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Bols Blue Curacao Liqueur 70cl (Alc: 21%)
(1 reviews)
  • Bols OFFER NOW!
  • The most essential liqueur in a modern bar.
  • Blue Bols a fresh, yet complex orange scent and taste.
SGD 37.90 -12%
SGD 43.00
Jagermeister Herbal Liqueur 70cl
(1 reviews)
  • Type: Digestif
  • Manufacturer: Mast-Jägermeister SE
  • Country of origin: Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Introduced:1935
  • Alcohol by volume: 35%
  • Proof: 61 (UK) 70 (US)
  • Color: Dark brown
SGD 43.90 -27%
SGD 60.00
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Baileys Irish Cream 700ml
(2 reviews)
  • Soft, sweet and mild palate of nut cocoa and spice
  • Creamy in texture with a chocolate finish
  • Best served over ice
SGD 38.40 -23%
SGD 50.00
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Baileys Irish Cream 70cl Alc 17%
(1 reviews)
  • The perfect marriage of fresh, premium Irish dairy cream, the fines spirits, aged Irish whiskey and a unique chocolate blend.
  • Sold in over 160 markets globally it's ranked as the world's most powerful cream liqueur and the second most powerful flavoured spirit brand of any kind in the world. (Power 100, The World's Most Powerful Spirit Brands, Intangible Business, 2011).
  • Award winning Liqueur.
SGD 38.20 -28%
SGD 53.00
DOM-Bénédictine Dom Herbal Liqueur 70cl (Latest Packaging)
(1 reviews)
  • One of the most famous liqueur in the world.
  • Best served neat, on ice, or in cocktails.
  • Latest Packaging
SGD 59.00 -6%
SGD 62.80
Dom Benedictine 70CL Alc 40%
  • Its secret recipe contains aged Cognac blended with 27 individual herbs, roots and spices with a mellow touch of honey.
  • Best served neat, on ice, or in cocktails.
SGD 55.20 -31%
SGD 80.00
Dolin De Chambery Vermouth Dry 750ml
  • Generous, full, intense nose of citrus peel, underscored by menthol and balsamic notes. 
  • Aromas of mountain plants linger on finish. velvety texture with harmonious aromas of almond and fruit pit
SGD 51.30 -5%
SGD 54.00
  • Malibu Rum is a flavored rum-based liqueur.
  • It is made with natural coconut extract, possessing an alcohol content by volume of 21.0%
  • Suggested Recipe-Malibu Pina Colada,Malibu Twisted Pink,Malibu Sun Splash
SGD 37.60 -25%
SGD 50.00
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Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21 Years Old 70cl
  • Varietal: Scotch Whisky
  • Liquor Style: Blended Whisky
  • Country: Scotland
  • Standard Drinks: 22
  • Alcohol Volume: 40.0%
SGD 216.80 -14%
SGD 252.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 12 x SGD 18.07
Amaretto Di Saronno 700ml
(1 reviews)
  • A 100 years old secret recipe
  • Pronounced almond aromas
  • Great for drinking neat or in cocktails
SGD 49.00 -32%
SGD 72.00
Angostura Bitter
  • Use to flavour a wide variety of foods and drinks
  • No bar or kitchen is complete without it
  • A unique blend of natural herbs and spices
SGD 31.50 -25%
SGD 42.00
Kahlua Coffee 750ml
  • Originating in Mexico, Kahlúa has become the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world.
  • Kahlua Original Coffee Liqueur is the hero ingredient in many cult cocktails and drinks such as  White Russian, Espresso Martini, Mind Eraser.
  • It will turn the average evening into a fun and different social highlight. 
SGD 38.05 -58%
SGD 90.00
Benedictine Dom - Mother's Day Pack (750ml)
  • Brand: Benedictine
  • Volume: 750mL
  • Type: Liqueur
SGD 108.00 -20%
SGD 135.00
Grand Marnier 700ml
  • Cordon Rouge is the original Grand Marnier, a delicious blend of fine cognacs and wild orange essence. Named for the 'red ribbon' which graces its decolletage Possibly the best known and most prestigious French liqueur in the world.
SGD 66.90 -16%
SGD 80.00
Jagermeister 700ml
(1 reviews)
  • The liqueur, according to the brand, is made from a secret recipe of 56 herbs, blooms, roots and fruits.
  • The only known ingredients are cinnamon-bark and ginger root.
  • Jägermeister's ingredients include 56 herbs, fruits, roots, and spices, including citrus peel, licorice, anise, poppy seeds, saffron, ginger, juniper berries, and ginseng. These ingredients are ground, then steeped in water and alcohol for 2–3 days.
SGD 40.80 -32%
SGD 60.00
Remy Martin VSOP 70cl
  • Alcohol/Vol: 40.0%
  • Made in:Cognac, France
  • By:Remy Martin
SGD 117.80 -9%
SGD 130.00
Remy Martin XO Excellence 70cl
  • The nose is fruity with dates and peels, honey and a little marmalade, overripe grape and warm pastries.
  • The palate is spicy with warm pastries, overripe grape, fruits, spices, warm pastries and orange peel
  • The finish is long with spices, fruits and peels.
