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COSRX One Step Pimple Pad (70 Pads)
(5 reviews)
  • One Step Pimple Clear Pads to clear in confidence 
  • Tired of battling unwanted pimples and skin troubles? There’s a much easier and simpler skin solution for you from COSRX
  • The One Step Pimple Clear Pads are made with all-natural ingredients for trouble care, sebum control care, and exfoliation care
SGD 17.90 -10%
SGD 19.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Cetaphil Cleanser 1l Twin + 125ml
(19 reviews)
  • It can be used with or without water
  • Recommended by dermatologists.
  • e. It works without causing skin irritation
  • pH-balanced and it is non-soap formulation
  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and ideal for facial and full body use
SGD 52.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Watsons Box Tissues 3ply (5 X 100's)
(20 reviews)
  • 100% wood pulp with no flourescent additives
  • Ultra soft, strong and absorbent
  • Ideal for your everyday needs  
SGD 4.20 -7%
SGD 4.50
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Orita Charcoal Dehumidifier (650ml X 3)
(20 reviews)
  • Moisture Eliminator, Moisture absorption, anti-mildew and deodorising effects
  • Absorbs twice its weight in water
  • Easy to use
  • Use it in closed storage spaces, e.g. wardrobe, drawer, shoe cabinet
SGD 4.00 -27%
SGD 5.50
MamyPoko Super Jumbo Pants Diaper XXL 38s Girl
  • Super Soft & Stretchable
  • Superior Absorbency
  • New Colour Designs
SGD 26.25
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
HEGEN PCTO™ 150ml/5oz Breast Milk Storage (4-pack) PPSU
  • Express, store and feed within a single container with interchangeable adapters, storage and feeding lids. No wasteful transfer of milk, making every drop count.
  • Organise smartly with snap-on interconnecting storage lids, enhancing stability and allowing multiple containers to bind together effortlessly.
  • Easily stackable when filled, optimizing storage space on-the-go or at home, the practical soft-square bottle design also nestles together neatly when empty.
  • Air-tight and leak-proof storage lids minimises the oxidation of precious nutrients in breast milk and keeps it fresh.
  • Growing with your baby, the storage containers can also be used as a snack cup or to store baby food, semi-solids, puree, biscuits, fruits or even juices!
SGD 42.80
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Dove Nutrium Beauty Nourishing Bodywash 1L
(4 reviews)
  • Longlasting performance
  • Specially-formulated
  • Hydrates your skin intensively while cleans
  • More beautiful skin
  • Visible results
  • Reputable brand
SGD 5.95 -39%
SGD 9.75
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Palmer's Tummy Butter For Stretch Marks 125g
  • Palmer's Tummy Butter is widely recommended for stretch marks during and after pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Bio C-Elaste ® is a powerful combination of Collagen, Elastin, Centella Asiatica, Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil.
  • The addition of Lavender makes Tummy Butter (R) a relaxing nightime treatment.
SGD 19.60 -20%
SGD 24.50
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Watsons Baby Animal Wipes 70s (24 Packets/Carton)
(1 reviews)
  • Close the lid completely to prevent baby wipes from drying
  • formulated for us on babies' delicate skin
  • suitable for grown-ups to use too
  • All Watsons Baby products
SGD 40.00 -17%
SGD 48.00
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Watsons Square Puffs Facial Cotton (Extra 50%
(7 reviews)
  • Made from lint free, premium quality cotton
  • Beautifully soft puff has superior absorbency
  • Ideal for all your cosmetic and skincare needs
SGD 4.20 -14%
SGD 4.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Watsons Transparent Plasters 25's
(4 reviews)
  • Sterilised, ventilated, and water resistant
  • Allow the wound to breathe
  • Help the natural healing process
  • Latex free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
SGD 1.50 -12%
SGD 1.70
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
PHYSIOGEL Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion 400ml
  • Daily use lightweight
  • Fast absorbing body lotion . 
  • Promotes long lasting moisturization to protect against recurring dryness. 
  • Softens and smoothes for visibly healthier skin.
SGD 48.70 -20%
SGD 60.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Johnson's Baby Regular Shampoo 800ml
  • Gently cleanses Hair and scalp
  • No More Tears® formula.
  • As gentle as pure water.
  • Use under Adult Supervision, Keep out of reach of children.
SGD 8.85 -20%
SGD 11.10
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Phytocolor 5 Light Chestnut Twinpack
  • Natural and Paraben Free
  • Intense and vibrant color
  • 100% Hair Grey Coverage
  • Long Lasting hold
  • Highly Effective
  • Permanent Color-treatment
SGD 39.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive 10s
(2 reviews)
  • Ultra-thin
  • Naturally-soft
  • Amazing lubrication
  • Pleasurable fit
  • Pleasent scent
SGD 21.90 -11%
SGD 24.50
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Watsons Fresh Baby Wipes (3 X 20's)
(3 reviews)
  • Formulated for us on babies' delicate skin
  • Suitable for grown-ups to use too
  • Fresh Scent Wipes
SGD 2.50 -38%
SGD 4.00
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Patch 22's
(5 reviews)
  • for your little ones.
