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Kärcher Window Vacuum WV 1 Plus (1.633-022.0)
(1 reviews)
  • Sits comfortably and easily in your hand without making it ache.
  • The small, handy device makes cleaning smooth surfaces even easier.
  • Even the bottom window edge is easy to reach with the Kärcher Window Vac.
  • Energy management made easy: the LED display integrated in the on/off switch indicates in good time when the battery needs to be recharged.
  • Original Kärcher quality from the inventor of the Window Vac.
  • Window cleaning is three times faster with the Window Vac than with conventional methods.
  • Thanks to electric water vacuuming, dripping water is now a thing of the past. For sparkling clean windows.
  • Quick and simple tank emptying without coming into contact with dirty water.
  • The Window Vac can be used on all smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors and shower cabins.
SGD 99.00
Kärcher SC 5 Microfibre Cloth Kit For Comfort Plus Nozzle (2.863-020.0)
  • Good cleaning results thanks to optimal dirt loosening and high level of dirt intake.
  • Cleaning the microfibre cloths: machine wash at 60°C.
  • Contactless cloth changing – no contact with the dirty floor cleaning cloth.
SGD 28.00
Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 1 Premium (1.516-220.0)
  • The handheld steam cleaner removes stubborn dirt, lime residue and grease deposits. Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner kills 99.99% of all common household bacteria on hard surfaces around the home. This device is ideal for quick, spontaneous cleaning and allows space-saving storage.
SGD 138.00
Karcher steam cleaner SC 2 (1.512-006.0)
(1 reviews)
  • The Kärcher SC 2 steam cleaner cleans without chemicals and is versatile. Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner kills 99.99% of all common household bacteria on hard surfaces around the home. Leaves tiles, hobs and exhaust hoods as well as tiny cracks and crevices sparkling clean. Stubborn dirt is also quickly removed.
SGD 318.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 53.00
Kärcher T 350 T-Racer Surface Cleaner (2.643-252.0)
  • Good area performance – ideal for cleaning large areas.
  • Splash-free cleaning.
  • Continuous adjustment of the pressure to the respective cleaning task.
  • Cleaning of sensitive and non-sensitive surfaces such as wood and stone.
  • Easy cleaning of vertical surfaces.
  • The surface cleaner hovers over the floor and guarantees easy cleaning.
SGD 108.00
Kärcher Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner WD 4 (1.348-110.0)
  • Power corresponds to* (W): 1600
  • Energy consumption (W): 1000
  • Cord length (m): 5
  • Voltage (V): 220-240
SGD 318.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 53.00
Kärcher K2 compact Pressure Washer (1.673-121.0)
  • - Ergonomic carrying handle
  • - Spray lance storage
SGD 238.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 39.67
Kärcher Rotating Wash Brush WB 100 (2.643-236.0)
  • Better loosening of dirt and more efficient cleaning.
  • Efficient cleaning agent use.
  • Gentle and efficient cleaning action.
  • Easy cleaning in hard to reach places.
  • Protects surfaces against scratches.
  • Gentle and powerful cleaning for sensitive objects.
SGD 61.00
Kärcher 20m Hose Set (2.645-115.0)
  • Ideal start-up set
  • Suitable for all garden hoses
  • Fits all well-known brands.
  • Spray pattern can be changed from hard to soft.
  • Fits all well-known brands.
  • For the safe uncoupling of the accessories from the hose without splashing.
SGD 61.90
Kärcher Spray Nozzle (2.645-267.0)
  • Regulation of the flow rate on the nozzle with just one hand.
  • Spraying pattern flexibly definable from hard jet to cone jet.
  • Optimum protection against frost damage.
  • Ideal for watering (cone jet) and cleaning (point jet).
SGD 12.60
Kärcher Universal Cleaner Detergent Concentrate (6.295-753.0)
  • Active dirt dissolver for faster and more efficient cleaning of oils, greases, mineral-containing residues as well as emission pollution PH neutral The Plug 'n' Clean system is the easiest and fastest way to apply detergent with a high pressure cleaner Surfactants according to OECD biodegradable Ready-to-use detergents (RTU)
SGD 10.00
Karcher Full Control Pressure Washer K 2 full control (1.673-400.0)
  • Full Control Click Vario Power spray lance and dirt blaster Three pressure settings and a detergent setting ensure the optimal setting for every surface. Settings are chosen by turning the Full Control Click Vario Power spray lance A symbol shows the pressure setting on the respective spray lance.   Supports for accessories, high-pressure gun and cable Spray lances are always within easy reach and everything can be compactly stored on the device once cleaning is complete.   Telescopic handle For a convenient pulling height. Retractable for optimal storage.   Technical data Pressure (bar/MPa) 20 - max. 110 / 2 - max. 11 Flow rate (l/h) max. 360 Max. inlet temperature (°C) max. 40 Supply voltage (V) 230 / 240 Connection load (kW) 1.4 Area performance (m²/h) 20 Weight without accessories (kg) 4.3 Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 246 x 280 x 586
SGD 408.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 68.00
Kärcher Nozzle set (2.645-288.0)
(1 reviews)
  • Ideal for watering (cone jet) and cleaning (point jet).
