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Jasmin Diffuser (1 bottle+1 refill) (Free Delivery)
  • Top: Honeysuckle
  • Middle: Jasmine
  • Base: Amber, Musk
SGD 25.90 -62%
SGD 69.00
Aroma Fragrance Oil
(12 reviews)
  • An alcohol free fragrance oil for use in oil burner
  • Diffuser, pourri
  • Sachets or any scented products
SGD 2.90 -71%
SGD 9.90
Aroma Fragrance Oil
(12 reviews)
  • An alcohol free fragrance oil for use in oil burner
  • Diffuser, pourri
  • Sachets or any scented products
SGD 9.90
MUJI STYLE TYPE C 500ML Diffuser(White)
(3 reviews)
  • Muji Inspired Diffuser
  • High Quality with high volume of diffusion
  • Ready Stock in Singapore
  • FREE 2 bottles of Lonimax Australia Essential Oil
SGD 34.00 -29%
SGD 48.00
50pcs Oil Diffuser Replacement Rattan Reed Sticks
(3 reviews)
  • 50pcs reed diffusers will be sent together.
  • Color: Wood color. Material: wood. Length: 25cm.
  • The most effective way to add scents to our living space.
  • To release the aroma into the air.
SGD 4.50 -63%
SGD 12.21
Aroma Fragrance Oil
(1 reviews)
  • An alcohol free fragrance oil for use in oil burner
  • Diffuser, pourri
  • Sachets or any scented products
SGD 2.90 -71%
SGD 9.90
Now Foods, Essential Oils, Lemongrass, 1 fl oz (30 ml)
(1 reviews)
  • 100% Pure Cymbopogon Citratus
  • Purity Tested/Quality Assured
  • Aroma: Strong, lemon-like
  • Benefits: Purifying, stimulating, cleansing
  • Extraction Method: Steam distilled from plant's leaves
SGD 16.90 -6%
SGD 18.00
Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Humidifer (Dark Wood)
  • Reliefs stress, fatigue and headache through aromatherapy.
  • Diffuser features a 2-4 hours timer and automatic shut-down function.
  • May be used as a nightlight.
SGD 39.90 -43%
SGD 69.90
Natural Incense Pagoda Perfume Sandalwood Lavender - intl
  • Product Name : Pagoda Incense
  • Size: Height 3cm , Diameter 1.2cm
  • Burning time : 8 - 12 minutes each piece
  • Smell : green tea, sandalwood, rose, poison fragrance, ocean, lily, lemon, lavender, jasmine, osmanthus
SGD 3.50 -50%
SGD 7.00
Ultrasonic Mini LED Essential Oil Air Humidifier Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser
(1 reviews)
  • 100% brand new and high quality 
  • Enjoy the ultimate aromatherapy experience from this little sleek device using your favorite fragrance without any heating elements making this diffuser safe to use. 
  • Produces negative ions which help to lift your mood, strengthen the immune system and relieve stress. 
  • Whisper -quiet ultrasonic operation, monitor the shortage of water automatically and ensure the safety. 
  • Large 100ml water capacity that can continue use up to 3 hours each time. 
  • Colorful changing 
  • LED light lamp, bringing the convenience in the dark. 
  • Timer settings: 180/120 /60/ 30 minutes, 7 soothing color lights to choose.
SGD 33.19 -41%
SGD 56.50
30pcs Cedar Wood Natural Mothballs Drawers Wardrobe Repellent Insects Balls U206
(4 reviews)
  • Item Type: Moth Ball
  • Made of natural cedar
  • Round Ball Shape 
  • Keeping bugs away from your drawer and wardrobe
  • Keeping your clothes away from bugs
  • Easy to storage
  • Safe and healthy
SGD 4.77 -70%
SGD 15.90
Perfect Potion WA Sandalwood Oil Limited Edition Essential Oil 5ml
  • 100% pure Sandalwood oil from Western Australia (limited edition) Botanical name Santalum spicatum Origin Western Australia (wild harvested under license) Directions Add 2 drops to an oil vaporiser or bath or 5 drops to every 10ml carrier oil.
SGD 88.90
A 300ml Muji Style Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
(7 reviews)
  • 300ml water capacity that can use up to 6 hours each time
  • Warm white LED lamp (2 brightness, controlled separately from mist)
  • Automatic off when water runs out, safe and reliable
SGD 30.90 -38%
SGD 49.90
Luxor Aroma Reed Diffuser Deep Musk 200ml Bottle + 200ml Refills + 5 Reed Sticks
(2 reviews)
  • 200ml super big size bottle + 200ml refill + 5 reed sticks .
  • 4 months use.
  • Non-alcohol base for manufacturing diffuser solution. 
  • Trustable Quality made in korea.
  • Shipping from Korea
SGD 19.99 -33%
SGD 30.00
NEW Woodgrain Aroma therapy Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Diffuser Ionizer
  • Changing light color automatically,or you can choose one color as you desire.
  • Water  -soluble essential oil can be used in this product, giving you a SPA at home.
  • The adjustment of the time mode and the amount and intensity of mist.
  • Ultrasonic technology turning the water or fragrance solution into mist.
SGD 33.89 -40%
SGD 56.50
Demeter Atmosphere Diffuser Oil - Bird Of Paradise 120ml/4oz
  • Brand new
  • High Quality fragrance
  • Creates a perfect ambiance
SGD 21.80 -19%
SGD 27.00
Pure and Natural Aromatherapy essential oils - Lemon Grass
  • Lemon grass has a very beautiful light and lemony scent
  • A very popular oil from the tropics widely used in the aromatherapy industry
  • Great insect-repellent
  • Anti-bacterial,anti-fungal and anti-oxidant
  • Used for relieving muscle ache
SGD 9.90 -59%
SGD 24.00
5% off min $20 capped $10
500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Air Humidifier 7 Color
(2 reviews)
