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All adventure seekers who are interested in mountain climbing or rock climbing need proper training in it and also the right kind of gear to be able to do it. Both of these are integral to the whole process and one cannot do without the other. So it is important that you learn all the tricks of the trade before going off on an expedition and also ensure that you have all the basic equipment and that too of premier quality. There are many companies that make climbing great today but not all are great. Some might offer all the products but their quality could be questionable. So it is important to do a thorough research on climbing gears and read reviews of users before buying from any seller.

Many good brands sell climbing gear in Singapore. Look for one that has a wide variety and has been on the market for a few years. Also, the seller should have a few outlets or servicing centers in case of any repairs or returns. Some of the must-have equipment to do any kind of climbing includes dynamic climbing rope, rope bag, quickdraws, harness, helmet, good climbing shoes, gloves, pulley rope, tactical pouch, heavy webbing strap, hanging hook, paracord bracelet, and climbing holds. Besides these, there are many more specialized items that are specific to the kind of climbing you do, such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, skiing or others.

Checklist for choosing and using proper climbing gear

It is important to note a few things while buying and using climbing gear. This will hold you well in the long run. For instance, always buy the best quality climbing ropes as they are your lifeline while climbing, and keeping checking them for any kind of worn parts in the sheath. Webbing and slings are usually made out of nylon or other high-tech materials and get worn out. Junk them if the slings are fuzzy, if there is abrasion, or if they have irregular pattern or texture. Carabiners also tend to wear out fast so look out for deep grooves at the bottom of carabiners. If there is any crack in the frame especially on the nose, retire them immediately. Climbing harness is also a key part of the gear. Always check that all the parts of the harness are intact. Look out for any wear and tear of the belay loop or frayed nylon straps.

With these easy-to-follow guidelines, your climbing experience will always be safe and successful. Also, ensure you buy from the best. One of the best places to buy any kind of climbing gear in Singapore is Lazada. This online shopping portal has gear from all the world-renowned brands. All the products are available at discounted prices and what’s more, we do not charge any shipping fee. So you can get your product at the least possible price right outside your doorstep. Also, in case of any defective or damaged product, we are ready to take it back and offer a full refund under the 14-days free returns scheme. So what’s stopping you now? Make a list of all the climbing equipment you ever wanted and buy it from Lazada!