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Kitty children's rice mold package sushi DIY tools cartoon baby rice mold baking moon cake mold
  • Loss clearance. Rabbit, Bear, Kitty Cat 3 models mold combination of a set. Can be do rice, biscuits, bread and other.
  • Brand : Warriors
  • Applicable objects : Other
  • Shape : Animal
  • Material : Plastic
SGD 3.20 -20%
SGD 4.00
Snowy moon cake pumpkin biscuits steamed bread baking Mold
  • Beech wooden, three-dimensional concave bottom, toot mouth two only fish. With handle use more convenient Oh!
  • Brand: Wood yi
  • Pattern size: Long 8* wide 6* deep 1.6 cm
  • The production process: Hand polished
  • Material: High quality beech
SGD 6.50 -41%
SGD 11.10
Hui Yue classic bone china ceramic porcelain
  • Packaging volume : 33 cm * 28 cm * 11 cmBrand : Hui Yue classicGross Weight : 1kg aroundItem No. : HY-100087Origin : Dehua CountyPrice Range : 49.9 Yuan the followingMaterial : PorcelainApplicable Number : 3 peopleTea tableware craft : OtherWith tea tray material : NoMain figure textile parts : Independent real shot chart
SGD 8.80 -47%
SGD 16.50
Fashion small main octopus balls takoyaki Pan cast iron pot
(1 reviews)
  • cast iron pot small octopus balls, diy quail egg carrot balls is a variety of approaches such as percentage of all can oh hundreds of quality raw iron, uncoated allowing you to enjoy a healthy and deliciousItem : YD24Material : Cast ironCapacity : Following 1lTypes of wat : Stew potThe origin of the : China mainlandWhether have gifts : There are gifts
SGD 11.30 -40%
SGD 18.80
Ming Jiang wood bamboo ceramic cup tea fast stove tea tray
  • Whole Set tea Bamboo Tea tray suitBrand : Ming JiangItem No. : C999CD002Origin : OtherPrice Range : 500 yuan-999 yuanMaterial : BambooApplicable Number : 10 people-and-or moreTea tableware craft : OtherWith tea tray material : BambooMain figure textile parts : Independent real shot chart
SGD 48.60 -56%
SGD 111.20
SGD 4.20
Floor seasoning stainless steel shelving racks kitchen storage rack
  • Brand : Simbeihe/Xin Bei inInstallation Way : Free punchPopular Elements : Macarons colorItem No. : G40012-SIMSuitable for people : 80 afterStyle : Nordic styleMaterial : 201 Stainless SteelGlove supplies type : Other
SGD 8.60 -67%
SGD 26.10
Chopsticks spoon disc tableware shelving rack drain water dish rack
  • [Upgrade section drain basket limited buying] [now under the single per sets gift worth 6.6 yuan wash bowl Towel] [in a food grade PP material, non-toxic tasteless safety and durable fashion practical convenient dishes chopsticks spoon full To get] [size: Long 44.5 cm wide 24 cm high 18cm] [brand straight for, gift shipping insurance, damaged make up Send Service, 15 days no reason to back for goods] Special enjoy features service, Make sure that you really buy back worry!Brand : Is still unlimitedInstallation Way : Free punchPopular Elements : CoulorfulItem No. : JWXL640Suitable for people : VolkswagenStyle : EuropeanLayer Number : 1 LayerMaterial : PlasticGlove supplies type : Dishes
SGD 4.40 -82%
SGD 24.00
Imported natural a cork plug sealing plug wine cork stopper natural cork plug
  • Natural soft wood plug high-grade wine special
  • Brand : 1892
