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Canon pt-16 flash trigger wireless flash trigger
  • Types of flash and accessories : Signal transmitter/flash trigger
SGD 11.80 -48%
SGD 22.90
Hong Kong SAR China
40 x 78cm photography studio soft Board
  • Photo Shoot not reflective soft effect good
SGD 7.70 -43%
SGD 13.40
Hong Kong SAR China
INS white photo shoot background paper Crack Cement wall food
(1 reviews)
  • crack white cement wall texture food photography background 58*88
SGD 6.00 -41%
SGD 10.20
Hong Kong SAR China
Sirui a1005 tripod travel portable monopod
(1 reviews)
  • All-Around travel rack only 3 bottle water weight can split single footHead type : Ball HeadProduct Material : Aluminium AlloyProduct Type : TripodMake : SiruiTripod section number : 5 dayStorage height : 35.5 cmLoad-Bearing : 10kgWeight : 1.5kg
SGD 87.70 -20%
SGD 109.30
Hong Kong SAR China
Benro if19 aluminium alloy portable can be Reflexed tripod Tripod
  • Bearing 8 KG adapter lens focal length <200mm
SGD 87.90 -41%
SGD 148.60
Hong Kong SAR China
40 cm LED lights shooting station mini photography box photography studio
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.Buy More to Save More on shipping fees. Happy Shopping!
SGD 13.40
Hong Kong SAR China
For ac-04 studio wireless trigger is lead flashing is
  • Types of flash and accessories : Signal transmitter/flash trigger
SGD 11.80 -27%
SGD 16.20
Hong Kong SAR China
Fotopro SLR phone camera mini support Tripod
  • Lightweight travel rocker head small camera
SGD 27.50 -65%
SGD 79.10
Hong Kong SAR China
Oxen 80cm umbrella-Portable Soft cover photography box octagonal softbox
  • Oxen quality umbrella softbox octagonal free shipping portable easy to installBrand : OxenShape : Other
SGD 22.60 -10%
SGD 25.00
Hong Kong SAR China
SGD 22.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Taobao still life jewelry photo shoot photography lights fill light lamp
  • With photography lights light soft for anchor fill light
SGD 27.30 -39%
SGD 45.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Yong Nuo YN 300ii SLR camera shooting video soft light photography lights
  • Yongnuo filter rod handheld with one year quality warrantyPhotography light brand : Yongnuo
SGD 52.40 -22%
SGD 67.30
Hong Kong SAR China
Lif studio clothing Taobao fill light lamp single lamp
  • Lif photography shooting fill light lamps Taobao shootingPhotography light brand: LIF/Lif
SGD 33.40
Hong Kong SAR China
Oxen 80cm stand portable folding flash softbox
  • Folding storage with S lamp holder and storage bag double soft
SGD 36.00 -19%
SGD 44.60
Hong Kong SAR China
Yongnuo yn600air temperature led ultra-thin photography lights fill light lamp
  • Color temperature adjustable mm 2cm thick not with electricPhotography light brand : Yong Nuo
SGD 67.50 -32%
SGD 99.90
Hong Kong SAR China
Yongnuo yn360 handheld light stick photography lights LED lights up
  • To send anti-lost rope a viariety of color temperature with Portable Bag phone APPPhotography light brand : Yong NuoProduction of business : Shenzhen City, yongnuo photography equipment Co Company
SGD 78.30 -52%
SGD 164.60
Hong Kong SAR China
Bimbo Mobile Phone live support clip tripod Tripod
  • camera mobile phone universal mobile phone clip portable appearanceHead type : 3d ptz controlProduct material : Aluminum alloyThe type of product : TripodBrand : BimboTripod sessions : Section 4
SGD 5.90 -60%
SGD 14.80
Hong Kong SAR China
Sirui ep-204s professional SLR camera photography camera horn rack monopod
  • Pull button lock tight photography light and fast head to be another purchaseHead type : NoProduct Material : Aluminium AlloyProduct Type : MonopodMake : SiruiProduction of business : Guangdong Sirui optical co CompanyTripod section number : 4Storage height : 61cmLoad-Bearing : 8kgWeight : 1.1kg
SGD 100.20
Hong Kong SAR China
Ring macro SLR lens LED lights up
  • Promise dimming light and portable macro lens dedicated
SGD 40.30 -49%
SGD 79.20
Hong Kong SAR China
White buckle like cloth background cloth
  • polyester cotton blended material professional video keying can be washed ironing! 3.8 m width is fixed to shoot a few pieces take a few number of michael a piece of whole without stitching! can be spliced more substantial background cloth! commodity have hemmingSize : 3.8*1 mKeying : 3.8*1 m
SGD 10.50
Hong Kong SAR China
SGD 12.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Oxen 120cm umbrella-mesh Portable Soft cover octagonal softbox
  • God cattle quality octagonal-soft box portable installation with Portable BagBrand : GodoxShape : Bowl lamp type
SGD 42.80
Hong Kong SAR China
Camera imitation marble Taobao paper background plate background cloth
  • imitation cement texture photography background, a single block of size x 45 cm, 2mm thick, multi pieces used in combination, shiwen bump texture surface.
