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clip-MoP hook
(6 reviews)
  • Brand : Km
  • Load : 3 kg (not included)-5 kg (including)
  • Item : 689
  • Material : Plastic
  • Hook type : Hook
SGD 3.60
Children toilet seat ring baby potty Ring
  • Not in, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, overseas. Inner MongoliaBrand: Colour Elephant/elephant colorfulItem: BF3002Material: Plastic
SGD 8.60
Welding wear-resistant insulation first layer of leather workers welding gloves
  • Factory direct pure first layer of leather plus fire line sewing soft and comfortable wear and insulation 10 pair Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Due to leather color with two kinds of, color Random delivery, Can be open value-added"another plus tax point
  • Brand: Workmate
  • Item: Short paragraph
SGD 4.30 -2%
SGD 4.40
High pressure pump plunger
(3 reviews)
  • High pressure suction tube design, suction large, to help you to clear at home the pipe, convenient you the lifeBrand : You think livingItem : WuThe types of commodities : Household cleaning
SGD 5.00 -11%
SGD 5.60
Niteize iphone6s intercom machine magnetic the outlet car holder Bracket
  • Suitable for all kinds of models mobile phone intercom machine Mobile EquipmentBrand : Chennai loveThe : IsItem No. : Stvk-11-r8Origin : ChinaTag price : 238Listing time : 2015 Spring
SGD 50.70
Sucker-style mop frame broom rack mop clip hook
  • BENSE.O products for single loaded independent Packaging
  • Export Country: Asian
  • National/in: China Taiwan
  • Brand: Ou Xuan
  • Load-Bearing: 3 kg(not including)-5 kg(free)
  • Item No.: SQ-5100
  • Adsorption way: Seamless tape
  • Material: Plastic
  • Hook Number: 1
  • Hook type: Hook-and-eye
SGD 4.30 -32%
SGD 6.30
Headphone cable data line fixed cable management line device storage box
  • Japan [imported] YAMADA winding device, high quality material, style [simple and elegant ], Comes with the double-sided stickers can be will be the very good the fixed. Can be [portable to carry] also can be [fixed] in [Car], [desktop ], [wall] and other.Brand : YAMADAManagement line the classification : Winding DeviceMaterial : Plastic
SGD 5.00 -14%
SGD 5.80
Garbage bags hook rack stand garbage bucket plastic bag
  • ABS resin material, can be directly hung on the cabinet door on the, suitable for size garbage bags, Hand Throwing leaves garbage is very convenient, can be 180 degrees rotating, saving space.Brand : Home homeItem : K7674The types of commodities : Household cleaning
SGD 3.70
Japanese shoe deodorant dehumidification home active charcoal dry agent
  • Two of dress and practical charcoal bag, moisture proof, pest control moth, to prevent room in the odor liu cuan, Care clothing, shoes, experience dry homeBrand : KokuboItem : IMP984Application of space : CarApplication of space : Food cabinetApplication of space : ShoesApplication of space : Room
SGD 6.10 -13%
SGD 7.00
Child rodent cage artifact small rat is clip tool for high sensitive rat cage home mouse cage
  • Full shop support self-help shopping: full on the minus money/full on gifts activities at the same time for, Details activities & details see baby description! Shopping process in with any problem can be to call customer service center Phone: 076985100898, Treasurer contact phone: 18319877300
  • Packaging volume : 0.01 m³
  • Gross Weight : 0.3 kg
SGD 5.20
Kitchen pipe waterproof make up the drain pipe household water leak tape
  • With a Teflon for raw materials, with micro slim fiber and of the mesh swelling body structure, Stick the surface characteristics, sender base the use temperature, Suitable Temperature Range-180 ℃-+ 260 ℃, with-old of-and-chemical corrosion performance and otherBrand : Home homeMaterial : PtfeWidth : 19 CMThe length of the : 15 MNo : K4536
SGD 3.60 -5%
SGD 3.80
King burger clip grilled fish clip barbecue stove grill rack grilled fish
  • Grilled Fish Special clipBrand : Thousands of is stillOrigin : ChinaMaterial : MetalListing time : 2014 springIf with wooden handle : IsPackaging way : Packaging
SGD 6.10 -6%
SGD 6.50
Viscose bearing sucker wall stick hook trace hook
  • Load : 1 kg (not included)-3 kg (including)
SGD 1.40 -13%
SGD 1.60
Home kitchen door after bathroom wall hook stick hook
  • Upgrade section seamless sticky hooks new listing[4, discount dress] now under the single per group gift alcohol Cleaning wipes, Clean wall after and then paste effect more good[bearing more strong] x 7cm to increase paste surface, than market on the similar adhesive hook adsorption force more strong, Bearing can be up to 50 kg or more[material more good] in Taiwan new developed gel+ stainless steel hook, Plastic can filled with not smooth surface small the gap[purpose more wide] can be repeated use, Waterproof anti-smoke, suitable for a variety of Environment
  • Brand: There is unlimited
  • Load: 10 kg(not included)-15 kg(including)
