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Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Starter Kit
  • Contains: Stereo Ear Buds, Cleaning Cloth, Screen Protector, Case, control caps, soft card
  • The ideal starter set to use and protect your console on the go
  • Includes all you need for your Nintendo SWITCH in one box
SGD 19.00 -27%
SGD 25.90
More sellers from SGD 39.90
XIM 4 Mouse Keyboard Adapter Converter for PS3 PS4 XBox 360
(24 reviews)
  • Adapter for using Mouse and Keyboard for playing games on Xbox & PlayStation
  • Compatible with Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3
  • Plug and Play
  • Easy to Use
  • Brand New
SGD 216.90 -25%
SGD 289.00
More sellers from SGD 299.00
QCY Q29 English business bluetooth earphone wireless 3D stereo headphone - intl
(12 reviews)
  • Working Time: Around 3 hours(charge automatically)
  • Standby Time: 50 hours
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.1
  • Charging Time: Around 1-2 hours
  • Noise Reduction:DSP
  • Charging Interface: USB
  • Profile: HFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP
SGD 39.00 -45%
SGD 71.00
Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel With Shifter
(16 reviews)
  • Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • Logitech Shifter
  • You will never want to race with a regular controller again after you add Driving Force to your controller selection
  • Playstation®4 or Playstation®3
  • Powered USB port
SGD 475.00
TACTSLIDER TORNADO Tactile Game Controller
  • The tactile feel rendered by TactSlider Game Controller provides for a most gratifying and ecstatic gaming experience for any gamer! This innovative, tactile game controller also provides the gamer with a more precise navigation control of the game character.
SGD 21.90 -24%
SGD 29.00
2pcs SNES Classic USB Super Nintendo Game Controller Gamepad for PC/MAC AC560
(8 reviews)
  • Super sensitive buttons for precision control.
  • Just Plug and Play, no extra driver needed.
  • Compatible Platform: SNES, PC, MAC.
  • USB connection, easy to use.
  • Support Windows 98 SE or above, and Mac OS X 10.2.8 or above.
SGD 11.39 -61%
SGD 29.00
PS4 Dualshock 4 Controller (Camo Green) New Version
(4 reviews)
  • Precision controller enhanced to offer players control for all games on PlayStation 4.
  • Improved feel, shape, and sensitivity of dual analog sticks and trigger buttons
  • New multi-touch and clickable touch pad on the face of the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller opens up worlds of new gameplay possibilities for both newcomers and veteran gamers.
  • DualShock 4 Wireless Controller features a built-in speaker and stereo headset jack, putting several new audio options in the player's hands.
SGD 69.90 -13%
SGD 79.90
1 x Retro Super Nintendo SNES USB Controller
  • you can play your favorite PC games by just plugging it
  • It is so easy to use
  • You can play on your computer with an SNES layout controller
SGD 5.40 -50%
SGD 10.80
PS3 Move Sharp Shooter
  • Official PlayStation Move sharp shooter attachment
  • Perfect for PlayStation Move compatible shooter games
  • Authentic design for precise and intuitive gameplay
  • Easily accessible buttons
  • Additional buttons for further engagement
  • Firing mode selector, Pump-action grip, Reload button
  • Digital trigger for quick attack
SGD 29.90 -46%
SGD 55.00
5Pcs Silicone USB Type A Male Anti-Dust Plug Stopper Cap Cover Protector
  • Fits your PC, Mac, AV equipment, Cell phone etc 
  • Made from Soft Rubber silicone 
  • Easy to put on and take off. 
  • Covers only, equipment not included 
  • Color: Black, white (Color random) 
  • Size: Approx. 16 x 13 x 5mm (L*W*H)
SGD 3.74 -50%
SGD 7.48
More sellers from SGD 4.00
SGD 25.79 -67%
SGD 77.37
8Bitdo NES30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad For iOS Android PC Mac Linux
  • Dual Classic Joystick
  • Package weight: 0.321 kg
  • Retro design
  • Original pushing button
  • Support Bluetooth & USB connection
SGD 41.79 -44%
SGD 75.00
Nyko Data Bank for PS4 1200 Models
  • Easily upgrade the storage capacity of the PS4™ up to 8TB*
  • Uses any SATA 3 3.5'' hard drive instead of more expensive, slower 2.5" drives
  • Save money and get more storage with a 3.5" hard drive over 2.5" drives
  • The faster read/write speed of 3.5" hard drive may improve load times of most games
  • LED indicators illustrate when the PS4™ is saving content or accessing the hard drive.