  • For the safe uncoupling of the accessories from the hose without splashing.
  • Optimum protection against frost damage.
  • Suitable for all standard garden hoses.
  • Fits all well-known brands.
SGD 15.60
Kärcher Compact Hose Reel CR3.110 (2.645-210.0)
  • Compact hose reel for watering plants on balconies, roof terraces, and in small gardens. Unreeling and reeling up the hose is quick and easy. The perfect space-saving storage solution for the home.
SGD 90.30
Kärcher Spiral Hose Set (2.645-178.0)
  • To attach the Spiral hose to inhouse fittings
  • Orderly storage for a tidy garden
  • Not hazardous to health
  • Easy mounting to the wall
SGD 57.80
Kärcher Multi-Purpose Vacuum WD 2 (1.629-764.0)
  • Suction hose, 1.9 m, 35 mm
  • Suction pipes, 2 piece(s), 0.5 m, 35 mm
  • Wet and dry floor nozzle, Clips
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Cartridge filter, Standard
  • Paper filter bag, 1 piece(s)
  • Sturdy bumper
  • On-board accessory storage
SGD 178.00
Kärcher Pressure Washer K 4 (1.180-150.0)
  • The "K4" features a durable and powerful water-cooled motor. This high-pressure cleaner with Quick Connect gun and 6 m high-pressure hose is designed for the occasional removal of moderate soiling. The Vario Power spray lance (VPS) and dirt blaster are suitable for cleaning cars, garden fences, bicycles, etc. The water pressure can be adjusted by simply twisting the VPS to suit the surface being cleaned. The dirt blaster with rotating pencil jet effortlessly removes stubborn dirt. An integrated water filter reliably protects the pump against the ingress of dirt particles. Also included: P&C universal cleaner.
SGD 468.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 78.00
Kärcher WD 2 Paper Filter Bags (6.904-322.0)
  • Tear resistance
  • Outstanding filter capacity
SGD 18.00
Kärcher Dry Vacuum Cleaner VC 6 (1.195-600.0)
  • EasySlider obstacle guide
  • Unique QuickClick system, rapid switching between the floor nozzle and accessories 
  • Automatic cable rewind
  • High cleaning performance with low power consumption
  • Special high-performance filter which reliably filters out 99.9 % of allergy-triggering particles over 0.3 µm.
SGD 398.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 66.33
Kärcher VC 6 Fleece Filter Bag (6.904-329.0)
(1 reviews)
  • Effectively picks up dirt.
  • Highly tear-resistant.
  • Able to trap dust more effectively.
SGD 18.00
Kärcher WD 4 Fleece Filter Bag (2.863-006.0)
(1 reviews)
  • Suitable for the Kärcher MV 4 to MV 6 multi-purpose vacuum cleaners, as well as the WD 4 to WD 6.   Extremely tear-resistant   High degree of dust retention for significantly longer vacuuming than with paper filter bags
SGD 20.00
Kärcher Cordless Electric Broom KB 5 (1.258-000.0)
(1 reviews)
  • The handle can be moved effortlessly in all directions.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.
  • With a battery running time of up to 30 minutes on hard floors.
  • Device can be conveniently parked in the room during short working interruptions.
  • Removable Universal brush
SGD 138.00
Kärcher KA 5 Pet Pure Air Filter (2.863-249.0)
  •  Effective PM2.5 filtration
  •  Efficient filtration of animal smells, especially ammonia
  •  360-degree air circulation ensures especially efficient air intake and discharge
  •  Cleans large rooms in minimum time
SGD 298.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 49.67
Kärcher WD 4 Flat Pleated Filter (2.863-005.0)
  • Suitable for Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners from the MV 4 to MV 6 ranges and WD 4 to WD 6 ranges.   Flat fold filter can be replaced in seconds by folding out the filter cartridge - without any contact with dirt   Wet and dry vacuuming without filter replacement
SGD 20.00
Kärcher WD 2 Cartridge Filter (6.414-552.0)
  • Allows wet and dry suction without having to change the filter
  • High degree of dust retention
SGD 20.00
Kärcher VC 6 HEPA 12 Filter (6.414-805.0)
  • The blower air emitted by the high-performance filter is considerably cleaner and fresher than the room air. In figures: 99.9% of all allergy-triggering particles over 0.3 µm are safely captured. The HEPA 12 high-performance filter (EN1822:1998) is suitable for models VC 6100, VC 6200 and VC 6300.
