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Fly In Style With Delsey Luggage

Frequent fliers and curious travelers need to have sturdy luggage that will protect and store their precious personal items while in transit. With the wide availability of options for sale, consumers gravitate towards products that reflect their personal style as well as address their needs. Delsey is a globally recognized and renowned brand that delivers high-quality baggage solutions to consumers all over the world. The company was established in 1946 by Mr. Delahye and the brothers Seynhaeve. They started out by making a lineup of leather cases for cameras and related equipment. They first tested the waters of the luggage industry in the 1970s with their lineup of rigid bags under the collection of Delsey Airstyle. The brand is known for their revolutionary ideas that respond the changes of needs of consumers. Delsey luggage is made to adapt to various forms of travel, and are designed to offers a ton of functionality without compromising style.

Delsey Singapore: Manufacturing High-Quality Suitcases

The brand offers a diverse lineup of products to cater to the various needs of users. There are so many positive Delsey luggage reviews which attest and affirm the trusted reputation of the brand. Those times may change and the company develops many innovations that make travel easier and more convenient, they remain faithful to their chic Parisian origins and history. The brand offers a lineup of trolley cases that are favored by travelers and frequent fliers. These are wheeled bags of varying sizes to accommodate the needs and personal belongings of consumers. They also have a diverse range of casual bags that can double as travel bags as well, such as backpacks, duffle bags, and messenger bags.

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Why choose Delsey?

  • Delsey is an internationally recognized and renowned brand.
  • The brand has made various practical innovations in the luggage industry.
  • The brand offers a diverse range of luggage items to suit the needs and preferences of users.

    Trolley Cases

  • Upright Trolley: This is the brand’s largest type of trolley case. It is ideally used as check-in baggage in airlines, designed to accommodate a bulk of items.
  • Boardcase Trolley: This is a medium-sized trolley bag with that can accommodate most of the needs of travelers. It is the perfect size for quick business trips.
  • Cabin Trolley Case: This is a medium-sized wheeled bag that fits the limitations of most carry-on baggage. It is a compact and versatile choice for frequent fliers.

    Small Bags and Luggage

  • Backpack: This is a double-strapped dome-shaped bag that is normally used to carry a bulk of everyday essentials. It can be used on a daily basis but is also great for your travel needs.
  • Duffle Bag: This is a large cylindrical bag with a shoulder strap and two short top handles. It is commonly used by athletes on a regular basis for training, but it can also be used for storing a large amount of personal objects for travel.
  • Messenger Bag: This is a casual rectangular shoulder bag with enough storage space for a single day’s travel. It can be used as carry-on luggage.