  • Gross Weight : 0.008
  • Item No. : Rzm-TRS
  • The number : 1
  • Material : Wood
  • Main figure textile parts : Independent real shot chart
SGD 2.70 -4%
SGD 2.80
Stainless steel wine stopper cork stopper open bottle wine bar home simple wine
  • Brand : Taste Amoy
  • Item No. : 3211
  • The number : 1
  • Material : Does not rust Steel
  • Main figure textile parts : Other textile parts
SGD 4.00
Our health green anti-overflow cut meat bevel cutting board
  • Brand : Rui ming
  • Item : 111
  • Size : 1
  • Material : Rice hulls
  • Types of packaging : Single loaded
SGD 5.30
Coffee long-handled spoon chicken tail wine cocktail bar spoon stirring spoon
  • Single only buy two to sendBrand : SuperiorItem No. : T25-01
SGD 2.50 -31%
SGD 3.60
Hui Yue classic heat-resistant filter tea flowers and kung fu cup flower teapot
  • Brand : Hui Yue classicMaterial : GlassType : Whole Set Kung Fu teaTea type : Whole Set Kung Fu teaItem No. : HY-5381Origin : Dehua CountyApplicable Number : 6 peopleWith tea tray material : NoMain figure textile parts : Independent real shot chart
SGD 19.40 -49%
SGD 37.80
Gas stove aluminum foil Block Oil Board kitchen cooking across the oil baffle
(2 reviews)
  • Thick aluminum foil material, insulation anti-oil, can be folding design, use flexible, For stove on the block splash out the oil and insulation, to prevent stove, wall stick full oil, Cleaning more peace of mindBrand : Home homeItem : D0433
SGD 2.70 -7%
SGD 2.90
Stainless steel sink cabinet floor storage rack Kitchen Supplies
  • Solid pp + stainless steel tube, can be activities design, use flexible; Can be in kitchen bathroom under the sink, storage items is very convenient; can be based on need to, free to put, life more convenientBrand : Home homeInstallation method of : Free punchPopular elements : SolidItem : SN2275For the crowd : VwStyle : Nordic styleThe number of layers : 1 layerMaterial : MetalGlove supplies type : The dishes
SGD 8.40
Schott 727ml crystal glass grape wine cup tall cup
  • Price for single only price Germany imported
SGD 19.70 -43%
SGD 34.80
Home home thick plastic bailer kitchen skillet spoon Baby Bath shampoo cup water scoop in
  • High quality PP material, healthy environmental protection, strong and durable, can be used for cooking add water, To the baby to scoop water bath, to the Plant watering and other, in the kitchen, bathroom use, small and convenient, does not account for SpaceBrand : Home homeApplicable age : Newborn
SGD 4.00
Dish rack double does not rust Iron Drain dish rack
  • Kitchen BEEKING bearing 10 kg durable and durable more healthBrand : AngloItem : JY-852The number of layers : 2 layerMaterial : MetalGlove supplies type : The dishes
SGD 11.10 -80%
SGD 55.20
Large microwave oven special rice cooker lunch box
  • Brand : Shantou dryItem No. : 8049Material : 100% food grade PPTemperature : -30 ℃-+ 120 ℃Capacity : 10-12 bowl Rice, for 3-6 peopleWeight : 0.36 kgSpecifications : Bottom diameter 17.5 cm, height 16 cm
SGD 4.60 -35%
SGD 7.10
Small microwave 6 bowl can be cooking stove Pot Rice Cooker
(1 reviews)
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.
  • Buy More to Save More on shipping fees. Happy Shopping!
