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About the Brand: Kettler Singapore

Kettler is a brand for sports and fitness equipment and accessories. The brand has been the top provider of home training items in Singapore. They are well-known for cutting-edge home exercise products that you can rely on for getting into shape. What is great about this brand is that they ensure not just about quality but also the ergonomics. The company assures you to have efficient and safe exercise equipment and accessories you can use for your workout regime.

Exercise Equipment in Kettler Singapore

Be the first to experience the benefits of Kettler’s top products. There are many items you can choose, from workout equipment to fitness accessories. Starting with Kettler treadmill a classic home exercise device used for walking and running in one place. With the help of this product, there is no weather can impede your training regime. Another is the Kettler bikes. Exercise bikes are used in cardio training that guarantees the user to burn calories and lose weight.

Next would be the Kettler elliptical. Cross trainer is your tool for total body work out. It is designed to provide great balance and low impact movements to the user. Moreover, the last product would be the Kettler dumbbell. This accessory is used to train the user’s strength and power to achieve define muscles. All in all, the training equipment and accessories under this brand are ergonomically designed, bombarded with helpful features, and work greatly as your home training at any time and any weather.

Why choose Kettler Singapore?

  • Kettler is the top brand for sports and fitness equipment and accessories in Singapore
  • All items under this brand are cutting-edge product with quality and ergonomic designs and features.
  • The choices of exercise equipment and fitness accessories are vast and differ from great innovations.
  • Home training equipment under this brand are useful to succeed you home regime and provide you the best exercise experience.

    Kettler Exercise Equipment

  • Exercise Bikes: This exercise equipment is best for your cardio training. What is good about the training bikes under this brand is that it has low impact on your joints, yet guarantees calorie loss.
  • Cross Trainer: Elliptical is popular because it provide total body workout. Just like most of training equipment under Kettler, it comes with low impact features and innovative designs.
  • Treadmills: Walking and running is the simplest form yet very effective exercise. With treadmills, you can do it anytime in just the comfort of your home.
  • Rowing Machine: This exercise machine focuses on your cardio training. It has an ergonomic design that is ideal for good workout result while it has a low impact on your body.
  • Multi-Gym: This training product is like the overall exercise machine you need. It work as multiple trainer that somewhat resembles the effect of other fitness equipment like rowing, bench press, leg extension and more.

    Kettler Exercise Accessories

  • For Power: Exercise accessories for power are merely about weight training. These tools are effective for muscle toning and also for strength improvements. The items under this category are push-up bars, press-up handles, door chinning bar, sit-up bar and dumbbells.
  • For Balance: Balance training is effective for muscle exercise and stabilizing posture. This type of workout is gentle as it does not leave you with strain on your body. Balance training would be possible with the use of exercise balls and bands. They vary depending on focus.
  • For Workout: Workout training accessories are used to add challenge and aide for your daily workout. These items help you to achieve and develop great power and stamina. Also, they work as aide for additional mobility and coordination. These items are exercise rope, workout bands, and exercise wheel.