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Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks assures a delicious candy experience

Cheng Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks basically feature exquisite rock sugar sticks, which are made from the purest and sweetest form of sugar. These flavored sugar sticks are the perfect match with coffee, sparkling water, tea, and cocktails as well. The Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory has been producing delicious candy products like Rock Sugar and Black or Red Jaggery Sugar dating back to 1947. Recently, during the last decade, the company introduced a new brand line for manufacturing more exciting and delectable candy products with the name Jewels, which is basically aimed to cast a modern twist on the pre-existing traditional sugar candy. Representing the new wave of candy manufacturing, the brand encouraged consumers to deeply explore the flavors, colors, and benefits of rock sugar as well as promote a healthy living habit. Since its establishment in September 2016, Jewels by Cheng has sold all across South Asia and is mainly popular for its combination of 70 years of heritage as well as its vast expertise in producing the purest and finest rock sugar.

Just like in the rest of the world, Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks in Singapore is an established name. People love these naturally crystallized sugar sticks, which work as an ideal match with any kind of beverages. In case you are looking for them, the rock sugar sticks are available in the popular online shopping portal Lazada and that too with additional deals. To explore, enjoy and experience the fun and taste of these candies, scan through the list of products available and choose the one who likes the most.

With Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks, re-invent the exciting taste of candies

The rock sugar sticks are quite popular for its purest sugar content coated with tangy, fruity flavors. The Roly Poly Roak A Stack, for instance, is a multi-color candy pet, with bumpy spinning collar and cushy fleece ears. The bottom is designed with a roly-poly base, which is supposed to jingle as frequently as the baby bats it. It is designed basically for the babies with several tactile elements on each of the rings. The little ones can have their hands on frequently.

Each of the rings has a different texture for the babies to explore the puppy with soft cushy ears, a red spinning collar on the top, and the ribbed red colored ring with a soft satiny border. The roly-poly base plays jingle sounds, which are inspired by the 1963 Rock-a-Stock toy. The product helps to develop fine motor skills of the little ones as well as enhance their eye-hand coordination. You can find the Roly Poly Roak A Stack online on Lazada. Buy Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks today to avail free shipping and 14-day free returns as well, just in case you do not like the product.

Why choose Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks?

  • It is a widely popular brand, known for its tasty and pure sugar candies.
  • It offers a wide variety of sweet sugar candies to its customers.
  • The candies are priced reasonably, keeping the buyers in mind.