SGD 6.50 -19%
SGD 8.00
IKEA multi-layer electric rice cooker pot rack shelf microwave oven rack
  • Thick stainless steel multi-layer glove powerful storageBrand : Kitchen GeneralInstallation Way : Free punchItem No. : 401006-double plateLayer Number : 2 LayerMaterial : 201 Stainless SteelGlove supplies type : Microwave
SGD 56.30 -49%
SGD 111.40
Rack storage partition layer Classification glove food storage tray
(1 reviews)
  • Brand: Cheerful arts and crafts
  • Item: Refrigerator shelf storage rack
  • The number of layers: 1 layer
  • Material: Plastic
  • Glove supplies type: Other
SGD 3.80
Home bamboo cutting board
  • Nan Zhu carbide cutting board is through high temperature high pressure carbonized craft processing, is not easy to mold; cutting, cut meat, cut bone, rolling pin surface are easy to useBrand : You think livingItem : WuSize : 40*30*1.8 cmMaterial : BambooShape : RectangularTypes of packaging : Single loaded
SGD 4.60 -13%
SGD 5.30
304 stainless steel sink cloth kitchen rack drain basket
(2 reviews)
  • 304 stainless steel to create, durable and durable of choice
SGD 5.20 -43%
SGD 9.20
Kitchen Storage rack holder for pot Pan lid chopping board
(5 reviews)
  • Brand: A0136
  • Material: Metal
  • Glove supplies type: Other
SGD 8.40
Ward Tea Fruit powder metering spoon measuring spoons coffee spoon
  • 304 does not rust steel 20ml measuring spoonBrand : Worthbuy/WORTHBUYItem No. : G21056
SGD 3.20 -37%
SGD 5.10
Luminarc kitchen home glass pot cold water pot
  • Brand : Luminarc/music meiya
  • Item : 1568
  • Material : Glass
  • Capacity : 1l (including)-1.5l (not included)
  • Source main map : Independent real shot chart
SGD 7.10
Luminarc heat-resistant glass home teapot Cool Cup cold water pot
  • Juice pot cold water bar pot large capacity lead-free glass
  • Origin : Chinese Mainland
  • Brand : Luminarc/Luminarc
  • The handmade : No
  • Item No. : D3443
  • Material : Glass
  • Capacity : 1L (including)-1.5L (not including)
  • Main figure textile parts : Independent real shot chart
SGD 5.10 -45%
SGD 9.20
Stainless steel(dish rack accessories
  • Pure 304 solid steel bars Seiko welding dish rack optional accessories
  • Brand: Sdr/dimension
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Item: SDR80006
SGD 11.50 -47%
SGD 21.90
Shuang Qing does not rust steel floor shelf microwave oven rack
  • Telescopic section 49 cm-90 cm can be put ovenBrand : Shuang Qing home reside/Shuang Qing Home ResideItem No. : 7009Layer Number : 2 LayerMaterial : 201 Stainless SteelGlove supplies type : Microwave
SGD 13.60 -54%
SGD 29.80
Genuine Queen Chinese stainless steel Wok-free water pot no smoke without coating non stick pot AMWAY universal pot
  • Factory original single upset straight for, in Germany imported 430 three layer composite does not rust steel raw materials forged, Thermal fast, energy-saving High, free water steamed fried boiled fried multi-function, A pot top 5 pot, steamed fried boiled fried everything proficient, is home kitchen good choice. buy on the gift high quality thick bamboo shovel, scouring pad, stainless steel steaming plate and other. National(Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Qinghai, Ningxia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other remote area)
SGD 61.10 -85%
SGD 414.80
Modern minimalist Linen plain rectangular tablecloth table cloth
  • To you the dining to clean the environment, to you the vision to classical Chinese-style the enjoy! BENSE.O link only include tablecloth, picture to display need, Actual not contains table runner, cushion back cover and other (such as need to buy to single shot) -And other single product !!! Polyester Fiber Fabric, does not shrink does not fade, staple fiber woven, imitation linen effect, very rich texture, Fine floating edge technology, thick vertical sense of good.Brand : Jin color Chinese YearPattern : Solid colorMaterial : ClothItem No. : ZB1109Style : Chinese
SGD 17.60 -48%
SGD 34.00
Cartoon 3D three-dimensional ice cream mousse cake baking Mold
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.Buy More to Save More on shipping fees. Happy Shopping!
SGD 38.60
Wilton silicone chocolate spoon-type mold Mold
  • Brand : WiltonItem No. : 2115-0229
SGD 20.90
28cm square non stick cake roll Pan Mold
  • Champagne gold design easily off the mold to send greaseproof paper a box to send oven gloves a only chef made genuineBrand : Chef made/chef madeItem No. : Wk9055
SGD 9.00 -11%
SGD 10.10
Large not sticky boundless baking biscuit Mold
  • Brand : CHEF MADE/school kitchen
  • Item : WK9080
SGD 11.10 -5%
SGD 11.70
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