  • Power pass-through cord utilizes the standard PS4™ power cord to power the hard drive - Does not require its own power outlet
  • Modular - Compatible with other Nyko modular items for PS4™
SGD 49.00 -25%
SGD 65.00
2pcs 3.5 mm to 2 x 3.5 mm Airplane Headphone Audio Jack Plug Adapter
(5 reviews)
  • 100% Brand new and high quality 
  • The adapter converts a regular headphone stereo jack 1/8" (3.5mm) to a dual prong 1/8"(3.5mm) airline jack 
  • Allow using your own 3.5mm audio jack headphone to enjoy the onboard radio, movies...etc 
  • Fits al
SGD 3.10 -54%
SGD 6.70
More sellers from SGD 3.30
Nintendo Switch Carrying Case Screen Protection Sheet Bag - intl
  • Made of high quality material, perfect design for Nintendo Switch.
  • Good feeling to the touch and comfortable to wear.
  • Protects against scratches
  • Durable, lightweight and soft.
SGD 3.34 -50%
SGD 6.68
SONY DualShock 4 Wireless Controller New (Gold)
(14 reviews)
  • The DualShock®4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation®4 defines the next generation of play
  • Combining revolutionary new features with intuitive, precision controls 
  • Celebrate and upload your greatest gaming moments on PlayStation®4 with the touch of a button
SGD 63.90 -29%
SGD 89.90
Steam Controller
(4 reviews)
  • Release Date: 19 August 2016
  • Compatible: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games
SGD 115.00 -3%
SGD 119.00
SONY DualShock 4 Wireless Controller New (Silver)
(10 reviews)
  • The DualShock®4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation®4 defines the next generation of play
  • Combining revolutionary new features with intuitive, precision controls 
  • Celebrate and upload your greatest gaming moments on PlayStation®4 with the touch of a button
SGD 63.90 -29%
SGD 89.90
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition
  • Gran Turismo and PLAYSTATION4 / PLAYSTATION3 officially licensed racing wheel.
  • High-end racing simulator featuring 1080 Degree Force Feedback racing wheel industrial-class brushless motor Super smooth and seamless Force Feedback effect ultra-responsive
  • Detachable RACING GT STYLE wheel: 11” / 28 cm diameter racing wheel featuring a brushed metal central spokes. Reinforced rubber texture on the wheel's entire circumference.
  • GT EDITION PEDAL SET: 3 adjustable metal pedals included: Metal pedals, Accelerator and clutch pedals adjustable (height and spacing).
  • Ecosystem: Compatible on PS4, PS3 & PC with detachable Thrustmaster wheels, 3-pedal pedal set T3PA-PRO.
SGD 535.00
Steelseries Stratus XL for Android and PC
(30 reviews)
  • Home and Back buttons for seamless gaming on Android 3.1+ devices
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and up for use with thousands of controller-enabled games
  • Works great with Steam® Big Picture mode for an immersive gaming experience
  • Leverages Microsoft’s XInput and DirectInput for use on a variety of platforms
  • The comfort and ergonomics from familiar full-sized controllers
  • Standard console-like controls in traditional locations
  • Clickable joysticks and color-coded face buttons for additional controls and ease of use
  • Console-style left and right analog triggers for precise control
  • Dedicated On/Off Slider Switch helps to not waste battery power
  • Dedicated Pairing Button for Bluetooth 2.1 wireless connectivity
SGD 78.70 -12%
SGD 89.00
Improved Version UNO R3 ATMEGA328P Board Compatible with Arduino - Blue
  • Form Color: Blue
  • Material: PCB + electronic components
  • Other Features: A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards
SGD 8.00 -47%
SGD 15.00
Logitech Extreme 3D PRO Joystick Twist handle
SGD 48.45 -39%
SGD 79.00
More sellers from SGD 48.50
SGD 8.40 -24%
SGD 11.00
Nintendo Switch Joycon Controller – Gray
  • Introducing Joy-Con, controllers that make new kinds of gaming possible, for use with Nintendo Switch.
  • The versatile Joy-Con offer multiple surprising new ways for players to have fun.
  • Two Joy-Con can be used independently in each hand, or together as one game controller when attached to the Joy-Con grip
  • They can also attach to the main console for use in handheld mode, or be shared with friends to enjoy two-player action in supported games.
  • Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller, and each includes an accelerometer and gyro-sensor, making independent left and right motion control possible.
SGD 119.90 -40%
SGD 199.00
DualShock®4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 (PS4) -Camouflage
(7 reviews)
  • Built-in Speaker and Stereo Headset Jack
  • Enhanced Vibration
  • Precision Control
  • Micro USB efficient charging
SGD 52.25 -50%
SGD 104.50
Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel Ps 3 Ps 4
(19 reviews)
  • For PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Dual-Motor Force Feedback
  • Quality Construction
  • Helical Gearing with Anti-Backlash
  • Easy-Access Game Controls
  • Responsive Floor Pedal Unit
  • 900° Steering
  • Steering Wheel Stripe
SGD 451.08 -25%
SGD 599.00
More sellers from SGD 451.10
Logitech F310 Gamepad
(5 reviews)
  • 10 programmable buttons/ 8-way programmable D-pad
  • Programmable left and right triggers
  • Two programmable analog mini-joysticks
  • Sports mode
  • Windows XP/ Windows Vista or Windows 7
  •  USB port /CD-ROM drive
SGD 28.80 -18%
SGD 35.00
More sellers from SGD 29.00
USB Wired Controller Game Pad for Microsoft Xbox 360 PC Windows (White) (EXPORT)
  • Precision Wired Controller for Microsoft for Xbox for 360 Game System
  • The same size as original for Xbox for 360 controller
  • A perfect replacement or an extra controller for you
  • With improved ergonomic design
  • Enables maximum comfort and endless gameplay.