SGD 338.00 -17%
SGD 408.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 12 x SGD 28.17
Benedictine D.O.M. 700ml
  • Clear, coppery amber with copper flecks
  • Fresh citrus feel
  • Warming notes of mocha coffee, fudge and vanilla
SGD 60.00 -21%
SGD 76.00
Baileys Irish Cream 700ml x 2
(1 reviews)
  • Soft, sweet and mild palate of nut cocoa and spice
  • Creamy in texture with a chocolate finish
  • Best served over ice
SGD 75.00 -25%
SGD 100.00
Martini Bianco (1000ml)
  • Brand: Martini
  • Volume: 1000mL
  • Type: Liqueur
SGD 32.00 -47%
SGD 59.89
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Baileys Irish Cream 70CL
(4 reviews)
  • Category-dominating Christmas best-seller blended from cream, cocoa and Irish whiskey.World's most popular liqueur.Creamy wet sand color.
SGD 38.25 -33%
SGD 57.00
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  • Nuvo is the world's first sparkling liqueur.A delicious way to toast any occasion and a fruity alternative to classic champers.
  • it combines premium French vodka, delicate sparkling wine and passion fruit nectar to create a bright pink product.
  • Suggested Recipe-Nuvo Sparkling Cosmo, Club Nuvo, Nuvoso
SGD 69.90 -30%
SGD 100.00
Sourz Apple 700ml
(1 reviews)
  • 700ml
  • Intense apple flavour
  • Bright green american liqueur
  • Can be served neat as a shooter
SGD 41.50 -41%
SGD 70.00
Bols Kirsch 700ml
  • 700ml
  • Kirsch flavor
  • Clear color
  • Aromatic scent
SGD 49.30 -18%
SGD 60.00
  • Each number of Pimm's has a different base spirit; No. 1 is a gin-based.No. 2 is scotch-based, and No. 3 is brandy-based.
  • Only No.1 still exists.
  • Pimm's No. 1 have a dark, golden-brown color, a medium body and a taste of citrus fruits and spice. It is either served on the rocks or used in cocktails.
SGD 36.90 -26%
SGD 50.00
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Bitter Truth Old Time Aromatic Bitters 200ml
  • The Bitter Truth Old Time Aromatic Bitters will add a good kick to your punch
  • The nose is full of clove and heady with gingerbread combined with the more subtle tutti-frutti notes
  • Unsurpassed in complexity of flavor, spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, anise and clove come through strong
  • As authentic as a brown leather chesterfield, you can whack this little pugilist in with any wood aged spirit.
  • The Bitter Truth Old Time Aromatic Bitters are excellently suited for Whisky and Rum drinks and also add structure and complexity to fruity cocktails.
SGD 52.00
Bols Mango 700ml
  • Color : Liquor yellow-amber color.
  • Taste : Liquor has a delicious taste with hints of mango.
  • Aroma :Liquor has a wonderful aroma with notes of ripe mango.
  • Gastronomy : Liquor beautiful pure ice, as well as excellent in cocktails and mixed drinks.
SGD 28.00 -20%
SGD 35.00
Dolin de Chambery Vermouth Blanc 750ml
  • Complex Nose Of Mountain Plants Which Have Been Rubbed To Release Their Aromas, Camphor Then Citrus.
  • On the Palate, Beautifully Harmonius Plant Notes And A Silky Texture
  • Aromas Of Flowering Broom And
SGD 51.30 -5%
SGD 54.00
Bols Cherry Brandy 700ML
(1 reviews)
  • 700ml
  • Deep red colour
  • Full cherry flavour with slight almond taste
SGD 38.00 -19%
SGD 47.00
DOM-Bénédictine Dom 700ml with Gift Box
  • One of the most famous liqueur in the world.
  • Best served neat, on ice, or in cocktails.
  • With Special Gift Box.
SGD 63.00 -9%
SGD 68.90
Angostura Aromatic Bitters 200ml Alc 44.7%
  • Respected and recognized as the leader in aromatic bitters worldwide; no bar or kitchen is complete without it
  • 100% Vegan
  • Although the product contains 44.7% alcohol by volume, each dash contains an insignificant amount of alcohol and therefore remains non-alcoholic
  • Classified as a food ingredient in many countries
  • Tempers the acidity of citrus ingredients for individuals who are acidsensitive (also explains why Angostura aromatic bitters can settle the stomach)
  • Exported to 150 countries worldwide
  • Sodium and Gluten-Free
  • Unique flavour enhancer (seasoning) for the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as, any savoury or sweet food dishes
SGD 28.90 -31%
SGD 42.00
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Jagermeister (700ml)
  • Brand: Jagermeister
  • Volume: 700mL
  • Type: Liqueur
SGD 56.50 -20%
SGD 71.00
Ciya Red Blossom H4" Porcelain Sake Warmer
  • Handpainted fine porcelain
  • Elegant & Durable
  • Microwave Oven Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Lead & Cadmium Safe
SGD 10.20 -50%
SGD 20.40
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 700ml
  • Coffee Liqueur
  • Dark sweet taste
  • Full-bodied palate with marked sweetness
  • 700ml 
SGD 38.30 -41%
SGD 65.00
Dom Benedictine 700ml
  • Clear, coppery amber with copper flecks
  • Fresh citrus feel
  • Warming notes of mocha coffee, fudge and vanilla
SGD 55.40 -27%
SGD 76.00
Bols Blue Curacao 700ML
(1 reviews)
  • 700ml
  • Deep Blue Colour
  • Fresh Mandarin Flavor
SGD 38.00 -19%
SGD 47.00
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