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Hasbro Play-Doh Shape and Learn Colors and Shapes Playset
  • Includes 8 shape cutters, roller, 2 double-sided playmats, Together Time Guide, and 8 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.
  • Ages 2 years and up
  • Compound not intended to be eaten.
  • Product and colors will vary.
SGD 17.00 -15%
SGD 19.90
NaVa DIY Kinetic Sand With Colors (2kg) with Air Pump
  • Non toxic, easy to shape and mold
  • Wheat, gluten and casein free
  • Stimulates & develops children's fine creative
  • Perfect as gift
  • Value for $$$
SGD 23.00 -65%
SGD 65.00
Groupon 2 Units of Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Wall Sticker
(1 reviews)
  • Can be cut out and pasted onto walls, cupboards, and flat surfaces.
  • Ink can be wiped off with a wet cloth.
  • Material: PVC
SGD 29.90 -76%
SGD 124.60
15% off
LeapFrog Fridge Phonics
  • For ages 2 to 5 years
  • 26 interactive alphabet tiles
  • Sing-along fun
  • Build vocabulary
  • Explore letters
  • Say it, sound it
SGD 35.90
Play-Doh Single Can Assortment ( 6 cans )
  • Kids enjoy being creative with Playdoh
  • it is fun to play with
  • Easy to clean up. 5 oz. cans
  • For ages 2+
SGD 15.90
Rainbow Loom Kit with Metal Hook
  • Original kit with authenticity badge
  • Metal hook for intricate designs
  • Comes 600 bands to make up to 24 bracelets 
  • BPA & Phthalates free Hours of fun for you and your child
SGD 12.90 -57%
SGD 29.90
Crazy Aaron's Amethyst Blush Thinking Putty
  • Brand : Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty
  • This product is an educational toy for the growing kids
  • This item is also a play tool for growing to grown ones
  • A good pass time on their leisure time, travel time or other.
  • Brand new
SGD 22.90
Tamiya 80020 X-20 Enamel Thinner 10ml
  • Made in Japan Paints
  • Special Mini Enamel Paint
  • Apply for all Model Kit
  • Capacity 10ml
SGD 4.00 -20%
SGD 5.00
Kids' Temporary Cartoon Waterproof Tattoo --- by Econfair
  • Variety Themes (Cartoon Tattoos)
  • Waterproof but removable
  • Kids' Temporary Tattoo
SGD 1.70
Kids' Temporary Cartoon Waterproof Tattoo --- by Econfair
  • Variety Themes (Cartoon Tattoos)
  • Waterproof but removable
  • Kids' Temporary Tattoo
SGD 1.70
Cotton linen oil painting cloth children's DIY oil painting frame
  • Children's toys price : 10 yuan the followingBrand : Swiss fruitMaterial : ClothIf a shopping guide video : NoSuitable for age : 5-year-oldSuitable for age : 6-year-oldSuitable for age : 7-year-oldSuitable for age : 8-year-oldSuitable for age : 9-year-oldSuitable for age : 10-year-oldSuitable for age : 11-year-oldSuitable for age : 12-year-oldSuitable for age : 13-year-oldSuitable for age : 14-year-oldSuitable for age : 14 years old or more
SGD 2.60
Fluffy Floam Slime Scented Stress Relief No Borax Kids Toy Sludge Toy B - intl
  • Unlike rubber mud softness is very large, with the higher the temperature the more soft,
  • The color will not stick to the hand
  • pinch when there is a small sound,
  • absolutely can not eat, do not recommend too small children to play,
  • Do not stick to the clothes, with toothpaste can be removed
  • does not contain industrial borax, borax water after debugging in line with safety standards
  • Amazing fluffy slime and super fun to play with!
  • Great stress reliever for adults and children
SGD 8.60 -67%
SGD 26.00
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2kg Kinetic Sand (bucket with moulds included)
  • Stimulates and develops children’s fine motor and creative playing skills. Wheat, gluten and casein free, 100% safe and non toxic Suitable for children ages 5+ SGS certification
SGD 20.00 -33%
SGD 30.00
3Doodler Start Essentials Pack - 3D Printing Pen + 48 strands Eco-plastic
  • The ONLY Child-Safe 3D Pen: Designed with no hot parts completely safe for kids aged 8+. Pen nozzle and plastic can safely be touched with no burn risks.Uses our specially developed bioplastic.