  • New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for ease of use
  • Two analog pressure-point triggers, two vibration feedback motors, and one eight-way directional pad are included
SGD 20.00 -46%
SGD 37.00
Dualshock 3 Controller Bluetooth Gamepad For Sony PS3 PlayStation 3 No Logo
(5 reviews)
  • Color:  Black
  • Size:  Approx.156*99*59mm
  • Interface:  Mini USB Port
  • Battery:  Built-in 610mA  lithium battery
  • Power:  DC5V 500mA
SGD 13.52 -65%
SGD 38.70
USB Wired Joypad Gamepad Controller for Xbox 360/ PC Windows 7 (Black)
(4 reviews)
  • Precision Wired Controller for Xbox for 360 Game System.
  • The same size as original for Xbox for 360 controller.
  • A perfect replacement or an extra controller for you.
SGD 23.49 -57%
SGD 55.00
2x Super Nintendo SNES USB Classic Famicom Controller for PC MAC Games
(4 reviews)
  • 100% brand new High quality Durable
SGD 8.37 -50%
SGD 16.74
SGD 9.92 -24%
SGD 13.10
Logitech Gamepad F310 - AP
(4 reviews)
  • 10 programmable buttons/ 8-way programmable D-pad
  • Programmable left and right triggers
  • Two programmable analog mini-joysticks
  • Sports mode
  • Windows XP/ Windows Vista or Windows 7
  •  USB port /CD-ROM drive
SGD 28.79 -26%
SGD 39.00
More sellers from SGD 29.00
Playstation VR
(6 reviews)
  • 5.7 OLED screen
  • 360 degree vision
  • 120 frames per second
  • 3D audio
  • Built in mic
SGD 599.00
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Take your game sessions up a notch with the Pro Controller. Includes motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality, and more.
SGD 119.00 -14%
SGD 139.00
More sellers from SGD 120.00
New Black 2.4GHz Wireless Game Controller Joypad for Xbox 360(Black) - Intl
  • Will work with future for Xbox 360 Wireless Accessories.
  • Use up to four Wireless Controllers simultaneously with one Wireless Gaming Receiver.
  • Easily integrates with PC gaming scenarios and utilizes the same binding technology as for Xbox 360.
  • Wireless technology with up to 9-meter( 30-feet) range.
  • Built for lag-free play.
  • Integrated headset port for Xbox Live play.
SGD 28.70 -60%
SGD 71.70
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Console & PC Gaming Accessories Singapore

Online gaming is an activity enjoyed by millions of people around the world and has spawned a multi-billion-dollar gaming peripherals industry. Having the correct gaming gear is as basic and essential as having the right tool for the job. Top and well-known brands of PC and console gaming accessories include Logitech, Razer and Coolermaster. Popular peripherals include gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, controllers, and headsets. Whether gamers prefer first-person shooter, strategy, racing, or MMOs (massive multiplayer online), there are high quality peripherals designed to enhance and rationalize the gaming experience while improving ergonomics.

Enhance your game play experience with the right PC gaming accessories. Select a high quality gaming mouse like Razer DeathAdder. A mouse like this offers the gamer greater speed, precision and reliability than a standard mouse. A gaming mouse such as Razer typically has user programmable buttons, ergonomic design and optical or laser scanning to enhance the gaming experience. A gaming keyboard or mechanical keyboard is also a must as it is more tactile and responsive, greater reliability, enhanced user feedback and increased durability. Moreover, a quality gaming headset improves every detail in the audio, giving the gamer a competitive edge. Gaming headsets are popular for chatting during gameplay, allowing teams to form critical strategies. Many headsets are cross-platform, meaning they can be used for PC or console gameplay. A gamepad or game controller is another essential in the gamer's arsenal. A gamepad allows for a much more comfortable gaming experience. A series of buttons and joysticks eliminates the need for multiple repeated keystroke combinations which can cause excessive stress on the hands and wrists.

Buy gaming keyboards, mouse, headset and other gaming accessories at the country’s leading online shopping destination – Lazada Singapore. From wireless controllers to analog thumb controller to dual charging dock, Lazada Singapore offers a wide array of console and pc gaming accessories at discounted prices. Check out the latest and most advanced devices available to date. You can get a free nationwide delivery with 14-day free return when you order at Lazada Singapore. Shop the necessary items that can improve your gaming experience. Purchase at Lazada now and experience effortless shopping!