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Maybelline is one of the well-known cosmetic brands around the world and it is not a surprise why. They offer everything any high-brand makeup brands offer and they do not charge thousands of bucks just for you to enjoy it. Here in Singapore, while we do appreciate high-end makeup brands, we are still constantly searching for a brand that will not burn a hole in our wallet; that is what Maybelline makeup is known for—creating the perfect cosmetics at a fraction of the price. This is what every Singaporean is looking for in any makeup brand.

Maybelline Makeup for Your Face, Eyes, Lips, and Nails

If we would be asked what makeup brand is our favorite, it must mean that we trust not only how they formulate their lipsticks but all of the makeup lines that they are offering. Whether it is for your primer and bases to eye liners and mascaras, Maybelline makeup assures us that they are the real deal. Choose an eyeshadow or two or even the whole eyeshadow palettes and you will be surprised at how much money you still have left in your makeup budget! Check out the wide range of makeups they offer.

Why choose Maybelline makeups?

  • Globally-recognized makeup brand that offers high-quality cosmetics
  • Designed for makeup enthusiast of any skin tones and skin types
  • Drugstore makeup brand that offers makeup without burning a hole in your wallet
  • Trusted by makeup professionals internationally


  • Types: Mahybelline has foundation, powder, blush, primer for face make up
  • Forms: These face make up comes in liquid, mineral, whipped, pressed, loose powder, cream, gel, mattifying primer, pore eraser
  • Use: These products create a flawless and glowing base without being cakey; guaranteed to make your face look natural


  • Types: The eyeshadow and mascara are perfect eye makeup that can instantly brighten up your eyes
  • Forms: These can be in cream, pressed, and loose eyeshadow. For mascaras, they can do curling, lengthening, volumizing or combination
  • Advantages: All of these products are hypoallergenic makeup for your eyes guaranteed to make your eyes stand out


  • Types: Lipstick, lip glosses, lip liner, lip plumpers; these lip make up products of the brand that can instantly change your overall look
  • Packaging: These doe-foot applicator, stick, cream, pencil lipsticks let you apply lip make up flawlessly and easily
  • Advantages: The brand offers a wide range of colors, shades, and undertones to suit any skin tone


  • Types: The brand has nail polish, nail arts and stickers to make your nails reflect your personality
  • Advantages: These products protect and beautify your nails, with these nail polishes with wide range of colors to choose from, does not weaken the nails