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All digital products and services available on the Google Play official store

Google is a name that is known to every single person in the globe. This multinational brand creates top selling digital products and services that can be used by anybody with a smart device. If you own a smart phone or a tablet, you will definitely have the Google Play application installed. There are thousands of games, music, videos, books and entertainment apps that you can download and use from the play store. While few of them are available free of cost, premium applications have to be paid for. If you are planning to buy something from this application, checkout the Google Play official store deals offered on Lazada first.

Google Play is a digital distribution service which is a part of the Google family. This was created in the year 2008 and can be used on Android, Chrome and other OS platforms. This application helps you convert your smart device into an ultimate entertainment medium. Books, music, TV shows, movies, games, news publications, magazines etc. are all available as apps for downloading. The Google Play official store on Lazada Singapore’s website gives you coupons and gift cards that help get a discount when you buy over this app.

Save money on your downloads with the Google Play official store gift cards

Gift cards are coupon codes that are available on Lazada to be used exclusively on the Google Play app. These can be used to pay for whatever purchase you make over the app. The gift cards price start at as low as SGD 30 and can be bought for up to SGD 200. For the SGD 30 gift card, apart from the actual money that you can redeem, you also get 2x 2-Star Infinity War Crystals and 5x Energy Refills. These can be used when you play games over the app. The value of this extra gift is SGD 11. For any of the gift cards you get online that is valued above SGD 100, you get 2x Ultimate Infinity War Crystals and 5x Energy Refills. These are originally worth SGD 54.

Once you have bought your Google Play official store gift cards in Singapore, you have to visit the play store, choose the redeem option from the menu and enter the code and the balance will be automatically added to your account. Lazada offers free shipping for products and coupons with all its purchases. Any product that you buy from here also gets eligible for the 14-day free returns policy.

Why choose Google Play?

  • This is one of the top chosen digital distribution service provider in the world
  • All apps and products from this brand are created by top experts
  • This brand has a responsive customer service team for all your after sales issues