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Our health green anti-overflow cut meat bevel cutting board
  • Brand : Rui ming
  • Item : 111
  • Size : 1
  • Material : Rice hulls
  • Types of packaging : Single loaded
SGD 5.30
Home home thick plastic bailer kitchen skillet spoon Baby Bath shampoo cup water scoop in
  • High quality PP material, healthy environmental protection, strong and durable, can be used for cooking add water, To the baby to scoop water bath, to the Plant watering and other, in the kitchen, bathroom use, small and convenient, does not account for SpaceBrand : Home homeApplicable age : Newborn
SGD 4.00
Home bamboo cutting board
  • Nan Zhu carbide cutting board is through high temperature high pressure carbonized craft processing, is not easy to mold; cutting, cut meat, cut bone, rolling pin surface are easy to useBrand : You think livingItem : WuSize : 40*30*1.8 cmMaterial : BambooShape : RectangularTypes of packaging : Single loaded
SGD 4.60 -13%
SGD 5.30
Ward Tea Fruit powder metering spoon measuring spoons coffee spoon
  • 304 does not rust steel 20ml measuring spoonBrand : Worthbuy/WORTHBUYItem No. : G21056
SGD 3.20 -37%
SGD 5.10
Stainless steel(dish rack accessories
  • Pure 304 solid steel bars Seiko welding dish rack optional accessories
  • Brand: Sdr/dimension
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Item: SDR80006
SGD 11.50 -47%
SGD 21.90
March 3 shelf cup dish rack treatment Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Multi-function heart with can be removable and practical convenientBrand : Configuration switches 15 3Rd/March 3Material : BambooItem No. : DY21
SGD 6.50 -40%
SGD 10.90
WMF ball spoon ice cream scoop
  • Ice cream dig ball spoon, baking also available OH ~~ Handle is solid.Brand : WMFItem No. : 18 8610 6040
SGD 42.50
B& Y manual press garlic clip household pressure garlic is
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Brand : B & y
  • Item : 4310
  • Material : Metal
SGD 5.10 -43%
SGD 9.00
Yoshikawa does not rust steel trace seasoning spoon
  • Brand : YoshikawaItem No. : Seasoning spoon
SGD 9.50
Stainless steel cutting board rack
  • Rust package returned! Bold does not account for SpaceBrand : Only prices home kitchenMaterial : Does not rust SteelItem No. : A025
SGD 3.20 -35%
SGD 4.90
Phnom Penh large capacity 3l premium ivory color boiled fish bowl
  • Packing volume: 0.005
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Gw: 2
  • Item: 0668
  • Tea utensils craft: Underglaze
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Brand: Better homes
  • Sized diameter: More than 8 inch per cent
  • Price range: 50 yuan-99.9 yuan
  • The number of: 1
SGD 12.60 -24%
SGD 16.50
Plastic kitchen rectangular chopping board cutting board
  • In a green PE material made of, hardness strong, Resistant Corrosion, strong and durable, with a non-slip lines, Use safety rest assured, is you the kitchen good helper.Brand : Home homeWhether manual : NoItem : K9419For the crowd : VwStyle : Japanese styleSize : 25.3*41 cmMaterial : PlasticShape : RectangularTypes of packaging : Single loaded
SGD 4.20
SGD 5.40
SGD 6.70 -6%
SGD 7.10
Vietnamese iron rectangular wood cutting board
  • Brand : Hophornbeam chopping block
  • Item : Hophornbeam chopping block
  • Size : 32*20*3
  • Material : Wood
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Types of packaging : Single loaded
SGD 7.40 -73%
SGD 27.60
Home home double stainless steel fruit carved to dig the ball is watermelon ice cream small spoon watermelon spoon carved knife
  • High quality stainless steel to create, design unique, dig at round fruit, Usually to do fruit salad, ice cream ball or some decoration and other BEEKING goodBrand : Home homeItem : K5131
SGD 4.00
Bao Ni excellent stainless steel fruits watermelon ball spoon split is to dig the ball is
  • High quality stainless steel fruit slicer platter tools suitPackaging volume : 0.001Brand : Bao Ni excellentGross Weight : 0.1 kgItem No. : DQ-9015-2
SGD 5.30 -42%
SGD 9.20
Three can sn4690 with scale yeast milk powder spoon stainless steel measuring spoon
  • Stainless steel thick material, hardness high, wear-resistant strong, safety health, hardness high, solid and durable. The amount of to take ingredients convenient, easy to master auxiliary material The amount. Hook design, easy to storage, and practical convenient. Sugar/salt/baking powder and other weighing, also can be weighing liquid-like ingredients.Brand : Three can
SGD 4.50
Bowl-shaped of Lang measuring spoon measuring cup ml spoon baking tools
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.
