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Out of the window multi-function balcony heating piece sill drying hanger
  • To get to take convenient simple and practical bearing good
  • Brand: SIVIRO/sin of verona
  • Whether manual: No
  • Material: Other
  • Popular elements: Solid
  • Item: YTJ-170617
  • For the crowd: Vw
  • Application of space: Balcony/patio
  • Style: Japanese style
SGD 4.40 -43%
SGD 7.70
Homepower Korea Creative magic hanging clothes rack
  • Brand : HOMEPOWER
  • Material : Plastic
  • The length of the : 24*23*0.5 cm
SGD 3.40 -3%
SGD 3.50
To dirt in addition to cleaning washing drum in addition to cleaning agent
  • Japan Sanada washing machine tank cleaner, to dirt effect good, Applicable to washing machine of bleach, cleaning and eliminate smelly.Brand : SanadaWhether the discount dress : NoPhysical form : OtherApplicable object : GenericNet weight : 100g
SGD 5.20 -5%
SGD 5.50
European stainless steel foot pedal trash can
  • Trash can type: Foot
  • Application scenarios: Family use
  • Capacity: 4L
  • Shell material: Stainless steel
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Opening and closing mode: Foot
SGD 8.60 -4%
SGD 9.00
Multi-function magic can be retractable bathroom floor scrape broom
  • TPR + ABS + aluminum production, not absorbent not vacuum, not Sticky hair, Cleaning and cleaning Use convenient, is you the home clean good helper.Brand : You think living
SGD 8.10 -4%
SGD 8.40
Window to dirt kitchen with brush kitchen supplies cleaning brush
  • Convenient and practical. Light extrusion, to remove dirt stains (bottle inside diameter 3 cm)Brand : Home homeItem : K1489The types of commodities : Household cleaning
SGD 3.90 -3%
SGD 4.00
Magic strong to dirt tile Bath Sponge brush cleaning brush
  • Di Lun + polyurethane double material, small and convenient, easily adsorption surface, Can be heart clean sink, stove, bath and other corner stains, save time and effortBrand : Kokubo
SGD 5.30 -16%
SGD 6.30
Five only dress rose gold very simple design stainless steel hanger
  • Brand : The little deer
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Popular elements : Solid
  • Style : Nordic style
SGD 7.70
Carpet quilt sofa cleaning brush sweep bed brush
  • Thick TPR material, more durable and durable. Flow line style design in line with the hand design, catch grip comfortable, use more convenient. Nylon material brush hair, thick with toughness.Brand : Home home
SGD 3.80 -10%
SGD 4.20
Nordic wind rose plating color hanger
  • Brand : DIY
  • Material : Stainless steel
SGD 4.10 -7%
SGD 4.40
No. * Home Office hotel boutique color garbage bags
(1 reviews)
  • Brand: Chang kee
  • Whether the discount dress: Is
  • The types of commodities: Household cleaning
  • Types of garbage bags: Wrap dress
  • Style: Flat type
  • Garbage bags attribute: Wrap dress
SGD 9.40
Not stainless steel socks drying racks clip socks long rack socks
(2 reviews)
  • Stainless steel clip hanger and more design windproof hook clip
  • Brand : Q everything
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Item : Wj001
SGD 4.40 -53%
SGD 9.40
MR. bin/wheat foot with cover living room fashion trash
  • 8L capacity quality made upgrade comfortable Big Foot to keep open cover
  • Export business qualification: No
  • Brand: Mr. bin/buckets of wheat
  • Item: Mt4008 plus
  • Trash can type: Foot
  • Application scenarios: Family use
  • Capacity: 8L
  • Shell material: Metal
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Opening and closing mode: Foot
SGD 16.50 -70%
SGD 55.20
Bang He Solid Stainless Steel multi-function triangle hanger
  • 304 stainless steel never rust Magnet does not suck
  • Products Export BEEKING documents: Customs single
  • Business Export Qualification: Into the export goods declaration Registration Certificate
  • Export Country: Europe
  • National: British
  • Export Detection Mechanism: CE
  • Brand: Bang He
  • Material: Does not rust Steel
  • Item No.: Triangle hanger-1
  • Factory Inspection Standard: Wal-Mart
SGD 8.60 -80%
SGD 42.50
Home home can be hanging-shoe soft bristle brush shoes cleaning brush plastic laundry small brush long-handled scrub shoe
  • PP + PBT material, environmentally friendly and durable, to dirt and strong, human engineering long handle, Stickers in Palm, to get to hold a solid, save time and effort.Types of brushes : Laundry brushBrand : Home home
SGD 3.80
Cute kitchen bathroom cleaning hair brush cleaning brush
  • [Material] plastic material, safety health [new] L-shaped brush, sink bottom with clean no dead [design] Push-style design, can be retractable long shortBrand : Japan kmItem : 01630014The types of commodities : Household cleaningTypes of brushes : Pool brush
SGD 4.60
Home home health air conditioning the air dust cleaning brush
  • High quality pp + superfine fiber material, to dirt and fast and good, can at the same time wipe very multi-piece leaf, also can be used to clean air conditioning blade and other, Can be removal easy to cleaning, make you the cleaning work more easily.
