlasticCapacity : 2L (including)-3L (not including)Item No. : PEF-1136
SGD 6.00
Inomata flour tube flip kg rice box rice Bucket
  • [Japan imported] [6 kg rice box], [transparent flip] design, At a glance m amount of the how much, lid with [handle], easy to open cover to take M. Tie Xin comes with [residue meter box ], no longer have to worry about is not to eat after the residue m and new rice mixed the, comes with [Cup ], Convenient cooking quantitative, Japan imported material, no non-toxic tasteless, safe to use Oh.Brand : InomataStyle : Japanese-styleMaterial : PlasticCapacity : 5L or moreItem No. : 1270
SGD 18.20 -46%
SGD 33.40
Home plastic Migang pest control anti-powder keg rice Bucket
  • Make : See detailsMaterial : PlasticCapacity : >5LItem No. : See details
SGD 7.30
10 kg/15 kg/20kg moisture pest rice storage box rice Bucket
  • Make : See detailsMaterial : PlasticCapacity : >5LItem No. : See details
SGD 7.30
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