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Skirt waist skirts denim skirt embroidered flowers in europe and america  

  • Year season : In the summer of 2017

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Product details of Skirt waist skirts denim skirt embroidered flowers in europe and america

simple silhouettesimple colorcommuter travel sports all can wear out and afternoon tea.

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purchase notes

* questionsfrequently asked questions.(please reduce the unnecessary problems to the customer questions

1. and the same store?clothes for the same. shoe and bag is of the original single with a single.

2. how about the quality of clothes?good value and value for money. page in the details of the plan (in addition to outside the model diagram) are real shot there is our reference page the size of the table.

3. what size should i height * weight *?there are our reference size page table, because of each person different we were developed on the basis of the specific size clothes subjective give you recommended size of your combination of page reference size table in the decision about it, don 't suitable changing the size return postage themselves. the ultimate size choose by you decide, we don 't bear the freight to change the size.

4. what time of delivery? why aren 't the shipment?17:40 orders prior to the evening unified delivery, night unified upload a single number. unforeseen circumstances (broken code or when sending the goods on the day of the check clothes defective etc) the second tianfa. if you can 't say on the second day (short stock etc) we will want you in a timely manner.

5. * * stock?under normal circumstances are in stock, please direct photographed payment, out of stock in a timely manner of want or sms inform you. (order more can 't went to check inventory, please direct payments to avoid delays in your time)

7. can ?we all are not , returned return postage themselves.

8. there are/will there * * this paragraph?we didn 't go to is not, if any we will hereafter was now also said no hereafter will there be.

9. seven days no reason returned it?our store is shop 7 days no reason returned, please refer to the specific rules governing the Taobao " 7 days no reason to return " requirement.

* Must Read *purchase notes.
we are the same paragraph ofdon 't store completely the same,accept can 't pro do not shoot.
please split the parcel tallying the goods before you sign, sign for after said fewer pieces of both will not be accepted.
there arequality question please in sign for 48 within hours photographed and contact customer service,after all will not be accepted.
we must ensure that the returnedtag complete, without water, no perfume flavor. otherwise all will not be accepted.
* in order to achieve the return of individuals for the purpose of threat or malicious damage to the difference in assessment buyers goods after we verify refuse and rights complaints *
* the following does not belong to quality problem *
1. the said quality and imagination different, and store the difference. the same paragraph of this shop won 't and store the same, only the pursuit of high similarity. accept can 't pro do not shoot.
2.size is the factory to the reference size, there will be an error within the normal range. customer service recommended size is given according to most customers wearing the customer subjective judgements, as each the specific size is different, if not suitable can change the size of the postage themselves, please don 't put the blame to customer service,the ultimate size choose by you decide, we don 't bear the freight change size.
3. you can own removal of small sizestain, light color clothesmicro spot, clothes fabric ownflavor(general cleaning or dry for a period of time can be will clear itself), clotheswrinkleorbecause of the transport process causedclothes not flatsuch as.
4.invisible thread, chalk trace, needle, individual漏针, skipped stitches, button with less stringent (special it is chiffon,丝类clothes), not flat seam, no obvious traces are not straight etc,does not affect the wearing of small flaws.
5. long time soak aa small amount of bleaching dyeing slightly shrink phenomenon.
6.chromatic aberrationissues, because of every computer display brightness, color, resolution different, indoors look and outdoor see also different, appear chromatic aberration, do not belong to quality problems.
7.have been through it, and under over the water, have peculiar smell, man-made damage and affect the secondary salesof the goods, do not accept returns.
8. commodities have imagined good, don 't value, don 't like etcpersonal subjective factors.
*the following will not provide return service *
1. after receipt of goods not to contact customer service, own returned goods will be rejected.
2. try to damage or deformation after use affect the secondary sales.
3. not tallying the number of clothes and the ability to view commodity is a direct sign for parcel, and subsequent requests for after sales service.

Specifications of Skirt waist skirts denim skirt embroidered flowers in europe and america

What's in the box:
  • 1x item
General Features:
Warranty type No Warranty
Model Not Specified
Listed Year Season Summer
Skirt Style Not Specified
Pattern Not Specified
Clothing Material Chiffon
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