  • Brand : Home home
  • Item : K7902
  • The types of commodities : Household cleaning
SGD 4.40
Retro suit child wood hanging clothes wood hanger
  • 1 sticks, wood antique color large hanger, slip 5.5 shoulder width suitable for both men and women (note: 9.98 yuan/branch, 4 pcs )
  • Exporter : European
  • National : Germany
  • Brand : Fine art for home
  • Material : Wood
  • The length of the : 44.5 CM
SGD 5.30 -21%
SGD 6.70
Underwear Socks windproof zip hanging drying basket net bag to dry basket
  • [advantage] Three Layer fine mesh design, full use of space, solid texture strong, style simple bright[use] to the drying clothes the show up stretch, wrinkles, from the blister and other defects, Underwear, underwear, Socks wind to dry
  • Brand: Yuhuan empress
  • The number of layers: 3 layer
SGD 4.20
Outdoor windowsill laundry hanging clothes bathroom towel rack hanger
  • can be hung on the windowsill, balcony, bathroom wall, heating etc suitable for hanging place, wide use can be drying towel, bath towel, clothes, shoes etc.
  • Brand : Prozac crme
  • Material : Other
SGD 5.20
SGD 2.50
Wet and dry dual-use seamless underwear rack hanger
  • wet and dry dual 10 a loaded non-slip clothes rackProducts Export BEEKING documents: Original Origin CertificateBusiness Export Qualification: Into the export goods declaration Registration CertificateExport Country: AsianNational/in: JapanExport Detection Mechanism: BVBrand: Mickey LongMaterial: PlasticItem No.: GslyyjFactory Inspection Standard: TargetLength: 42
SGD 5.30 -44%
SGD 9.40
Creative home-High Temperature Hot clothing cloth insulation cloth ironing cloth
  • Brand : Super of the morning
  • The types of commodities : Household cleaning
SGD 3.50 -13%
SGD 4.00
Doors and windows gap health sweep window cleaning groove small brush
  • The brush head installation in suitable bottle on the to use, to help you to clean windows dead, pool gap and so on, Only applicable to bottle diameter, MM 2cm the bottle yo (such as: cola bottle, Sprite bottle; Farmer mountain spring the bottle not applicable Oh !)Brand : Home homeItem : K3643The types of commodities : Household cleaning
SGD 4.00
Nordic wind m vertical scenery home rose gold hanger
(1 reviews)
  • Simple the Nordic style, elegant the rose gold hanger.
  • Brand: M vertical scenery
  • The handmade: No
  • Material: Other
  • Popular Elements: Retro Style
  • Item No.: 61675644
  • Suitable for people: 90 after
  • Suitable for Space: Wardrobe/coat room
  • Style: Nordic style
  • Length: 40 cm
SGD 6.50
Linen clothes pet to hair is dust brush
  • Inexpensive and simple operation and extraordinary effect compact and practicalBrand : Anglo
SGD 3.20 -35%
SGD 4.90
Home home plastic wash clothes small brush laundry brush scrubbing brush shoes cleaning brush soft bristle wash shoes brush
  • Brush hair soft, can be used to clean up hand nail inside the dirt, also can be used to clean other items Oh.Types of brushes : Laundry brushBrand : Home homeNo : K0448
SGD 3.40 -3%
SGD 3.50
10, dress bedroom wood seamless slip wood hanger
  • wood hanger wood hanger
  • Brand : Friends satisfied
  • Material : Wood
  • Item : 201610231424
SGD 6.70 -49%
SGD 13.20
Sink long gap cleaning small brush cleaning brush bottle
  • Tie Xin three pieces combination, easy cleaning cup, water bottle, bottle and Other spiral, Gap garbage, Easily wash, save time and more effort, practical more affordableBrand : Home homeItem : K9867The types of commodities : Household cleaningTypes of brushes : Cup brush
SGD 3.70 -3%
SGD 3.80
Hanger anti-strip home hanger hook
  • Brand : The lotus pond or moon
  • Material : Plastic
  • Item : Ht-00131
SGD 3.70
Hanger accessories velvet shoulder pad shoulder pads magic
  • Small and exquisite the hanger accessories, easy for small hanger hanging big clothes, Support from the shoulder of the curved us! Jacket and other body requires a high of clothes.
  • Export Country: North America
  • National: Us
  • Brand: Small housekeeper
  • The handmade: No
  • Material: Flocking cloth
  • Popular Elements: Solid color
  • Item No.: Xgj+ 0110
  • Suitable for people: Volkswagen
  • Suitable for Space: Wardrobe/coat room
SGD 4.50
Home plastic wind towel drying rack shelf
  • High quality plastic material, anti-old of good, fan shape, 20, clip windproof design, Children's clothes, towel, diapers, sling shirt, A can be hanging is more; Without the can be the to dry the folding away, can be rotated 360 degrees wind hanger Design
  • Brand: HSBC serco
  • Material: Plastic
SGD 12.00
Wardrobe wholesale 50 expert compression storage hook Box Hanger
  • Multi-layer storage bearing force strong
  • Brand: Artline
  • Material: Magic hanger
  • Item No.: OA-1666
SGD 5.30 -44%
SGD 9.40
LR plastic windproof non-slip Socks rack shelf
  • japan and south korea creative socks lazy socks
  • Brand : Ling li
  • Material : Plastic
  • For the crowd : Vw
  • Style : Duck breast
  • The length of the : 40 cm
SGD 5.00 -31%
SGD 7.20
Home home plastic small brush shoes cleaning brush soft bristle wash shoes brush laundry brush wash clothes scrub brush shoes brush
  • Green PP material production, brush hair flexible fine, clean force good, take comfort. Color and elegant fresh, can be used to brush shoes, brush clothing and other, beautiful and practical.Brand : Home home
SGD 3.50
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