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Enjoy chilled coke from the Coca Cola official store

One of the most popular beverages around the world is Coke. This sparkly, brown soda has become so popular that no party or get together is complete without it.  Most restaurants and fast food joints serve the drink and anytime you feel tired or down, a sip of this cold drink can make you more active. If you love Coco Cola too, then you can now buy it with a click of a button from the Coca Cola official store on Lazada's website.

Coco Cola is a brand that was founded in the year 1886 in the United States. This carbonated beverage is made from Coca leaves and Kola nuts, both of which give your body the much needed caffeine rush. There are so many variants of this drink that you can buy these days. If you are planning to host a party soon or are inviting friends over, do checkout the Coca Cola official store and buy the right sized cases today.

Choose from a wide variety of beverages from the Coca Cola official store in Singapore

The Coco Cola regular is the original and most chosen flavor when it comes to this drink. The right amount of sweetness, the hit of the soda punch and the strong caffeine after taste leaves you feeling fresh and active after just a few sips. You can now place an order for the Coca Cola regular case pack on Lazada Singapore’s website easily. These come in 12 pieces of bottles, measuring 1.5 L each. Since the product is from the official store, you do not have to worry about getting fake products. Coco Cola light is a fast catching up, popular flavor around the world. For people who are calorie conscious, this is sugar and calorie free, giving you the same crisp taste without the extra sugar and calories added. If you are working out and counting your calories, then this is a smart choice. The Coca Cola light case pack can be bought over Lazada and you can opt for free shipping option on the website.

Lazada's Coca Cola official store in Singapore offers free cash on delivery too when you make a purchase. The delivery address can be anywhere in Singapore. Once you receive the case packs, you can choose to drink them or in case you change your mind about the purchase, giving them back is easy too. The 14-day free returns policy helps to opt for a refund.

Why choose Coco Cola?

  • Products from this brand are sold in almost all countries
  • This brand has extensive testing and research centres to ensure quality and safety
  • The product offers different varieties of drinks at affordable prices