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Wireless Chime Door Bell Doorbell Remote Control 16 Tune Song Home White AH218
  • Wireless easy mounting design
  • Remote control range up to 150 meters in open area
  • Lightweight, dustproof and waterproof, comprehensive protection
  • Anti-interference design
  • 16 polyphonic music and adjustable volume
  • Comes with double-sided sticker and screws
SGD 12.30 -60%
SGD 31.00
Door Lift Pneumatic Support Hydraulic Gas Spring Stay for Kitchen Cabinet
  • For easy opening of kitchen cabinet doorsFor lift up opening cabinet door panelsSuperior material made for the shaft, durable and practicalPlastic installing top, rotatable and easy to adjustShaft Length: Approx.27cmSha
SGD 4.20 -50%
SGD 8.40
More sellers from SGD 5.00
AGN E2 NO NEED BATTERY! Economic and Reliable Self Powered Doorbells Wireless door bell(white) - intl
  • Self-powered,Never need batter,Waterproof,Sunscreen
  • This set includes 1 piece of door bell receiver, 1 piece of remote control(transmitter).
  • Door receiver can be plugged into an electrical outlet in your home.
  • Remote control range can be up to 100meters. Plug in and use-no set up required.
  • One remote doorbell button, one plug-in doorbells with 38 polyphony sounds.
  • Loud enough to hear at any of the 4 levels of volume and low enough so it won'
  • Easy to install with the double side adhesive tape and the screws.
  • You can install the doorbells in locations, such as kitchen, back yard, bedroom, etc.
SGD 24.66 -5%
SGD 25.90
12PCS Lock Pick Set Locksmith Training Tools With Visible Cutaway Transparent
(2 reviews)
  • For Beginners & Hobbyist.
  • Comprehensive Kit.
  • Transparent Padlock.
SGD 13.51 -55%
SGD 29.99
SGD 3.90 -49%
SGD 7.70
OH NEW Cute Stainless Steel Over the Door Dual Hanger Hook Hat Coat Holder Blue
  • Make full use of back door��s space,easy to install
  • Very convenient to hang bag,clothes,towels,etc.
  • Smooth appearance will not damage to the door
  • You can choose which side to install based on the door thickness
  • Suitable for clothes coat robe hanger hanging.
  • Easy to install,convenient and durable
SGD 5.67 -67%
SGD 17.01
Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-2920
  • Experience the ultimate comfort and safety with Samsung digital door locks.
SGD 148.00 -61%
SGD 377.55
Samsung SHS-P710 Digitial Door Lock Push Pull Black
  • Fingerprint identification
  • Wide range of authentication method
  • digitial door lock
SGD 300.00 -3%
SGD 309.00
Fingerprint Door Lock Keyless Smart Digital Security Lock 2 WayFingerprint Digital Door Lock MADE IN KOREA
  • Uses AA batteries. Emergency power from 9V supply in emergency (purchased separately)
  • Same manufacturer for Samsung fingerprint locks in Korea
  • Will also recognize RFID cards (not included)
  • Hight temperature sensor acts as fire alarmVery feature rich lock.
  • Tamper proof option which prevents multiple failed attempts and will alarm.(If this feature is turned on)
  • Materials - Outer Body Al, Zn, Pc /Inner Body Al, Zn, ABS.
  • Easy to see keypad at night (lights up only on touch).
  • Passwords from 4 to 12 digits (up to 4 passwords) and fingerprint recognition
SGD 165.22
NO NEED BATTERY!Smart Self-Charge Home Doorbell/Portable Wireless Remote Control Doorbell/No Need Install Door Alarm Bell
(2 reviews)
  • Linbell G2 Self-Powered Wireless Door Bell Water Resistance 100m Remote Control for Home Office
  • Main Features:
  • • The first self-powered wireless door bell, original Chinese brand products
  • • No battery is require so the product is even more safe and stable
  • • Lightweight, more attractive and compact
  • • Just needs you to press a built-in button called worm gear plane generator to produce power
  • • With special energy harvesting technology, the new wireless bell requires a very tiny pressure only 350g
  • • After receiving signal the receiver emit sound and small light hint
  • • The receiver features 4 levels of volume and has 38 songs to choose
  • • Inside hidden LED design, easy to use
SGD 28.90 -52%
SGD 59.90
ASSA ABLOY Gateman Noble Digital Door Lock Produced in Korea RIM Keyless Keypad
  • Gateman
  • Door lock
  • Home security
  • Digital Door lock
  • password
  • Digital doorlock
  • Finger print
SGD 83.90 -16%
SGD 99.99
Combat Fire Extinguisher 2KG ABC Powder
  • Outdoor UV Resistance Coated
  • 1 Year Service Certification
  • Approved Certificate for use
  • Made in Singapore
SGD 46.00 -41%
SGD 78.00
Yale 1800/80/117/1 Dimple Keyed Armour Plated Padlock Silver
  • Brass body with hardened steel plater
  • 300mm chrome plated steel chain
  • Hardened steel shackle
Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock (Black)
  • Mischief Prevention
  • Double-Locking Function
  • Emergency Battery Terminal
  • Automatic Door Lock Function
  • Fire Alarm & Emergency Door Unlock
  • Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Prevention
  • Touch Screen for Password
SGD 145.00 -40%
SGD 240.60
Yale 1800/80/117/1 Armour Plated Padlock Black
(1 reviews)
  • The Yale Armour Plated Padlock offers one of the highest security padlock available. Rated 7 on the Yale security rating scale. A heavy duty tough enough for industrial and commercial use.
Security Sliding Door Window Lock Safety Lock Sliding Sash Stopper For Kid STCA
  • Material: Iron
  • Colors: Gray ( As Picture Show )
  • Size Approx: Length*Width*Hight: 2.36*1.46*1.46inch
  • Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm, 1cm=0.393inches
SGD 4.30 -52%
SGD 9.00
Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-H500 [Local Installation Available]
  • Experience the ultimate comfort and safety with Samsung digital door locks.
  • Able to install remote controller
  • Secured lock with no mechanical key
SGD 241.90 -46%
SGD 447.00
Samsung SHS-H700 Safe Door Lock Finger Print Scan [Local Installation Available]
SGD 389.00 -59%
SGD 950.00
1 Pair Cut Metal Mesh Butcher Anti-cutting Breathable Work Gloves
(1 reviews)
  • Specifications:
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stainless steel wire, high-quality polyester, and high elastic chemical fiber
  • Operating temerature: <100
  • Size: Raglan sleeves mouth: 9cm
  • Cuff width: 13cm
  • Long sleeve: 24cm
  • Weight: About 103g
SGD 5.29 -50%
SGD 10.58
King's Men Wear Safety shoes by Honeywell-Mid Cut, Anti-Static, Light-Weight, Anti-Slip, Pierce-Sole Resistant, Comfort and Breathable
  • Printed Leather
  • Breathable non-woven fabric lining
  • Anti-Static insole board
  • Extra-Wide 5-Toe Toecap provides maximum Comfort for your toes
  • Pierce-Resistant 1100N steel mid-sole insert
  • Extra thick full length fabric-lined EVA foam inside with shock absorption, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Static properties
  • It also provides Extra Comfort for long hours of usage
SGD 66.90 -18%
SGD 82.00
OH 2.4' LCD Visual Monitor Door Peephole Peep Hole Wireless Viewer Camera Video.
(1 reviews)
  • 100% brand new
  •  ,high quality.
  • professional
SGD 33.60 -67%
SGD 100.80
Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock (Rose Gold)
  • Mortise Type
  • 100 Fingerprint max
  • RFID card / password : 31max
  • Pin code: 4-12 digits
  • Door thickness : suitable for 40-60 mm wooden door
SGD 999.00
Samsung SHS-P717 Digital Door Lock (Rose Gold)
  • Mortise Type
  • RFID card / password : 30
  • Pin code: 4-12 digits
  • Door thickness : suitable for 40-60 mm wooden door
  • RFID Card/ PIN Access
  • Digital Touch Keypad with Random Codes
SGD 780.00
Samsung SHS-P720 Digitial Door Lock Push Pull Black
  • samsung digital doorlco
  • safe
  • good design
SGD 330.00 -1%
SGD 331.00
Igloohome Smart Digital Lock Deadbolt Version 2 (Comes with free installation)
  • Convenience of keyless access
  • Multiple entry modes
  • Works offline
  • Mobile app-enabled
  • View access logs
  • Security lockout mode
  • Privacy mode
  • Timed re-lock
  • Decoy security code
SGD 355.00 -29%
SGD 499.00
5 Digit Password Safety Lock Wide Shackle Combination Padlock for Luggage Cabinet Toolbox - intl
  • - 5-dial combination padlock: increases security effectively and set the password by yourself
  • - Sturdy construction: steel shackle, durable and safe
  • - Better security: combination code can be reset as you need with up to 10000 different groups
  • - Wide range of applications: for luggage, cabinets, toolboxes, lockers, etc.
SGD 9.75 -5%
SGD 10.24
ASSA ABLOY Gateman A20-SH Produced in Korea Digital Door Lock Black
  • gateman
  • door lock
  • Home security
  • Digital Door lock
  • password
  • Digital doorlock
  • finger print
SGD 193.90 -12%
SGD 219.99
1 Pair MMA Volleyball Wrestling EVA Padded Knee Support Pads Protectors Guards - Intl
  • Material: Cotton Yarn + Rubber +EVA Sponge
  • One size fits most
  • 360° protection compact knee
  • Excellent quality snug fit
  • Also support the knee joint from any sort of injury
  • Elasticated design non-slip fits
  • Has light weight properties and a great impact absorption qualities
  • These guards spring back even after multi washing
SGD 9.42 -50%
SGD 18.84
(1 reviews)
  • Excellent for home use
  • ABC dry powder
  • ABC rated and approved by FSSD
SGD 48.99 -37%
SGD 78.00
SGD 4.51 -52%
SGD 9.40
Transparent Inside Cutaway View Practice Lock Pick Tool Training Skill for Locksmith - intl
  • Internal structure of specially made lock can be seen clearly
  • Necessary learning tool for novice locksmith or amateur
  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Material of lock cylinder: Copper
  • Character: Transparent
SGD 8.10 -50%
SGD 16.20
SGD 45.20 -43%
SGD 79.00
Master Lock 1500iD 2-1/8in (54mm) Wide Speed Dial™ Set Your Own Combination Directional Padlock; Assorted Colors
  • World’s first combination lock that opens on up/down/left/right directional movements
  • Patented technology is faster, easier and more secure than a standard combination lock
  • Maximum security with anti-shim technology
  • Combination can be reset to any number of movements in any sequence
  • 2-1/8in (54mm) Wide metal body can be opened one-handed without looking for ease of use
  • Matching passcode indicators (letters, numbers, colors, shapes, symbols) are included for added customization – simply apply over arrows
  • Hardened steel shackle for increased bolt cutter protection
  • Each package contains one lock
SGD 24.07
3.5" LCD Digital Door Peephole Peep Hole Doorbell - Intl
  •  3.5 Ultra bright TFT LCD display
  •  120 wide degree angle viewing
  •  24 hours security surveillance
  •  With night vision function 
SGD 59.20 -50%
SGD 118.40
ASSA ABLOY Gateman Z10-FD Produced in Korea Fingerprint Scan Digital door lock
  • gateman
  • door lock
  • Home security
  • Digital Door lock
  • Digital doorlock
  • Fingerprint Scan
SGD 200.00 -4%
SGD 208.00
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Secure Family with Safety Equipment

