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Whisky Style: Japanese
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Hibiki 17 Years Whisky
  • International Spirits Challenge 2012 &2013 - Gold Award and other awards won
  • Nose: Peach, apricot, melon, rose, lily and lemon leaf. 
  • Palate: Very smooth & creamy Toffee, black cherry, vanilla, and Mizunara (Japanese oak). 
  • Finish: Long finish, sweet, fruity, with lychee aftertaste
SGD 379.00 -16%
SGD 450.00
Nikka From The Barrel Whisky Japan 500ML
(1 reviews)
  • Multiple awards winner
  • 500ml
  • Japanese Whiskey
  • Smooth and Easy to drink
  • Item does not come in box & will be bubble wrapped and placed in paper bag
SGD 73.80 -30%
SGD 105.00
Nikka From The Barrel Whisky Japan 500ml x 2
(5 reviews)
  • 500ml
  • Japanese Whiskey
  • Smooth and Easy to drink
SGD 146.90 -33%
SGD 220.00
Hibiki 21 Years Whisky (with Box)
  • Hibiki 21 year old is definitely one of the best blended whisky in the world, whose rich and deep character is inherited from the more expressive single malts of Yamazaki and Hakushu, both vatted with Chita grain whisky.
  • In addition to its tenderly fruity character, its aromatic profile delicately reveals some tasty notes of caramel and honeycomb, but also subtle notes of sandalwood as well as mizunara patiently transmitted by the precious Japanese oak during the long aging period.
  • Bottled in a lovely bottle representing the 24 seasons of the Japanese lunar calendar, this multi awarded 21 year old version of the Hibiki family will seduce the most demanding Japanese whisky lovers by its astonishing quality.
  • Nose: cooked fruit, blackberry, ripe banana, caramel
  • Palate: sandalwood, honeycomb, dried apricot
  • Finish: long, rich, intense 
SGD 685.00 -31%
SGD 999.00
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Yamazaki 18 Years Whisky (with Box)
  • Located in a wet and preserved region at the confluence of three rivers, Katsura, Uji and Kizu, Yamazaki offers ideal conditions for aging whisky
  • Founded in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii, the distillery is known for its fruity character single malts
  •  The Yamazaki 18 year old is both intense and delicate, and the amazing fruity aromas are the result of a decades meticulous work by the Suntory master blenders
  • Mostly composed with whiskies aged in former Sherry casks, the Yamazaki 18 year old inherit all the aromatic caracteristics of sweetness and delicacy
  • Award-winning in international competitions, this 18 year old expression will fully please the great lovers as well as novices wishing to enjoy an exceptional whisky.
  • Nose: raisin, apricot, cafe au lait, mizunara (japanese oak)
  • Palate: blackberry, strawberry jam, dark chocolate
  • Finish: long, spicy, smooth
SGD 745.00 -17%
SGD 899.00
Yamazaki 12 Years Whisky (with Box)
(1 reviews)
  • Founded in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii, the founding father of Suntory, Yamazaki is officially the first single malt distillery in Japan
  • Chosen for its very different from climate from Scotland, Yamazaki area on the outskirts of Kyoto is renowned for the purity of its water sources
  • Worthy heir of the Suntory expertise in distillation and aging, Yamazaki 12 year old single malt is subtle and elegant with rich fruit flavors. The complexity will delight all lovers and is ideal for beginners who want to begin with japanese whiskies
  • Nose: peach, pineapple, grapefruit, clove, candied orange, vanilla, mizunara (japanese oak)
  • Palate: coconut, cranberry, butter
  • Finish: sweet ginger, cinnamon, long finish
SGD 249.00 -17%
SGD 300.00
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Yamazaki Single Malt 12 years Original Box
  • Nose: Good body with plenty of nut oils and zest, a pleasant floral character with a little tropical fruit and a rooty note
  • Palate: Smooth and soft with good sweetness and winter spice
  • A lovely citrus note develops with more tropical fruit notes and a little rum
  • Finish: Medium with fruit and zest
SGD 248.00 -36%
SGD 390.00
Hibiki 17 Limited Edition Japanese Whisky
  • Multi Awards Winner
  • Limited Edition
  • Chrysanthemum & Crane symbolizing Prosperity and Longevity
  • Specially designed to embody the beauty of Japanese Nature
SGD 638.00
Nikka Coffey Grain 70cL
(1 reviews)
  • Award winner
  • Made the special Scottish Coffey stills
  • Unique distillation method
  • 45.0% ABV
SGD 121.90 -13%
SGD 140.00
Yamazaki Limited Edition 2016 Original Box (Cheapest in SG)
  • •   Nose: Dried dark raisins, freshly baked bread, white oats, crisp green alfalfa, banana, red dates, refreshing sweet mint •   Palate: Caramelised brown sugar, toffee nut, clotted vanilla cream, light peat •   Finish: Medium. Smooth, mellow and sweet aftertaste balanced with sherry tannin
SGD 328.00 -44%
SGD 590.00
Yamazaki 2015 Limited Edition Whisky
  • Single malt whisky
  • 2015 Limited Edition
  • Blend of single malts: 20yo Sherry cask & 20yo port cask and young bourbon barrel
SGD 339.00 -4%
SGD 353.00
Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014 (Cheapest in SG)
  •   Fresh, citrus fruits, passion fruits, tropical fruits, touch of sweet vanilla and oak wood
  •   Oily and liquorice, fruity like citrus fruits, oranges, mint drops, ginger, spices, peppery
  •   Finish - Long and warm, very smooth
SGD 478.00 -40%
SGD 795.00
Ichiro's Malt Chichibu The Peated 2015 Cask Strength Japanese Whisky
  • Category Single Malt from Japan Distillery Chichibu Bottler Distillery Bottling Bottling serie Ichiro's Malt - The Peated Vintage 2011 Bottled 2015 Casktype Barrels & Hogsheads Strength 62.5 % Vol. Number of bottles 5980 Size 700 ml
SGD 588.00
YAMAZAKI 2014 Limited Edition Single Malt Japanese Whisky
