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Innovation of 3M Singapore

This company has provided a lot of items that are useful in the different sectors, may it be health, consumer electronics, home and office needs. It is remarkable that 3M has remained as one of the world's most diverse company with so many things to offer its consumers here and around the world. It has moved and innovated the way of living of its customers by making environment-friendly products that are beneficial and affordable at the same time. In one way or another, a home can be filled with the brand's items, this is how the brand has made its products: something for everyone.

The best household names Nexcare, Post-it, and Scotch-Brite are also market leaders under this one big brand name. 3M products list is long as it includes printers, projectors, notes, flags, and memo board among its office essentials. Electronics, Electrical & Communications is also one of the company's specialty as it provides advanced and enhanced solutions for improved telecommunications. It has also some offerings for the transportation sector as it creates high-quality abrasives, tapes, films, adhesives, and specialty materials. Check out 3M products online by shopping at the country’s leading online shopping website – Lazada Singapore. Whether you’re looking for 3M adhesives or 3M tapes, you can get all of these at discounted prices. Buy 3M items now and take advantage of Lazada’s free nationwide shipping with 14-day free returns.

Quality 3M Items for You and Your Home

This company continuously creates 3M new products for healthcare as it needs to address the first aid and advanced life support needs for millions of people around the world. It has produced Nexcare first aid products including stethoscopes, face masks, and wound care solutions for home and hospital use.

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Why choose 3M products?

  • The brand is one of the top diverse companies in the world.
  • Their products have gained the trust of millions of consumers worldwide.
  • The products of the said brand are made out of quality products.

    Electronics Design and Manufacturing

  • Items Available: 3M creates abrasives for electronics finishing, chemicals for electronics markets, and tapes and adhesives.
  • Uses: The items here have great impact in keeping engineering foundation intact and whole.
  • Features: These adhesives and electrical essentials are cost-efficient and chemicals with responsible environmental properties.

    Health Care

  • Items Available: The brand offers durable stethoscopes, dental set, skin & wound care.
  • Uses: These items are very ideal for first aid as the brand is committed to providing the health care community with innovative solutions.
  • Features: These items are easy to use and prevent infection.

    Home Essentials

  • Items Available: Scotch Brite, Command, and Water Purification for home needs.
  • Uses: The home essentials from 3M became household names for a long period of time.
  • Features: These items make life easier because of its efficiency.