Leaving home could be detrimental – there are many factors to consider, especially safety and security. They say that prevention is better than cure. However, when it comes to your personal belongings, preparedness is better than saying sorry. Whenever you are out from your house, you have no hold to the possibilities of what will happen to you and to your house. There are a lot of things that could happen; but, that does not possibly mean that you should stay in your house forever. If you want to feel secure while you are having fun outside, safety security equipment works best for you and your house.

More and more criminals and other incidents are being caught and being brought to justice because of the CCTV or Closed-circuit television. This video surveillance camera helps to fight crimes and prevents misconduct in your environment. Bad people will think twice to do wrong. When you have this technology at home. So, if you are a kind of person who gives value to the safekeeping on your house, safety and security devices is ideal for you

Handy Safety Equipment

Home surveillance camera is not the only one you can have for your safety and security. Of course, the outside world could sometimes be unsafe. Nevertheless, most people are aware of this. By that reason, we created a form of protection; a tool for our own safety called stunned devices. These devices are tools for shielding yourself, especially, when you are walking at night and alone. What is good about this is you can carry it in your hand or keep it inside your pocket. One example of this is taser. A device that shocks people with electricity

Moreover, when we say safety and security, it is not only about your home and yourself. Safety equipment also plays a vital part on your work; like for example, you are working in construction, there are dresses and gear you should equip to yourself/ Moreover, no matter where you are going to use it – whether in your home, workplace, or to your own self – safety and security still essential to consider and invest for. You can find and choose online with great deals in reasonable price. What are you waiting for? Equip now!

    Personal Protection

  • Product: For personal safety and self-defence, the products are stun Gun, police rechargeable light with hidden stun gun, self-defence wrench, and pepper Spray
  • Uses: it gives you security when you are alone, for self-defence. Most of the product can cause pain and muscle contractions to your attacker
  • Specification: Most of the teaser are rechargeable and needs batteries. Pepper spray, on the other hand, are formulated to make it effective for the attacker

    Home Security

  • Product: The products you can use for home safety are home surveillance camera, motion sensor, smoke detector, and home alarms
  • Uses: Digital device for home surveillance, protects your home from unwanted events such as fire with smoke detector
  • Specification: Most of the surveillance camera are programmable, have recording mode for video or photo and easily view images via SD memory card. Also, most wireless sensors can trigger camera recording function

    Work Safety Gear

  • Product: If you love your work and your self, invest with products like safety Shoes, hard Hat, laser spectacles, and safety goggles
  • Uses: All the products provide you protection and comfort to your body from the jobs that demands safety like engineers
  • Specification: All of the safety work gears and equipment are made from durable heavy-duty, and lightweight materials