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It is Not Just a Laptop, It is A New MacBook

What else can be said about the MacBook? This very premium device line have sold over a hundred thousand units despite its premium price tag, showing the full capacities of this device in providing the most unique and useful interface and systems that you could ever use. The laptop that changed the way of modern computer not just distanced itself from the standard way of using computers, but also created the new norm; a standard that most developers and OS makers would try to mimic on their own devices. And when they do, a new MacBook will be introduced, changing the way people use laptops yet again. With the Macbook in Singapore reaching new heights of popularity, you can really expect that the devices they make will be more than just specs and updates.

The MacBook Pro Goes Full Capacity With their Resolution and Design

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually three types of MacBooks made by Apple. The standard MacBook which people know, the MacBook Air which is the brand’s ultrabook line, and the MacBook Pro, the most premium and work-related device used by professionals in their projects and designs. Each of the devices made serve particular purposes in lifestyle and design, while the other laptops are made for overall usage and performance. Overall, you can simply look into the number of satisfied users of this Apple laptop, and see how well the build and quality of this device comes in with your personal preference. Then again, you will really want to learn how to use this very impressive and high quality devices all for you.

MacBook: The Name Itself

Apple Inc., an American multi-national company that develops, designs, and sells various consumer electronics. The iPhone is the brand's series of smartphones, a multi-touch screen device that has communication, entertainment, work, business, school, and leisure features; the latest addition to their family is a smartwatch, the Apple Watch, that enables you to sync your iPhone and allows the user to check, send, and receive calls, iMessages, SMS; it also has a fitness tracking feature; the iPod is the company's line of media player, that can be used to store music, pictures and videos; they also have a series of mobile tablets, the iPad that is actually perfect for people on the go, as it has some features of a laptop but is more portable and lightweight;.

In addition to that, they also have a collection of personal computers, the iMac. It is an all-in-one computer which can be used for both professional and personal purposes; this desktop is efficient for media and graphic editing. The MacBook (Pro and Air) is their collection of laptops that are great for presentations (for both work and school), video, audio, and photo editing, and a lot more.

Admit it or not we all want to have Apple MacBook, I mean some of us actually put it on our wish list. Right? What makes it special is not just because of its sleek design or light weight, but the features itself makes it extraordinary special. High standard and worth it for its price because it is created with the finest materials. Quality at its best, surely no one can beat the desire of many Filipinos to have their own MacBook. There are so many manufacturers of laptop but nobody can beat the satisfaction that Apple products can bring.

What Makes MacBook Special?

Most people who patronize Apple and their products have experienced technology at its finest. The user experience that the company gives cannot be matched; from their pocket-sized media players even up to their advanced computers and software. Their products undergo precise quality check; hence, the MacBook is not an exception. Whether it be for common use such as web browsing, business and school purpose, multi-media editing, and even for life's simplest leisures, the MacBook can get it done.

For those of you who love to take photos and have video chat with your friends. These are some of the features that you will surely love with the said laptop. Innovation, the device is up on the latest trend of technology. Efficiency, application runs smoothly compared to the other laptops out there. Battery life is longer so you get to enjoy surfing the net, playing games and watching movies. With larger storage capacity, you get to download the latest application from the AppStore and store more files. Special in every aspect--that’s what the manufacturers want to prove to its competitor! Don’t just settle for basic, go for the latest and choose the one that offers an extraordinary experience.

Why Choose MacBook

  • Globally well-known series of laptop.
  • You can bring it anywhere you want.
  • Quality at its finest, their products continuously evolve.
  • Product durability, the dime you will use to buy one will guarantee you a long use.

    MacBook with Retina

  • Overview : The MacBook with Retina is the latest form of the classic MacBook line, with the required specs and features, all needed for a laptop or netbook designed. The retina display adds more resolution and supports any form of live graphics that the laptop can show.
  • Operating System : The Apple MacBook runs the OSX on a 1.3GHz Intel-core processor.
  • Display : This laptop comes with the 12-inch LED backlit, Retina display with Intel HD Graphics
  • Storage and Memory : This laptop is equipped with a 512GB internal storage, and up to 8GB DDR3 RAM

    Apple Macbook Air

  • Overview : The Air stands for lighter than air, with means that the devices under the series all comprise the most portable, thin, and light laptops that hold much of the connectivity and hardware. .
  • Operating System : The latest MacBook Air runs the OS X on a 1.6GHz Intel-core i5 processor.
  • Display : This laptop comes with the 13-inch LED backlit display with Intel HD Graphics, and 1440 × 900 display resolution
  • Storage and Memory : This laptop is equipped with a up 256GB internal SSD storage, and up to 4GB DDR3 RAM

    Apple MacBook Pro

  • Overview : The latest and the most impressive line of viable laptops for professionals, the MacBook Pro comes with the very latest specs in terms of usage and capacity, all for the purpose of providing the finest specs for work.
  • Operating System : The most high-end version of the MacBook Pro runs the OS X on a 2.9GHz Intel-core i7 processor.
  • Display : This laptop comes with a maximum 17-inch LED backlit display with Intel HD Graphics, and 1920 × 1200 display resolution
  • Storage and Memory : This laptop is equipped with a up 750GB maximum internal storage, and up to 8GB DDR3 SDRAM