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Yarn-dyed thick feelings modern[Xin mom Old coarse] quilt  

  • Pattern : Stripes
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Product details of Yarn-dyed thick feelings modern[Xin mom Old coarse] quilt

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dyed cotton, three-dimensional sense of technology has increased this product is delicate, feel more plump.

dyed technique is a new kind of environmental protection, color than ordinary fabrics dyeing and printing to be bright, bright, is not easy to fade after washing, still like new, while high requirements of cotton yarn dyed, cotton texture more okay, more soft.

100% cotton handmade old coarse yarn dyed fabrics, soft, delicate, color fashion, elegant, don 't deformation, can not ball, on the human body without any side effects.

color very like.

to boldly challenge the visual experience of consumers and home experience.

very simple,

but it goes without saying that gorgeous style.

with dark wood furniture,

or the white light of the classical style bedroom furniture,

create the style bedroom of understated luxury.

this color comparison of wild,

belonging to a natural style, advocated a return to nature.

in the indoor environment may be manifested in the pastoral life of leisure, comfortable, natural taste,

create a natural, simple, elegant atmosphere.

some boys responded badly to buy bedding,

this paragraph is a good choice oh.

this section of fabric is very thick,

texture also very uniform.

this is the batch of cloth volume does not have much time left,

like pro can don 't hesitate oh.



include: one quilt

texture: 21 cotton yarn dyed old coarse

weight: about 3 kg

size:148*220 170*220 198*240 220*240 240*250 (please allow slight error)


many people miss the coarse, because such a nostalgic, back to nature, love its gentle and quiet, as well as the wash after the magnificence of rustic. gently touch, there is always a special kind of comfort and warmth, like listening to a song from an old song, look at a department of childhood see over and over again on the old piece of black and white, reminiscent of the old hometown of nearby buildings had, coarse twine, earthenware, porcelain altar, youth campus with an outing. old coarse represents a simple, nostalgia. the more grown up from the plight of the people, the more of miss the cloth. in the years of silks and satins, miss
cotton and denim; those for rustic single
pure stuff, always memorable. the new year firecrackers, let people feel heavy, and want to childhood world of ice and snow, childhood mic sound, i want candles in the village of scurrying about jumping back alley wearing denim 's new clothes. snow under the yellow soil, fragrance waft confetti cannons bombed with years of air. miss tubman in cities, not miss the homespun, is a kind of life experience, a distant affection, a period of history. as a matter of fact, miss is to cherish, who learned to value, who also just approaching maturity. isn 't it?



before making must see ~ ~ ~ we must see oh



★ hand woven cloth due to its restrictions on the production process, basic is 50 centimeters wide, also there is one metre wide, very little. so are spliced together by a couple of sheets (no not hand knit stitching), but the absolute won 't bring you any discomfort feeling; this is the biggest characteristic of denim, buy before the best look a look at the description, do not accept this characteristics of coarse pro best don 't shoot, lest because misunderstanding us unhappy.

★ in addition, cotton stuff will shrink, basically in about 5-8%. bedding is basically in the shop once under the water, basic won 't shrinkage of the horizontal, only vertical shrink. there are also individual commodity is the cloth only after 7 to do after shrink processing, so buy upon arrival they don 't tried, this specific are described.

★ cloth that will not fade. wasn 't the real boxing specialty old denim fade.
★ due to is handmade there may be more or less a little flaws, because is handmade knitted, are inevitable thread joints and jumper, but does not affect the use of, but only makes it more telling is handmade, very mind buyers to consider clearly make another.

★ there to say is color. all is handmade old coarse wiring, just as no two pieces of the same leaves in the world, like old coarse with shades of out of line and pattern details every time also don 't may exactly the same, but ma xin try to update faster photo, picture with in-kind as much as possible synchronization; but sometimes two days update, xin before time and energy, what if it wasn 't noticeable difference, may not change the photograph has, so if pro received in-kind with pictures have the nuances of, please don 't be too surprised.

plain cloth, thick, giving people a real feeling, this is what i like where it is, it can be no modern high technology machinery made out of woven bedding as gorgeous. if you are from a practical viewpoint, that it 's the best product choice.

photo is all the shopkeeper own in-kind shooting, at a modest level. because of the camera, display reason such as, physical color may and pictures vary somewhat, please color special care about buyers want to make another good.


postage instructions:


pay attention to listen--ah---do the little movement, pro to be distracted pay attention to have, this link is just one step of interest, because it concerns the wallet, heh heh. ma xin also makes every effort to give you save money, the freight costs are minimized.

ma xin home default express delivery is through courier, if there are special systems designated courier need to send, advance to the ma xin or customer service say hello, or take the time to leave a message in indicate, all of that does not specify the walk through, through not to ems.

1. special pay attention to: because most of the shop items large size, heavy weight, so that there is no more than items considered a postage, postage will be according to your need depending on the total weight of goods.

2. store the default guangxi guizhou yunnan gansu xinjiang freight is not correct, these places are relatively expensive, so specific to negotiate with the treasurer to give practical effect to the city. as well as beijing and tianjin hebei jiangsu zhejiang and other places of the freight is relatively cheap, so if you buy multiple items, would like to add my voice to specific consulting dispensers. in the province of a kilo is 6 yuan, a kilo of added weight plus one dollar; jiangsu zhejiang tianjin hebei such is the first weight 8 yuan, continued heavy 2 yuan. this is the cheapest region, the other is the first weight 10 yuan, continued heavy 6 yuan, 7 yuan, 8 yuan, 10 yuan, 15 yuan a.

2. choose express buyers, please carefully check the parcel before signing receipt of integrity, if there is breakage of drag in commodity, please refused to sign, otherwise, the owner was unable to your loss to compensate, hope you can understand.


Specifications of Yarn-dyed thick feelings modern[Xin mom Old coarse] quilt

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General Features:
  No. 2 blue and white strip
  220x240 cm
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