  • Clean: No messy resins or glue.
  • Perfect for STEM Learning: As a tactile learning toy, the 3Doodler Start inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding.
  • 3D Art made Easy for Kids: Plastic hardens rapidly allowing kids to literally draw in the air with only one speed and one temperature.
  • Complete 3D Pen Kit: Each box includes 3Doodler Start 3D Pen, 2 Mixed-color Packs of Eco-Plastic (48 Strands), Micro-USB Charger, Activity Guide + a ton of creative potential!
SGD 79.90
40pcs Nonwoven Fabric Square Felt Sheet For Sewing Craft DIY 10*15cm - intl
  • Nonwoven fabric material, wide variety of colors and good quality felt
  • Decorate your own hats, bags, purses, puppets, books, cards, frames and more
  • Wonderful for all levels of handicraftsman, from beginner to advanced handicraftsman
  • Easy to use and safe for kids, this product can be used for all their crafty school projects
  • Perfect for cutting into shapes, making costumes, decorations, bulletin board backdrops and almost anything you can think of
SGD 4.80 -50%
SGD 9.60
DIY special science microscope mirror early childhood educational toys
  • This is not ordinary the toys, is can really see cell the children's play teaching!
  • Brand: Austrian vision
  • If a shopping guide video: No
  • Laboratory type: Physics class
  • Suitable for age: 3-year-old
SGD 3.40 -13%
SGD 3.90
Magnetic Putty Slime Thinking Putty Stress Relief Toy - intl
  • This magnetic putty is infused with super-tiny magnetic properties with much stronger magnetic force compare the previous version.
  • This product is an educational toy for the growing kids, who need to understand what is the magnetic field and how various materials can attract or repel each other.
  • This item is also a play tool for growing to grown ones, who needs a good time pass on their leisure time, travel time or other.
  • This is a great item for anyone who likes to play with magnets and is interested in the magical magnetic field. Putty Silly becomes a magnet itself and with this invisible force it can lift up tacks and paperclips.
  • When you place the magnet cube towards it, it reacts in seconds, pulling putty with them. It is exactly as fun as shown in the pictures, the actual ones we took by our own.
SGD 4.63 -50%
SGD 9.26
New Kind Handmade Oil Painting
  • Artist now painting pure hand strokes and delicate kind photo effectSize Number : SinglePainting Core Material : Oil painting clothMounting way : With BoxOuter Frame Material : WoodStyle : GardenPattern : Plant flowerCraft : Hand-paintedThickness : Frame style different thickness differentPicture in the form : Three-dimensionalBrand : US-art Wang homeItem No. : Hh04
SGD 207.00 -45%
SGD 376.60
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 34.50
1 Set Acrylic Letters Beads Set Crafts DIY Alphabet Beads (For Jewelry) - intl
  • Material: Acrylic , Plastic
  • Net weight: approx. 206g
  • Shape: Cube, Ellipsoid
SGD 9.91 -47%
SGD 18.74
Aquabeads Mega Bead Pack
  • Use to create bead designs
  • Beads from the house odf aquabeads
  • Stick together by just adding water
  • Suitable for ages 4 years and up
SGD 49.95
Color plastic animal dinosaur pendant
  • 4 yuan 5 A, color random, about 46*32mm
SGD 2.90
Fluffy Floam Slime Putty Scented Stress Relief No Borax Kids Toy Pink - intl
  • Everyone's first reaction to is "What is it?". The second they play with it they never want to give it back to us.