SGD 7.80 -32%
SGD 11.50
Hong Kong SAR China
Manfrotto figure m-700pa 700mm sleeve straight tripod bag Tripod
  • New style Manfrotto tripod bag In a 1600D Double Strand fabric, breathable of good, Use comfortable, with liner, KYNKO durable the hand with the UNEEED tripod more safety and to carry more convenient. Portable in a quality good the fabric, repeated use will not be deformed &Bull; With a performance good the D-shaped metal buckle, adhesive hook Keyi 180 degree spinning, convenient and durable &Bull; With zipper inside the bag can be placed small items. &Bull; With shoulder strap &Bull; tripod bag diameter is 130mm
SGD 12.40
Hong Kong SAR China
Jin Bei 105cm umbrella Raid soft box
  • Outdoor photo close in to carry convenient eyes light for Portrait Advertising PhotographyBrand : Jin BeiShape : Bowl lamp type
SGD 78.40
Hong Kong SAR China
SGD 16.10
Hong Kong SAR China
50kg figure desktop mini bearing high stability of Tripod
  • Aerospace grade aluminum cnc precision machining, anode oxidation, maximum load up to 50 kg, slr, micro single, mobile phone can use
  • Head type : No
  • Product material : Aluminum alloy
  • The type of product : Tripod
  • Brand : Leofoto/lai map
  • Tripod sessions : Other
  • Load : 50 kg
  • The weight of the : 168g
SGD 22.10
Hong Kong SAR China
Benro if19c carbon fiber light portable tripod Tripod
  • Weight kg 41KG load-bearing 8KG storage 35 cmHead type : Ball HeadProduct Material : Carbon FiberProduct Type : TripodMake : Benro/BenroProduction of business : Guangdong Benro Image Technology Industrial Limited CompanyTripod section number : 5 dayStorage height : 350mmLoad-Bearing : 8kgWeight : 1.41 kg
SGD 195.80 -46%
SGD 364.30
Hong Kong SAR China
Photography background board support
  • Aluminium Alloy Material to send strong clipProduction of business : Shanghai photo color trade Limited CompanySize : 2 M * 2 m
SGD 18.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Oxen 80cm octagonal umbrella-Portable Soft box
  • Oxen brand soft reflective umbrella dual portable quality guarantee good resultsBrand : OxenShape : Bowl lamp type
SGD 21.80 -9%
SGD 23.90
Hong Kong SAR China
Green screen background cloth photo shoot film and TV
  • High quality background cotton professional video keying can be washed can be ironing foldable exquisite catcher need to Jimi long to shoot a few pieces the default 1 Mifa green two pieces from the
SGD 12.20
Hong Kong SAR China
Manbily a-222 monopod SLR camera support portable climbing stick
  • BENSE.O link not with monopod base please contact Customer Service with the order
SGD 25.10
Hong Kong SAR China
Yunteng casters tripod pulley base to the wheel
  • Mobile photoshoot easily smoothHead type : NoProduct Material : Aluminium AlloyProduct Type : TripodMake : YuntengProduction of business : Zhongshan City, Tan Chau Zhen Mingfeng precision injection molding factoryTripod section number : 3Storage height : 43 cmLoad-Bearing : 15 kgWeight : 1.6kg
SGD 50.40 -58%
SGD 120.50
Hong Kong SAR China
Benro a38td SLR camera photography camera portable horn rack monopod
  • Product Material : Aluminium AlloyProduct Type : MonopodMake : BenroTripod section number : 4Storage height : 540mmLoad-Bearing : 18 kgWeight : 0.93 kg
SGD 71.70 -10%
SGD 79.70
Hong Kong SAR China
SGD 13.40 -36%
SGD 20.90
Hong Kong SAR China
SLOJP 3m Photography Backdrop Stand
  • Taobao business portrait product shooting background frameBrand : Slojp/photo force sentShape : Other
SGD 40.10
Hong Kong SAR China
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