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SGD 3.00
Steel fruit art large baking bread cutting board
  • Item : HF00177Size : 30*40 cmMaterial : GlassShape : RectangularTypes of packaging : Single loaded
SGD 9.10 -65%
SGD 25.90
SGD 5.30 -54%
SGD 11.50
WMF stainless steel multi-purpose fruit ball spoon
  • Brand : WMFItem No. : 18 7126 6030
SGD 40.30
Watermelon cut block the Popsicle ice cream Mold
  • Brand : HundredItem No. : Watermelon ice cream slice is
SGD 3.60
IKEA 277g thick squeeze garlic stainless steel pressure garlic
(2 reviews)
  • thick 277g extended handle effort refuse imitations
  • Brand : Ggj/princess house
  • Item : Ikea garlic press
  • Material : Metal
SGD 5.30 -60%
SGD 13.20
60cm wall-mounted stainless steel magnetic Knife Holder
  • Magnetic tool holder storage convenient
  • Brand: Levin jane adams
  • Item: 9748641
SGD 9.50 -47%
SGD 17.80
Bao Ni excellent multi-purpose suit not stainless steel Fruit spoon to dig ball is split
  • High quality stainless steel fruit slicer platter tools suitPackaging volume : 0.001Brand : Bao Ni excellentGross Weight : 0.1 kgItem No. : DQ-9015-2
SGD 5.30 -42%
SGD 9.20
Kitchen knife rack turret
  • Compact design, very easy to put in the cracks in the, make you the kitchen life, more good order; Can be disassembly design, cleaning more convenientBrand : Home homeMaterial : PlasticItem : K3461
SGD 5.60 -11%
SGD 6.30
Dress small mouse open orange Device
  • Creative open orange device, home own with, guests to the more convenient, Do not have to be some effort of physical force stripping the, home daily small tools!Brand : 1968Item No. : Creative mouse open orange Device
SGD 3.00
296aaj sushi hand shutter spoon suit
  • Brand : NHSItem No. : 6094
SGD 4.60
Stainless steel Beer Barrel wrench type A wine Mao plate Open barrel is beer bucket accessories free shipping
  • Stainless steel Beer Barrel wrench type A wine Mao plate Open barrel is beer bucket accessories free shipping
SGD 32.30
Pure White European ceramic bowl bone china bowl
  • Material : 36% above bone meal bone china
  • Item : Bowl of pure white road jersey
  • Tea utensils craft : Glazed
  • Pattern : Solid
  • Brand : North house porcelain
  • Sized diameter : 6 inch
  • The number of : 1
  • Style : Western style
  • The origin of the : Tangshan city
  • Source main map : Independent real shot chart
SGD 5.30 -32%
SGD 7.80
Size Yuhuan multi-function portable walnut clamp clip
  • [Material] clip Use full iron to create, with plastic handle, By force of strong [advantage] only need to light a clip, It can the nuts nuclear cracked, easily enjoy delicious [you] with the size of the two, clip mouth, For different size of nuts, clip large walnut, mountain walnut, nuts are very convenient OhBrand : Yuhuan goddessItem No. : XH1235
SGD 2.90
Wood said food supplement board beech rectangular fruit plate bread plate
  • new upgraded with rounded edges, more fit and feel. thickness by original 9cm upgrade to 2.1 cm cm, new dosage does not increase oh... made of imported material, all for the whole wood production, surface using olive oil coating. classic square imitation mobile phone cover design, fresh and simple, improve the utilization rate of material.
  • Brand : Wood said
  • Size : 13x27x1.9 cm 15x30x1.9 cm
  • Material : Wood
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Types of packaging : Single loaded
SGD 11.10 -44%
SGD 19.90
Fancy egg open egg is sliced cut egg is
(1 reviews)
  • Egg slices do not easy to, to get is not good yellow broken clear loose, With cut egg is on the convenient multi-The, can be their own do sandwich Luo ~ General cut egg is cut out of things, are very neat look good. In addition to cut egg outside, also can be used to cut other food, Like to do western the on lettuce in the cheese, also can be with cut egg is to cut. With front to the cut egg is with water hot with a single click, cut the egg yolk on will not stick to live!
  • Brand : ECHO
  • Item : 0336-074
SGD 4.60
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