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Take care of your skin and hair with products from Essano

Hair care and skin care industries are flourishing – all because of everybody’s desire to have flawless skin and shiny, lustrous hair. Though centuries back people used to depend on natural ingredients like turmeric, milk, aloe vera, and others for their skincare and hair care, today’s busy lifestyle leaves them no time for elaborate natural skincare and hair care rituals. Hence, people are opting for packaged products that claim to give them their desired skin and hair. However, not all these packaged products yield the desired results and many times even have harmful effects on the skin. However, products from Essano are known to deliver what they promise and thus have become quite popular in recent times.

You can buy Essano hair mask, moisturizers, shampoo, exfoliator, and many other products. Essano Shampoo is enriched with Macadamia oil, Pomegranate Oil, Plant Proteins and Aloe Vera. All these natural ingredients are known to nourish the hair to recover from everyday wear and tear while leaving it strong and shiny. It makes the hair manageable and instantly detangles it too. You can also buy micellar water from the brand. The micellar water from the brand supports natural pH balance of the skin while leaving it squeaky clean. The micellar water molecules stick on to the impurities of the skin – such as dirt, makeup, and oil - and gently remove them.

Essano rose hip products are quite popular too

This brand has multiple products that are enriched with rose hip. Rose hip oil is known to have multiple benefits and thus these products are quite popular. The brand’s repairing body wash that is enriched with rose hip oil leaves the skin refreshed soft and nourished. While the brand’s rose hip mist toner is anti-oxidant rich. It contains vitamin C, aloe vera and witch hazel – all of which together work to give a naturally toned skin. The anti-oxidant rich mist can be used on the face, neck and the décolletage. The brand also has a repairing body lotion containing rose hip oil. When used every day, the body lotion will help you get smooth, supple and hydrated looking skin.

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Why choose Essano?

  •     The brand has natural and organic products
  •     Its products are enriched with potent rose hip extracts
  •     The products are skin-friendly