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Get the FNN and 100 Plus Products to support your active lifestyle

Active lifestyles require support in terms of the right food and drinks. Cooking the right food can go a long way in ensuring that you are able to create the kind of body you seek. On the other hand, making sure you have the right drinks ensures that you stay hydrated while doing so. Since hydration is necessary when you exercise, FNN and 100 Plus products can ensure that you supply your body with the necessary nutrients. While most people carry a bottle of water for this, isotonic and non-carbonated drinks such as 100 plus go a step further. You can stock your home with a 12 pack 1.5 L bottles of the lemon-lime flavored drink. This is now available at a low price of just SGD 22.80 When you exercise you lose a lot of fluids depending on how much your sweat and if you feel the need to hydrate sufficiently, you should opt for a drink that not only just hydrates but provides certain essential vitamins such as B3, B12, and B6 that you can lose during your exercise routine.

Heat is another important factor to consider when you choose to replace body fluids. Even if you do not exercise, being out in the sun for long hours can be draining and here too, a drink that can combat the exertion and dehydration effectively is required. It is for this reason that you must buy 100 plus. You can buy a 24 pack 325ml bottles at just SGD 15.90 instead of the SGD 28.00 that it is normally sold at. So, you save a whopping 43% on the original cost.

Energize and enjoy these fabulous drinks at great prices

One of the key things most people look for in a drink is the ability to quench your thirst along with a taste. With several flavors available in this range, you can pick up quite a few drinks that can quench your thirst and keep you feeling satisfied and energized at the same time. If the calorie count worries you, opt for the 100 plus Zero Calorie drink brought to you by Fraser and Neave in Singapore. A bundle of 24 pack 500 ml bottles is now available at just SGD 25.90 instead of the original SGD 35.00

Fitness has taken on several meanings with time and while there are tons of diets that are doing rounds, the only one that stays constant is the need to stay active with an exercise regime that works for you. Enjoy and use the wonderful drinks manufactured by Fraser and Neave to stay energized. Use Lazada to order these products up as you can enjoy free shipping and a 14-day free return policy.

Why choose FNN?

  • Apart from keeping you hydrated, these drinks energize and revitalize.
  • All the drinks are non-carbonated and combat exertion effectively.
  • You can take a pick from the zero calorie drinks as well.