  • Keep your young ones safe from mosquito bites
  • formulation providing natural protection
  • Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Patch 22's
SGD 15.50
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Amo Multi-Purpose Solution Easy Rub
  • All-in-one contact lens solution
  • Cleans, rinses, disinfects, stores, rewets & removes lipids & protein
  • Suitable for all soft contact lenses including extended wear lenses
  • Supports eyes natural defenses against microbial invasion
  • Works gently to maintain your eyes in their natural, Healthy state
  • Provides Healthy and long-lasting lens wearing comfort
SGD 19.90 -23%
SGD 26.00
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Curel Moisture Cream 40g
(2 reviews)
  • Ceramide functioning ingredient
  • Eucalyptus extract penetrate 
  • Helps to improve your Skin's
  • Soothe and protect Skin from dryness
  • Highly Effective
SGD 38.80
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Hada Labo Aha/Bha Exfoliating Face Wash Foam
  • Gentle exfoliates skin to remove impurities, dirt & oil trapped within pores. 
  • Polishes away dullness and refines skin's texture for visibly clea, smooth and radiant skin. 
  • It is free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant. 
  • Skin pH balanced. 
  • Low irritation.
  • Suitable for: OilFree
SGD 12.70 -20%
SGD 15.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid SPF 50+
  • PPD 42 gives very high protection against UVA & UVB rays. 
  • This is a sunscreen of the lightest texture that is easy to apply, absorps fast, and has a non-sticky, non-greasy finish - perfect for normal to combination skin. 
  • This sunscren contains a Mexoplex filter system and is photo stable (sun filters maintain their effectiveness for hours after sun exposure).
  • Suitable for SPF > 50  +  Paraben Free
SGD 24.90 -47%
SGD 46.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Dettol Lasting Fresh Anti-Bacterial Body Wash 950ml
  • PH-balanced formula with Dettol's trusted germ-protection
  • Unique long-lasting fresh technology 
  • Cucumber extract leaves you with just showered feeling of freshness and health that fast
SGD 8.30 -20%
SGD 10.40
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Watsons Soft Tip Thermometer
  • Up to 10 seconds fast measurement of body temperature.
  • Automatic storage of last measured temperature.
  • Automatic switch off after approx. 9 minutes for longer battery life.
  • Waterproof
  • Fever alarm
SGD 7.90 -20%
SGD 9.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath
  • 100% soap and alkali-free formulation 
  • Moisture balance in the skin
  • Cleanses gently without drying baby's tender skin
  • Soothes and protects the delicate skin against irritation
  • Recommended for extremely sensitive or dry skin
SGD 13.70
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Smile Makers - The Surfer
  • Powerful and super quiet bullet vibrator for external use
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Safe to use
SGD 29.95
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion
  • Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion
  • Hada Labo Lotion hydrates skin from the surface to inner skin layers for significantly moist, refined and plumped up with smooth bounciness
  • Helps skin absorb rest of skincare products even better.
SGD 18.30 -20%
SGD 22.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Watsons Mint Round Thread Dental Floss Picks (3 X 50's)
(3 reviews)
  • Durable and shred resistant
  • Can slide easily
  • Remove food debris
  • Flexible curved tail end can act as a toothpick
  • Help remove trapped food debris
  • Help freshen your breath
SGD 3.20 -20%
SGD 4.00
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Blackmores Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Advanced 60's
(1 reviews)
  • Premium formulation for mothers to provide optimal support towards baby's healthy development
  • Enhanced with added Selenium, Biotin, Chromium, Vitamin B5
  • Higher levels of Vitamin D3 and a bioavailable
  • Low-constipation and low-nausea form of Iron
  • Contains 20 essential nutrients, including 12 vitamins, 7 minerals and odourless omega-3 fatty acids
SGD 36.00
Swisse Men's Ultivite 60 Tablets / Multivitamin for Men's Health
  • containing 53 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs tailored for men
  •  help provide support during stress,
  • assist with energy production, stamina and vitality
SGD 44.00 -20%
SGD 55.00
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Opti-Free® Pure Moist® Mpds
  • Multi purpose disinfecting solution containing hydraglyde
  • Moisture matrix that provide comfort
  • Moisture from insertion to removal of lens
SGD 18.50
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Watsons Unscented Baby Wipes 70's
(5 reviews)
  • Formulated for us on babies' delicate skin
  • Suitable for grown-ups to use too
  • Uncented wipes
SGD 2.00
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
(1 reviews)
  • Heals acne blemishes
  • Fast acting
  • Prevents future breakouts
SGD 4.90 -17%
SGD 5.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Power Toothbrush
(3 reviews)
  • It removes more plaque than a regular manual brush, leaving teeth feeling clean
  • Reduces up to 2X more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush
  • Oral-B is the #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide
SGD 39.90 -32%
SGD 59.00
COSRX Salicylic ACID Exfoliating Cleanser (150ml)
(3 reviews)
  • -Vegetable skin refreshing components and salicylic acid (Salicylic Acid 100ppm) removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • -Cleanser for skin with trouble. “BHA cleanser eradicates difficult-to-remove dead skin cell and skin trouble”
  • -Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser is cream type, creating micro bubbles to clear away skin waste or makeup residue to stop the sebum in your pores from developing into blackheads and whiteheads.
SGD 11.20 -19%
SGD 13.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
Veet Sensitive Electric Trimmer
  • With new Veet Sensitive Sensitive TouchTM you can now easily achieve the precise look you always wished for.
  • It quickly and gently cuts & shapes your hair on sensitive and delicate body areas such as face, bikini line and underarms.
  • Quick & gentle: easily remove any unwanted hair in one go with no fear of cuts
SGD 44.90
Watsons $7 Off Min Spend $30
GARNIER BB Cream 60ml
  • Brand:GARNIER
  • Model:89040
  • Moisturize with BB Cream by applying to face and neck
  • GARNIER BB Cream 60ml
SGD 19.90
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