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SGD 3.10 -54%
SGD 6.70
3m3200 dust masks n95 dust mask industrial dust fog and haze polished decoration breathable masks
  • Packing volume : 23*28*6 cm
  • Brand : 3M
  • Gw : 300 grams
  • Item : 3200
SGD 8.50
Smiley pig stereo creative chocolate handmade soap mold candle mold silicone baking mold mousse cake mould
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.
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SGD 4.20
Junichi excellent product disposable face towel cotton towel cleansing towel beauty towel wash towel beauty salon nonwoven paper
  • Brand : According to meters life
  • Material : Pure cotton
  • Towel type : Face towel
  • Applicable object : Generic
  • Product specification (length x width cm) : 20*20
SGD 3.30
Stitching waterproof foam mats puzzle
  • Environmentally safe and nontoxic no irritating smell an authentic mats, national 3c safety certification, eu environmental certification, high density 60% density mats, soft hard moderate, baby and old man fell down when there are very good protective effect, warm, skidproof, waterproof good cleaning, gently wipe it clean! the size of the mat are sent strake
  • Brand : Xin sheng
  • Material : Foam
  • Cleaning type : Can be washed by hand
  • Application scenarios : Household
  • Floor mat for sale mode : Finished carpet (yuan/block)
  • Floor mat suitable for space : In the living room
  • Pattern : Other/other
  • Craft : Weaving machine
  • Style : European style
SGD 5.00 -28%
SGD 6.90
3 M 5N11 Cotton Filter 6200 Mask Respirator N95 Level With 6000 Cartridges 7502 Accessories
  • In conjunction with cartridges 6000 series use
  • Packing volume : 0.025
  • Brand : 3M
  • Safety standards : China GB2626-2006 standards
  • Protection grade : KN95
  • Gw : 9 grams/piece
  • Item : 700705N11
  • Material : Nonwoven
  • Applicable object : Adult
  • Function : PM2.5
SGD 4.00 -17%
SGD 4.80
Wardrobe drawer finishing Partition
  • Colored small partitions, can be free retractable, meet different storage space, to achieve different storage space!
  • Brand : Nc/nachuan
SGD 2.30
Snnei cute poly balcony retractable clothesline pole
  • [Material] using high temperature white antirust paint, antirust capability [novelty] mesh design, increase the structure stability of load up to 5 kg [use] without having to install, easily hang to take, radiator, wall, balcony, all can be hung window use
  • Brand : Poly cute
SGD 4.60
Transparent handbag bag storage bag men and women bag wardrobe storage bag sorting bags dust bag storage bag
  • To increase the size of the design, to meet the needs of different type of bag to accommodate demand, dust and moisture, portable and practical, is your home storage is a good helper.
  • Exporter : Asia
  • Brand : You think living
SGD 2.20
PERSONALIZED pvc wallpaper adhesive wallpaper waterproof bathroom toilet kitchen mosaic tile wall stickers brick pattern
  • [Waterproof adhesive pvc material] [] [oilproof anti dirty]
  • Brand : Regards news
  • Types of wall stickers : Waterproof wall stickers
  • Material : PVC
  • Application of space : Kitchen
  • Style : Simple and modern
  • Denominated in units : M
  • Wall stickers style : Flat wall stickers
SGD 2.20
Acrylic crystal 3d three-dimensional cartoon baby nursery bedroom living room decorative wall stickers for children creative animation
  • Types of wall stickers : Waterproof wall stickers
  • Material : Acrylic
  • Application of space : Children's room
  • Pattern : Cartoon
  • Number of pieces : Other/other
  • Denominated in units : Set
  • Wall stickers style : Three-dimensional wall stickers
SGD 4.30
SGD 6.70
Pet school storage bag children's word card
  • Brand : With beans
  • Material : Oxford
  • Style : Plane
  • Application of space : Door/wall
SGD 8.60
Modern minimalist black big orange gold and silver quartz clock
  • Power type : Battery
  • Shape : Circular
  • The movement type : Sweep movement
  • Dial material : PVC
  • Mirror material : Organic glass
  • Whether double sided : One side
  • Material : Plastic
  • Item : BH76
  • Style : Simple and modern
  • After sales service : Shop three packs
SGD 12.50
Baking cake mold small household large oval cheese cake mould oven cake pan
  • Cookies baking utensils idea stencils, loving the baking of the parents who do not miss it!
  • Brand : IDEA
  • Item : Oval cheese shape cheese cake
SGD 2.10
Small yellow duck mother and son stereo chocolate mousse cake mold fondant cake decoration mold baking handmade soap candle
  • High grade soft silicone molds for food production
  • Uses : Salt candle soap mold chocolate cake decoration mold
  • Material : Food grade silicone mold
  • Characteristics : Food grade silicone texture is clear and easy to demould
SGD 2.10
[Moe little by] double happiness wedding festive red hi word new year cikou absorption refrigerator magnets home decor
  • [Wood avoid can't small bump diaoqi, perfectionist carefully shot] behind strong magnet, can adsorb to iron products above!