  • Material:Safe Advanced PP material, suitable for various essential oil
  • LED light:7 Color Changing lamps(6 LED bulbs)
  • Capacity of water tank: 500ML
  • Noise Level: <35 dB(A)
  • Adapt Area:10-20㎡
SGD 27.40 -55%
SGD 60.30
More sellers from SGD 28.27
California Mini White Sage Smudge Stick (Wand Type)
  • Cleansing yourself and your home from negativity
  • Ward off evil spirits and negative energies
  • Purification of crystals
  • For protection and blessings
  • Natural insect repellant
SGD 9.50
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser & humidifier with LED light
(2 reviews)
  • Uses ultrasonic waves to blend water and essential oils, diffusing it as fine mist and producing aromatic fragrance.
  • Doubles as a night light or lamp with LED light feature.
SGD 39.90 -64%
SGD 109.80
50X 1g Silica gel desiccant moisture absorber sachet pouches clothes dry - intl
(2 reviews)
  • Convenient to carry
  • Durability
  • Portable
  • Practical
  • Compact
  • Light weight
SGD 4.80 -12%
SGD 5.46
Oregon Scientific BlisScent Aroma Diffuser WA633N - intl
  • Ultrasonic aroma diffusion technology with 2 levels of intensity
  • LED mood lighting with 3 different effects (breathing / candle light flickering / always ON)
  • Classic metal pattern cover
  • Water level sensor auto-turns off when water levels drop too low
  • Powered by AC/DC adaptor
SGD 101.00
Pure and Natural Tea Tree oil
  • Pure and natural
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral
  • Good for treating achne, pimples, cuts, wound, nail fungi, dandruff etc
  • 10 ml
SGD 9.90 -59%
SGD 24.00
Aroma Fragrance Diffuser Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Essential Oil A 100ml
(9 reviews)
  • Mute (20-25 db)
  • Independent light-control 
  • Warm white LED light
  • Auto power-off when water runs out. 
  • Time Preset function: 30/60/120/180min
  • Size: 80mm (W) x 135mm (H) 
SGD 28.90 -36%
SGD 45.00
9 Holes Lotus Flower Incense Burner Holder Plate For Stick & Cone Incense
  • Material: Alloy
  • Color: Copper red
  • Size: 3.6 x 1.5cm/1.4'' x 0.6''
  • Suitable for: 1mm-3mm stick incense, cone incense
  • Practical and useful
  • Beautiful decorative patterns
  • 3.6cm Lotus plate can use with other incense box
  • Durable and practical
SGD 3.30 -50%
SGD 6.60
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100% Pure Essential Oil-Lemongrass 50 ML
  • It helps to bring down high fevers
  • Excellent as Insect Repellant
  • It is a natural deodorant
  • It helps to remove gas from intestine
SGD 18.90 -68%
SGD 59.90
Now Foods Essential Oils Peppermint 1 fl oz (30 ml)
(3 reviews)
  • 100% Pure Mentha Piperita
  • Purity Tested/Quality Assured
  • Aroma: Fresh, strong mint
  • Benefits: Revitalizing, invigorating, cooling
  • Extraction method: Steam distilled from leaf
SGD 18.50 -3%
SGD 19.00
Now Foods, Essential Oils, Lemon Eucalyptus, 1 fl oz (30 ml)
(1 reviews)
  • 100% Pure & Natural 
  • Purity Tested/Quality Assured  
  • Aroma: Citronella-like 
SGD 16.50 -4%
SGD 17.20
USB Nebulizer MS1 Aroma Diffuser
(1 reviews)
  • No heat , no water, 100% pure essential oils mist
  • Fast aroma generation in just 10 Sec
  • Large scent coverage up to 100 square meters
  • 3 ways to customize mist generation
SGD 65.90 -6%
SGD 69.90
The Aromatherapy Co. Aroma Pure Peony Petal & Rose Diffusion Set 120ml
  • Made in New Zealand
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • Creates a truly gorgeous scent
SGD 29.90 -39%
SGD 48.90
Pure and Natural Aromatherapy essential oils - Lavender
  • Lavender has always been favourite of many for relaxation, reducing stress and induccing sleep
  • It has a sweet floral scent with herbal and balsamic tones
  • Commonly used in Spas, homes and perfumery industry
SGD 9.90 -59%
SGD 24.00
Biofinest D1 Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser/ Air Humidifier/ Purifier/(300ml)
(1 reviews)
  • High-grade,elegant minimalist appearance
  • Enjoy SPA anytime
  • Ultra quiet
  • Automatic water protection
  • Effectively kill bacteria
  • Effectively purify the air
SGD 48.95 -42%
SGD 83.80
Pine Needles Diffuser (1 bottle+1 refill) (Free Delivery)
  • Top: Mandarin
  • Middle: Pine Needle
  • Base: Pine
SGD 25.90 -62%
SGD 69.00
Home Office Monk Censer Purple Sand Mountain Stream - intl
  • Material: Purple sand, color sand clay
  • Name: Mountain stream little monk/Buddha two styles
  • Measurements: About 12*9cm/4.72*3.54inch
  • Accessories: 5-10 scented candles each style
  • Pack: Carton box
  • Recommendation: Home, office, first choice for gift 
  • Characteristic: Can be used as tea pet furnishing articles, decorative tea sea, ascend tea art interest and can also be put in the study, improving taste
  • Color:Llight green
SGD 7.90 -50%
SGD 15.90
50pcs Oil Diffuser Replacement Rattan Reed Sticks
  • 100% Brand New
  • Durable
  • High quality
SGD 6.10 -50%
SGD 12.21
Purple sand ceramic incense burner / sand Buddha tea Decoration(1#)
  • Purple sand ceramic incense burner 
  • sand Buddha tea Decoration
  • size:13.2 X 7.5cm
SGD 24.90 -75%
SGD 100.00
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Keep your place smelling fresh and inviting with these home fragrances