  • Do manual work is delicate, comfortable feel.In stress, anxiety and distracted, can press repeatedly, to adjust the mood
  • Suitable for all ages to play; it is beneficial to the development of children's intelligence, also helps adult decompress, and prevent senile dementia in a certain extent
  • Material:silicone grease
  • Type:plasticine
SGD 7.60 -77%
SGD 33.00
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Pipe Cleaner (Fine Motor Skill)
  • There are so many ways to play with Pipe cleaners
  • Essential for kids' craft activities
  • Can be made into flowers, bugs or even an tiara
  • They are a must have to keep in your kid's craft box
  • Most importantly they can be reused again
  • Size: 30cm x 0.6cm
  • Colours Available: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Light Brown, White, Purple, Pink, Fuschia Pink, Green
SGD 1.50
Dinosaur Fun children's small handmade DIY children's paper-cut
  • 1 to stimulate the child's imagination force, to create LEEHE to issue the ability to 2 to attract Baobao the note force, exercise the small hand flexible of 3 to stimulate children of creative nerve yuan, the IQ, EQ to growing 4 training children the observation force, to promote visual, touch the and other A viariety of functional the development 5 into everyday cognitive content, to knowledge for and to exploreMake : Magic small handmade 3 bookToys type : Handmade origami/origami bookChildren's toys price : 10-30 yuanSuitable for age : 3TSuitable for age : 4TSuitable for age : 5-year-oldSuitable for age : 6-year-old
SGD 2.10 -67%
SGD 6.30
Rainbow Loom 7000pcs Set
  • Assorted coloured rubber bands
  • Comprehensive set with loom, charms, Hook, S-clips, and 7000 pieces of rubber bands
  • Promotes fun and creativity
SGD 12.99 -74%
SGD 49.90
Children Aqua Doodle Drawing Toys 1 Painting Mat and 2 Water Drawing Pen
(1 reviews)
  • Type: Intelligence toys
  • Age: 24 Months+
  • Material: Polyester,NylonDesign Style: Old Master
  • Features: Educational
  • Puzzle Style: Drawing Applicable gender: Unisex
SGD 6.05 -67%
SGD 18.18
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Mungyo Air Dry Clay/Paper Clay - 3 X Colours/ white peach and terracotta
  • 3 colours in one pack white/peach/terracotta
  • Solid & Robust without heating or firing 
  • The wet clay pieces can easily be joined without adding glue 
  • Can be painted and varnished after drying 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Made in Korea
SGD 15.50
Howshow E-Note Paperless LCD Writing Tablet 12 inch White - intl
  • TabletSize: 12 inch / 273*185*4.5mm
  • Main Material: ABS+ Electronic Parts
  • Weight: About 180g
  • Waterproof Level: IPX5
  • Temperature: 5°C - 40°C
  • Battery: 1*CR2016 Button
  • Frequency: 1Hz
  • nput Voltage: AC 36V
SGD 26.40 -50%
SGD 52.80
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Children Aqua Doodle Drawing Toys - intl
(2 reviews)
  • Type:Intelligence toys
  • Age:24 Months+
  • Material:Polyester,Nylon
SGD 5.52 -49%
SGD 10.75
Play-Doh Plus 8-Pack
  • • Pack includes 8 cans of Play-Doh Plus compound
  • • Softer and smoother
  • • Create awesome details
  • • Ages 2 and up
  • • Fun to play with, but not to eat
SGD 13.90 -30%
SGD 19.90
VTech Count and Learn Alphabet Bus
  • The counting toy will take your child on a fun learning adventure; take kids on a musical journey with more than 20 melodies to help them learn to count and spell
  • Place each of twenty-six ABC letter blocks and ten number blocks into the alphabet toy yellow school bus' learning toy responds with letters, phonics and numbers
  • The interactive early learning toy can be personalized to recognize your child's age and the first letter of their name when they plug in that number or letter
  • Toddler toy has fun games that keep kids entertained as they're introduced to counting, everyday words and more with the toy bus; push toy bus also activates when moving
  • The reading toy is great for a 2 to 5 year old boy or girl; 2 AA batteries are included for demo use, use new batteries for regular use
SGD 39.90 -43%
SGD 69.90
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Epoxy Resin Transparent Resin Crystal DIY Soft Glue Clear A 240g B 80g - intl
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and practical
  • Top Sales Item
  • Big Discount
  • Best Material
  • Fast Delivery
  • After testing & Good Service
  • Big Demand
SGD 11.30 -50%
SGD 22.60
New style simulation eggs hand-painted DIY painting
  • Children's toys price : 10 yuan the followingBrand : Poly Yan courtSuitable for age : 3-year-oldSuitable for age : 4-year-oldSuitable for age : 5-year-oldSuitable for age : 6-year-oldSuitable for age : 7-year-oldSuitable for age : 8-year-oldSuitable for age : 9-year-oldSuitable for age : 10-year-oldSuitable for age : 11-year-oldSuitable for age : 12-year-oldSuitable for age : 13-year-oldSuitable for age : 14-year-oldSuitable for age : 14 years old or more
SGD 1.60
Baobao children's name tags
  • 1 set 5 A, factory direct, deficit earn credit, guaranteed quality, bag pro satisfied! Welcome new old client to plans to sample custom Now is the name tags peak of, order after delivery time for: 3 days around delivery.