SGD 35.00
Kärcher AD 3 Premium Flat Pleated Filter (6.415-953.0)
  • Robust, flat-fold filter specifically designed for ash and dry vacuum cleaners for lasting cleaning power.
SGD 32.00
Kärcher Drill Dust Catcher (2.863-234.0)
  • For dust-free and residue-free drilling   The drill dust catcher works reliably on all conventional wall and ceiling surfaces   Drilling above your head is easier than ever   Drilling and suctioning without the help of a second person is hassle-free   Easy handling – connect the suction hose, turn on the vacuum cleaner, place the accessory in the desired position, and drill   Suitable accessory for Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners WD 2-6. For drills with a drill size of up to 15 mm
SGD 38.00
Kärcher WD 2 Wet & Dry Vacuum Floor Nozzle (2.863-000.0)
  • Suitable for all Kärcher Home & Garden multi-purpose vacuum cleaners.   Optimum dirt intake for dry and wet vacuum cleaning thanks to two integrated brush strips and/or squeegees   Convenient adaptation to respective type of dirt thanks to practical foot switch   Little effort required when vacuuming thanks to very good sliding properties due to lateral rollers   Built-in parking nib for storing floor nozzle on the device
SGD 40.00
Kärcher T 10/1 Fleece Filter Bag (6.904-315.0)
  • Extremely tear-resistant, 3-ply fleece filter bags, dust class M. Fleece filter bags have 2 to 3 times the capacity of conventional paper filter bags. Standard for T 10/1 and T 12/1.
SGD 44.95
Karcher Dry Vacuum VC 2 (1.198-102.0)
  • Simply throw away.
  • No contact with dirt.
  • Easy to organise.
  • Nothing goes missing.
  • Filters 99.5% of dust and particles.
  • Protects health.
SGD 198.00
Kärcher Bagless Vacuum Cleaner VC 3 Plus (1.198-128.0)
  • As with all Kärcher products, the bagless VC 3 Plus multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner features outstanding functionality. With its elegant design and practical size, the yellow VC 3 Plus fits perfectly into the modern family home. Easy to use, it is suitable for young and older people alike. The highly efficient multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner offers high power without loss of suction and thanks to the washable waste container it saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on replacement filter bags. The transparent waste container on this model allows you to see the vacuumed dirt, and therefore the powerful cleaning effect of the vacuum cleaner, at a glance. HEPA 12 filters with minimal dust emissions ensure extremely clean air – ideal for allergy sufferers. What's more, the low noise level makes it extremely family-friendly. The Kärcher VC 3 Plus cleans floors and carpets just as thoroughly as gaps, corners, edges and other hard-to-reach places.
SGD 238.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 39.67
Kärcher Dry Vacuum T 10/1 (1.527-150.0)
  • This compact unit has a 1.250 W rating and generates a high vacuum of 24.4 kPa (244 mbar). It is operated via a foot switch without the need to stoop. The handily shaped, curved grip with clip system and infinitely adjustable suction power permits fatigue-free working. Suction hose length appr. 2.5 m. The cleaner owes its good rolling properties to a chassis fitted with two fixed castors and two steering castors. An all-round bumper ensures that the impact-resistant, 10-litre capacity container does not damage furniture. The T 10/ 1 comes with a fleece filter bag as standard. This holds up twice as much dust as conventional paper filters. A six-stage filter system ensures impeccable retention performance. In addition to the three-ply fleece filter bag, a motor protection filter, exhaust filter and permanent main filter ensure that the exhaust air is clean. The main filter is made of washable nylon, so the machine can be operated without a dust bag.
SGD 298.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 49.67
Karcher Cordless Vacuum VC 4 (1.198-142.0)
  • Cyclone technology
  • Super suction performance
  • Cordless convenience
  • Detachable handheld unit
  • Powerful li-ion battery
  • Self-Standing with Docking Station
SGD 438.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 73.00
Kärcher Multi-Purpose Vacuum WD 5 Premium (1.348-230.0)
  • Power corresponds to* (W): 1800
  • Energy consumption (W): 1100
  • Cord length (m): 5
  • Voltage (V): 220-240
SGD 438.00
0% Interest Installment Plan: 6 x SGD 73.00
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