  • The Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014 is composed of three single malts
  • A single malt aged 20 years in sherry casks made out of European oak ; these barrels were used for maturing red wines.
  • Another single malt aged 20 years in port wine casks made out of European oak ; these barrels were previously used for maturing port wines.
  • A young single malt aged in bourbon barrels made out of American white oak.
SGD 488.00
Nikka Black Special 720ml
(2 reviews)
  • 720 ML
  • Blended Japanese Whiskey
  • Creamy and Malty
SGD 82.00 -18%
SGD 100.00
Yamazaki 18 Years Whisky
  • International Spirits Challenge 2013 & 2014 - Gold medal and other awards won.
  • It’s a masterpiece with deep-rooted, mature notes.
  • This full-bodied whisky is slowly matured over 18 years in sherry butt casks
SGD 799.00 -6%
SGD 850.00
Kirin Fuji Sanroku 18 yo Single Malt Japanese Whisky
  • Limited: Production
  • Category: Single Malt from Japan
  • Distillery: Fuji Gotemba
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Bottling series: Kirin - Fuji Sanroku
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Strength: 43.0 % Vol.
  • Size: 700 ml
SGD 535.00
Nikka 17 years Whisky (Original Box) Cheapest in SG
  • WON the world’s top prize in a prestigious contest in Britain for the second straight year
  • Good Quality
  • World Whiskies Award chose Taketsuru 17 years as the BEST BLENDED Malt Whisky for 2015!!
SGD 250.00 -37%
SGD 395.00
Yamazaki 2015 Limited Edition
  • A No-Age whisky consisting of 3 types of malt:
  •  20-year-old Yamazaki whiskies aged in sherry casks; 
  • 20-year-old Yamazaki whiskies aged in ex-port casks; and a younger Yamazaki malt matured in Bourbon barrels
SGD 500.00
Hakushu 18 Years Japanese Whisky 700mL
  • Colour: Deep Gold Aroma: Ripe fruit with slightly smoky aroma Palate: Honey-sweet and acidic sweet Finish: Ripe fruit with smoky aroma and pleasant long aftertaste
SGD 488.00
Hibiki Whisky 12 Years Old (500ml)
  • Color: Shiny amber
  • Nose: Pineapple, plum, raspberry, honey, hibiscus
  • Palate: Banana, pomegranate, custard, pink pepper
  • Finish: Sweet, asour and complex
SGD 228.00 -23%
SGD 298.00
Yamazaki 12 Years Whisky (No Box)
  • Many international awards won
  • Japan's premiere single malt with a delicate 
  • And elegant taste that makes it a superbly drinkable whisky with layers of complex aromas
SGD 250.00 -7%
SGD 270.00
Taketsuru 21 Year Old (With Box)
  • Awards Won: World’s Best Blended Malt Whisky (2010), Gold at the ISC in 2012, 2010, 2009, and 2008.
  • Blend of Elegance and Complexity. Excellent in the nose and palate, bringing strong flavours of Long, good oaky grip with a perfect balance of spice
  • The complex changes in character that appear as the finish approaches
SGD 380.00 -3%
SGD 390.00
Nikka Taketsuru 21 Years with Original Box
  • Nose: Plenty of oak influence with notes of prunes and soy sauce. Cocoa, espresso beans, almost a touch of anise
  • Palate: Spices, black pepper, loads of tangy sherry, hints of turmeric and other spices
  • Finish: Long, good oaky grip with a perfect balance of spice
SGD 366.00 -38%
SGD 590.00
Yamazaki 18 Years (With Box)
  • Awards: Gold Medal International Spirits Challenge 2013 & 2014
  • Rich with mature autumn fruit and Mizunara (Japanese oak)
  • Palate: blackberry, strawberry jam, dark chocolate with a long smooth finishing with a tinge of spicyness
SGD 749.00 -24%
SGD 990.00
Hibiki Japanese Harmony
  • Color: Amber
  • Nose: Rose, lychee, hint of rosemary,
  • mature woodiness, sandalwood
  • Palate: Honey-like sweetness, candied orange peel, white chocolate
  • Finish: Subtle, tender long finish, with hint of Mizunara (Japanese oak)
SGD 168.00
Yamazaki 2014 Limited Edition Whisky
  • Single malt whisky
  • 2014 Limited Edition
  • Blend of single malts: 20yo Sherry cask & 20yo port cask and young bourbon barrel
SGD 488.00 -11%
SGD 550.00
Hibiki 17 Years Miniature 50ml
(1 reviews)
  • International Spirits Challenge 2012 & 2013 - Gold Award and other awards won
SGD 40.00
Suntory Kakubin Whisky
  • Colour : Pale Gold
  • Aroma : Vanilla and butterscotch, with hints of peat and spice
  • Palate : Soft on the palate with notes of citrus
  • Finish : Smooth and slightly spicy with a pleasant vanilla aftertaste
SGD 69.40
Nikka Premium All Malt 70cL
  • Nikka Japanese whisky
  • All-malt production method
  • Pure malt whisky
SGD 75.00 -32%
SGD 110.00
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Shinshu Mars Twin Alps Whisky
  • The Twin Alps Whisky from the MARS distillery is a good value for money for entry level blended whisky It is full bodied with an oaky wood fragrance
SGD 90.00 -18%
SGD 110.00
Twin Alps Japanese Whisky
  • The Twin Alps Whisky from the MARS distillery is a good value for money for entry level blended whisky
  • It is full bodied with a oaky wood fragrance
  • Japanese whisky
SGD 115.00
  • Category Blend from Japan Distillery Sasanokawa Shuzo Bottler Distillery Bottling Bottling serie Fine Blended Whisky Bottled 2015 Strength 40.0 % Vol. Size 700 ml Label Black Label 
SGD 188.00
Hibiki Harmony
  • Awards: SWSC DOUBLE GOLD2016
  • Comes without the box
  • Limited stocks
SGD 155.00
Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt (Cheapest in SG)
  • Nose: Barley sugars, red apples, dried pears, lemon pie, nougat, apricots, subtle wild flowers
  • Palate: Lemon sherbet, barley sugars, dried pears, oak, nougat, marzipan, a little smoke and ash
  • Finish: Nougat, macadamia nuts, barley, oak, ash, mineralized water
SGD 149.00 -49%
SGD 290.00
Japanese Whisky Taster Set
  • 50ml Single Malt Miyagikyo
  • 50ml Single Malt Yoichi
  • 50ml Hibiki 17 Years Old
  • 50ml Yamazaki 12 Years Old
  • 50ml Hakushu 12 Years Old
SGD 198.00
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The New Generation of Whisky in Singapore