SGD 3.40 -53%
SGD 7.30
DIY Nursery Children's handmade for making material box sticker
  • [Tmall same paragraph][low price][safety Green][without scissors glue][simple convenient][loss impulse][national][a hundred kinds of style can be selected][4.9 points super counterparts 60% high evaluation, Worth trust]Brand: Xin ChenType: Paste ProductionPrice: 10-30 yuanItem No.: M1-20If a shopping guide video: NoSuitable for age: 3-year-oldSuitable for age: 4-year-oldSuitable for age: 5-year-oldSuitable for age: 6-year-oldSuitable for age: 7-year-oldSuitable for age: 8-year-oldSuitable for age: 9-year-old
SGD 2.40 -49%
SGD 4.70
Modern Painting frame painting Dragon/24383 abstract painting oil painting
  • Size Number: Single
  • Painting Core Material: Oil painting cloth
  • Mounting way: Frameless
  • Style: European
  • Pattern: Plant flower
  • Craft: Hand-painted
  • Thickness: 30mm
  • Picture in the form: Flat
  • Brand: Yi Yang
  • Item No.: ZS24383
SGD 24.70
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Give Your Child a Chance to Create the Best Canvas with Arts Craft Toys in Singapore

Your children can create the most beautiful canvas when you gift them arts craft toys in Singapore. These drawing boards, acrylic paints, creative stickers and nylon brushes are all that your child has been always looking for, to create the best work of art. Using all these together will make you enhance the beauty of your art all the more. These add a great deal of significance and life to your artwork. You will find more delight when you find pictionary in Singapore which is going to elevate your experience of creating remarkable pictures. These pictures will carry the most real and natural effect and with the help of its great stationary, you will be able to bring spontaneity in whatever you make. All the works of art that you create are set to earn both attention and appreciation.

There is a variety of things to serve your drawing needs and interests, one of which includes water painting drawing board. These drawing boards are created in a way that they are reusable, have no harmful chemicals and ink and keep your baby absolutely safe. Using these boards is fairly simple; all you need to do is fill your pen with water and the drawings will quickly disappear in few moments, ready for your baby to doodle again. These boards offer you a lot, ranging from healthy drawing experience for your kids to complete satisfaction for the parent thinking that the kid learning excellent. They will even give your child the opportunity to draw to his heart’s content and then redraw the figures and shapes he has just learned with an easy swipe and clean.

The Best Pictionary & Art Accessories in Singapore

There is a great variation in art accessories available for your perfect art experience, including beach racing motorcycle, blackboard sticker with chalks and more. Beach racing motorcycle is an accessory that will give your little one the feeling of driving a real motorcycle and excite him. He would like to keep playing with it while being fascinated with its numerous colors and shapes. He will have a healthy play time and the parents will have the satisfaction that their kids are playing with the best. This racing motorcycle will even teach them control. Your children will learn to adequately control the movement of their toy motorcycle so it may also prove useful to them in real life.

Another great accessory is the blackboard sticker with chalks. These chalks and stickers will move your child to learn and create new shapes and figures every day. This encouragement of drawing and creating shapes will boost their confidence to learn even more. It is the most creative way of learning for a child. There is no feeling better for a parent to realize that their child is encouraged to learn on his own, without putting any effort. At Lazada, have a hearty and wholesome experience of shopping along with its many perks including its user-friendly filters, free shipping throughout Singapore and 14-day free return on all products.