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Audioengine is redefining entertainment in a whole new way!

Whether you are listening to music or watching movies, the experience is never complete unless the sound is awesome! And speakers can achieve that for you easily and even add a trendy edge to your living or media room. With technology constantly evolving, you can now buy the best speakers in the market without even having to step outside your home. Wondering how? That is because Audioengine brings you stylish and powerful speakers in elegant white, black and wooden hues. If you love something funky and bold, their bright red speakers can be perfect for you. So now, not only will you get to enjoy the true stereo quality sound, but the speakers will make your entertainment unit fashionable. Pick models in walnut or bamboo finishing if you have a wooden TV unit, or go for black or white as they are timeless.

The powered speakers come with in-built power amplifiers and can be connected to your computer, TV, smartphone, tablet or any other audio device for superior and seamless sound. Each model is accompanied by remote control, speaker wire, detachable power cord, audio cables, guide, product brochure and such. These speakers are easy to install and you can buy desktop speaker stands as well for more stability. These fashionable stands are portable and ideal when you want to position the speakers at a certain angle. You can buy all of this from the online shopping portal of Lazada Singapore by placing an order from the comfort of your home.

Buy Audioengine products and pick from a wide variety

Besides premium quality speakers, the brand also offers Digital to Analog Converters, which you can simply plug in and play. These are portable and let you bypass the soundcard of your computer or headphone output by sending audio through optical or USB. It acts as a digital interface between your music system and computer and can enhance sound quality manifold. Compact and easy to install, these converters come with the high-performance headphone amp. The wireless speaker is another exciting product you can go for if you like minimalism and don’t have enough space to accommodate traditional speakers. These take only seconds to be installed and streams audio from any device enabled with Bluetooth.

Wireless speakers also come with Bluetooth speaker, power cable, antenna, audio cable, speaker bag made of microfibers and a handy guide. So now, treating your senses to the goodness of great sound is no longer a dream! Just check out the range of Audioengine products on Lazada Singapore, and pick the one that suits your need best. Make the most of other benefits like free shipping and 14-day free returns as well. Hence, if you receive a product that seems defective, you can send it back without any hassle.

Why choose Audioengine?

  • Famous brand for premium quality and stylish speakers that promise peerless sound quality.
  • Products promise versatile connectivity with computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TV.
  • Enhance your experience of listening to music, watching movies or playing games with the products.