  • Brand : [Moe little by]
  • Style : Modern chinese
  • Number of pieces : 1 pcs
  • Denominated in units : Zhang
  • Item : 542
  • Pattern : Wedding
SGD 1.90 -49%
SGD 3.70
Handheld lemon tomato slicer tomato sliced eggs round clip kitchen fruit slicer
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.
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SGD 1.90
Kitchen tool manual pressure garlic device chopper
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.
  • Buy More to Save More on shipping fees. Happy Shopping!
SGD 1.80
Wedding dessert decorative ornaments pot
  • Hand blown glass, electric furnace produced, rushed process effect, underlines the value of handmade art
  • Brand : Arts and crafts YIMO-HOME us home
  • Style : European style
  • Material : Glass
  • Item : H35
SGD 9.10 -48%
SGD 17.40
Restaurant home indoor ultrasonic flea pest repeller repellent insecticide cockroach fly ant gecko electronic insect killers
  • Get rid of this paragraph was carried out using the laws of physics, pests of the most sensitive nervous system and hearing system is affected by low frequency electromagnetic wave stimulation after fleeing the room where unable to withstand the kiss with pests in a certain space a certain volume of feed, killed a pest, would have had a new born pests or intrusive, and pests will never be killed is not the end of the year. besides traditional insecticidal approach there are certain dangers, so insecticide is reasonably safe and effective.
  • Packing volume : 15*15*5
  • Brand : Good jia shu
  • Gw : 0.35 kg
  • Item : Upgrade strengthen edition
  • Whether the rechargeable : Can not be charged
  • Appearance : Conventional
  • Types of packaging : Blister card
SGD 22.90
Explosion models exported to cupcake paper cake stand dessert plate afternoon tea party decorations 27 paragraph
  • Introducing the latest collection from Taobao on Lazada.
  • Buy More to Save More on shipping fees. Happy Shopping!
SGD 1.80
Board ironing rack reinforcement ironing table
(4 reviews)
  • Brand : Aerospace home
SGD 41.50
Chinese-style retro wood grain waterproof self-adhesive paper
  • Thick section is not through the end of the, 3D synchronous wood, that is tear that is stickers
SGD 3.00
Marble kitchen anti-oil stickers
  • Straps stickers tear paste that is waterproof
  • Brand : Delicate woven
  • Material : PVC
  • Item : Crystal lattice
  • Number of pieces : Other/other
  • Denominated in units : M
  • Wall stickers style : Flat wall stickers
SGD 5.20
Modern creative silent quartz wall clock
  • Authentic guaranteed, mute when walking, accurate travel time,10 year worth. and the other to send a small gift (hooks,batteries) creative fashion beautiful atmospheric, give you adifferent home. we guarantee the wall when tested 24 hours walktest and then shipped, as well as its commitments to if there isquality problem we 10 years of free worth.
  • Power type : Battery
  • Packing volume : 35*35 cm
  • Brand : Northern star
  • Shape : Circular
  • Movement brand : Movement of pageant
  • The movement type : Sweep movement
  • Gw : 0.6 kg
  • Dial material : Wooden mdf
  • Mirror material : Wooden mdf
SGD 21.40
White wedding table cake plate
  • 10 inch/8 inch/12 inch
  • Brand : SANDY
  • Material : Iron
  • Item : 1608A03
  • Style : European style
SGD 8.30
SGD 1.90 -10%
SGD 2.10
Soft Memory Foam Bath Bathroom Floor Shower Rug Non-slip Mat
(4 reviews)
  • Soft Velvet Memory Foam Absorbent Bath Bathroom Shower rug Non-slip floor mat
  • Brand : Haveonelife
  • Material : Blended
  • Cleaning type : Can be washed by hand
  • Item : July 11 PX124
  • Application scenarios : Household
  • Floor mat for sale mode : Finished carpet (yuan/block)
  • Floor mat suitable for space : Bedroom
  • Pattern : Stripes
  • Craft : Weaving machine
SGD 4.60
Gold cake bread does not stick cooling rack
  • Official authentic quality assurance assured to buy
  • Brand : CHEF MADE/school kitchen
  • Item : WK9156
SGD 4.60
SGD 4.50
SGD 16.90
anti-bacterial chopping board/chopping block with food slot
  • Size : See details
  • Material : Plastic
  • Types of packaging : Combination of equipment
SGD 7.30
SGD 4.60 -18%
SGD 5.60
Kitchen cabinet door seamless back multi purpose sundries hook towel rack towel hanging double pole
  • Made of high quality iron, seiko spray process, durable, parallel bars design! can be flexible mobile! back door design, without nailing holes, not to hurt the front; can be placed wardrobe hanging stand clothes, scarves, neckties and so on; can also be placed in the kitchen cabinets, drain with a dry cloth, dish towel and so on
  • Brand : 90
  • Load : 1 kg (not included)-3 kg (including)
SGD 1.80
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