There is a lot that keeps happening at a home. There is cooking with aromatics, footwear lying around, laundry to be taken care etc. One just cannot do enough to keep the home in a good shape, all the time. One of the most troubling issues faced by all homemakers is the foul smell that slowly starts engulfing the whole house. It can be due to the dampness, cooking, air conditioning, and many other reasons. Also, when one enters the home after a long day in the office, this smell does not seem to be very welcoming. The solution to your problem has arrived in a variety of aromas that are available in different forms, to get your home smell scented and fresh. These different scents give a beautiful whiff of fragrance, which is so inviting that even the guests would not want to leave your place. You can find these in both artificial as well as natural ones.

The online portal Lazada is house to several branded and non-branded home fresheners, which come in the forms of sprays, oils, solids etc. You will never fall short of choices to buy a fragrance which suits your desire. Shopping online helps you save a lot of time and energy, which you can now use to rejuvenate yourself in the bliss of home which smells wonderful, after the use of these aromas. One keeps wondering about the positivity in the house, and it has stated in the Feng-shui too, that a beautifully fragrant home emits the most positive vibes for all the members of the family. Returning home from a rough day in office and being welcomed to this serene environment will promptly change your mood and help you relax. One tends to stay calm and stay at ease in the home with lovely scents floating around.

Find the widest range of fragrances for your home on Lazada

There are people who get allergic to sprays or artificial scents. There is a brilliant option for them, which is the fragrance oil. It is made by extracting natural oils from fragrant flowers or barks of trees like sandalwood. You can find them in plenty of aromas and the organic essential oils cause no irritation or allergies. They are great to burn in one’s home, as they are also a form of disinfectant and keep bugs as well as moths away from the indoors. There are different types of diffusers available, like the ones which work on electricity or the reed diffusers which have a different process altogether. There are also options which provide humidification along with the diffusion of essential oils in your home environment.

All of the diffusers are beautiful to look at and make for great home décor too. There are ones which have zero wattage bulbs or LEDs fitted which makes them function as a night lamp too. So, make your pick to enjoy the wonderful aromatherapy with this range home fragrance in Singapore which will keep your home perfumed with the delightful scents while keeping your mood always happy and light. Buy them on Lazada to get free shipping and 14-day free returns.