This alcoholic beverage is made from fermented grains like barley, corn, and wheat that is ideally stored in wooden barrels for the best ageing process and keep the flavor at its finest. Whiskey, is popular among men who are in the older generation or for those who have to trim down on several ingredients of other alcoholic beverages such as malt in beer. This liquor is actually classified depending on the longevity of the fermentation, and the grains used, some regions also have their special process of making whisky, especially when it comes to the fermenting agent.

Whisky is commonly attributed to those in the middle class because of the price and flavor. It can also be offered in special gatherings such as formal dinners and business meetings of elite businessmen, it is not as heavy as beer because it has limited calories, but it usually has a stronger proof compared with other liquors.

Elegant Taste of Scotch Whisky

There are lots of whisky brands that offer this drink in different concentration and length of storage. Most men prefer drinking those which are actually aged for a longer time than the new ones, especially for those who want the best aroma and flavor. It is usually served on the rocks (with ice) to give the drink with a different twist in order to smoothen the taste.

For those who want to have a bottle or two, there are lots of Kavalan whisky among the long list of the liquor that is available from the country's leading online shop. Place your order and pay for the items that you desire with the most convenient method whether credit or debit card or cash on delivery. You can have the items delivered right at your doorstep as these alcoholic beverage is available for nationwide shipping.

    Japanese Whisky

  • Age: Most Japanese whisky that are available in this site are fermented for 17-30 years and beyond
  • Features: This kind of whisky usually has a fresh and complex aroma that is not too hard to smell. This type of alcohol ideally has a sweet and lasting taste.
  • Blend and Finish: Japanese whisky has a clean mix of fruits, chocolate, and spices that is pleasing to the palate
  • Brands: Hibiki, Habushu, and Yamazaki offer the best aged and tasty Japanese Whisky

    Old Whisky

  • Age: Some old whisky are considered as single malts. It is usually fermented for at least 18 years
  • Features: This kind of whisky usually fruit and spice combination to achieve balance from the strong flavor and sweet aroma.
  • Blend and Finish: Old whisky ideally has a wood and oak finish when it comes to flavor and smell
  • Brands: Chivas Regal, Auchentoshan, and Tomatin offer the best mix of old whisky