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Go for green, let’s go cycling!

Cycling bikes is the easiest and most convenient mode of transportation from one point to another. It is commonly called bike. Having a bike does not mean that an individual does not have money to ride a public vehicle or use his or her own car. This can mean that the individual is saving the environment by using wheels that has no carbon emission. It is also good for the health because it serves as an exercise to an individual. It has a dual purpose rather than most modes of transportation.

Types and Kinds to Buy

There are many version of a bike. A mountain bike is used for outdoor trips and will suit the user that likes to explore and does not fear heights to help the user go up and down the mountains, gears are made to change the grip simultaneously while going up and down. A fixed gear bicycle is used for long distance travel and for racing in competitions. This is commonly used by individual that loves to travel for hours using only their bikes and it has no gears so the user won’t have difficulties cycling even for hours and by users that are into competition and by users that goes to work in the morning. Because of its flexibility, this is recommended by others that lived near their respective workplace. There is this bmx bike that is often used by exhibitionists. These are perfectly made for tricks that a normal bike can’t do. It is small and weighs only 22-25lbs. These bikes can help save our environment from dangerous gases and is practiced by others.

    Mountain Bikes

  • Material: Most Mountain bikes are made from Stainless Steel, some are made from Alloy and Titanium, others are made of Aluminum and Carbon Fiber
  • Features: Before purchasing mountain bikes, one must know first its features. Most mountain bikes has stronger brakes, functional wheels, paddle and thumb shifters and comfortable saddle or seat
  • Types: Cross Country, Full Suspension, Down Hill and Free Ride are the types of mountain bikes one can choose from
  • Brands: Extreme Bikes, Hubu, Mars Kingdom and Sava are some of the most popular brands offer mountain bikes in the market
  • Advantage: Great company for recreation activities

    Kids Bikes

  • Material: Made from Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Alloy frames
  • Features: They come in eye catching colorful designs and sizes children will love about. Features include removable training wheels, durable steel frame, effective brakes for stopping, handle bar and carrier basket either front or back
  • Brands: Brands offer kids bikes are Mars Kingdom and Diamond Back
  • Advantage: At a young age, children able to learn ride a bicycle, allows them to play and enjoy their childhood days

    Folding Bikes

  • Material: Folding bikes are usually made from Steel that makes them heavy
  • Features: Most folding bikes comes with easy folding, lightweight and compact, designed well, interchangeable tires and has luggage carriers
  • Brands: Doppelganger, Mars Kingdom, Strida, Tern and Extreme Bikes are some of the top provider of folding bikes
  • Advantage: Can be substitute to cars or motorcycles, cheaper in price, and ideal as public transport