  • Adsorption way: Seamless mrtomated
  • Material: Plastic
  • Number of hooks: 4
  • Hook type: Adhesive hook
SGD 3.80 -42%
SGD 6.50
SGD 8.90
Coke bottle upside down drinking machine
(2 reviews)
  • Brand : E fashion
  • Item : 0326541
SGD 4.70
South Korea imported outdoor tableware suit portable basket storage box not including BPA resin ABS spoon cup Bowl Plate 29 p
  • Brand : Other
  • Origin : Korea
  • If with tableware : Is
  • If with ice pack : No
  • Style : Portable basket
  • Applicable Number : More people
SGD 53.20
Multi-function Stainless Steel Double Pole door back-cloth towel rack
(1 reviews)
  • Double Pole design, kitchen, bathroom, room, all can use. Hanging towel, cloth, apron, small debris and other, good to get good put, installation is simple, No need to drill hole, seamless installation, easy to move.Brand : You think livingInstallation method of : Free punchItem : WU
SGD 5.20 -2%
SGD 5.30
Stainless steel storage shelf Bracket
(5 reviews)
  • Brand : Aventis dragon
  • Load : 10 kg (not included)-15 kg (including)
  • Material : Stainless steel
SGD 5.30 -69%
SGD 17.20
To Clean Water Road hair Hair to clear
  • Creative design, can be the sink pipe in the hair, leaves and other plug things to clean out, Is you the home good helper.Brand : Home homeItem : K4875The types of commodities : Household cleaning
SGD 3.60 -5%
SGD 3.80
Line Card Charging cable headphone cable fixed cable management line is clamp
  • soft material casual creative folding bending tools
  • Brand : Kerry is still excellent
  • Cable management device classification : Winder
  • Material : PVC
SGD 2.70 -10%
SGD 3.00
304 Wall Seamless free punch hook free nail row
  • New patent free nail namely coupon hanging 304 solid steel flat
  • Brand : Sdr/dimension
  • Load : 1 kg (not included)-3 kg (including)
  • Item : SDR70007
  • Adsorption way : Clip
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Number of hooks : 7
  • Hook type : Hook
SGD 15.70 -51%
SGD 32.10
SGD 3.20 -77%
SGD 13.80
Safety anti-UV reflective sanitation work hat Safety Hat
  • For a variety of safety cap direct sets the safety cap on top on the can beBrand: Think of cartanGw: 0.2Item: Reflective cap set
SGD 4.90
Luggage fixed clamp the backpack straps hanging Buckle
  • Simple and practical, can be the luggage bag fixed hanging in the travel box on, Also can be the it fixed the pillars on or seat on, use a wide range.Brand : Is satisfied that ChoiTag price : 8.9
SGD 3.50
[Ten] good storage zakka iron s hook multifunctional shoes hook iron hook
  • Brand : Scenery notesLoad : 10 kg (not included)-15 kg (including)Material : IronHook type : Hook
SGD 3.60
Anho not stainless steel double hook round bathroom hat hooks single hook
  • material choice for hanging clothes hanging hook single hook stainless steel cap
  • Exports of essential documents : Customs declaration
  • Export business qualification : The registration form for foreign trade dealers
  • Exporter : European
  • Export inspection agency : Sgs
  • Brand : ANHO
  • Load : 15 kg (not included)-20 kg (including)
  • Item : BSM-0616
  • Audit criteria : BSCI
  • Adsorption way : Nail
SGD 4.90 -31%
SGD 7.10
KM rod strong load-bearing coat hanging kitchen hook
  • really practical the paragraph baby, can be at any time change location, not to be damage wall, Can be hanging Hanging items, and can be hanging items, On which are to find not to function so practical the glove rack, key is it with super suction, Truck rolls out off the problems.
  • Brand: KM
  • Load: 1 kg(not included)-3 kg(including)
  • Item: 552
  • Adsorption way: Suction cup
  • Material: Plastic
  • Number of hooks: 6
  • Hook type: Hook
SGD 6.30 -9%
SGD 6.90
SGD 8.50
Stainless steel towel rack Single Rod
  • Load : 3 kg (not included)-5 kg (including)
  • Material : Stainless steel
SGD 4.10
Bathroom toilet hand washing room carton toilet paper box
  • Free nail-free holes to take with convenient with shelving rack mobile phone grid
  • Brand: SIVIRO/sin of verona
  • Popular elements: Macaron color
  • Style: Nordic style
SGD 4.90 -46%
SGD 9.00
The Primitive cut meat board cutting board
  • Portable small cutting board ready to produce even more powerfulBrand : The primitive/The PrimitiveItem No. : Y-0031Origin : ChinaMaterial : New PPListing time : 2013 AutumnIf with wooden handle : NoPackaging way : Bulk
SGD 5.30 -18%
SGD 6.50
Bathroom stainless steel mop rack mop clip hook stick hook
  • High quality 304 stainless steel, free installation punch, direct put on the wall, Tile, paint wooden door wardrobe, antique brick and other available★ Note: a id limit to send a only!
SGD 8.00 -46%
SGD 14.90
Line Friends Brown Bear buckle mosquito button bracelet
  • Brand: Line friends
  • Item No.: Brown bear repellent Buckle
  • Piece number: 1 piece
  • Origin: Korea
SGD 9.90
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