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Feel the adrenaline rush with your Mountain Bike

The bicycle has come a long way, since its invention centuries ago. The very first form of transportation in the 1600s has now been transformed into a fun and adrenaline-filled way to get in shape and explore different roads. Bikes come in different forms, shapes, and sizes, but the toughest and most reliable form of this transportation is the mountain bike.

Mountain bikes are built to tread on the rocky slopes and rough terrains of a mountain side. These variants sport sturdier and thicker frames, larger tires, a standing form, and stronger brakes – all suited for cyclists to safely ride the uneven land fast. These bikes are very tough, made with durable steel and carbon bodies that can take any punishment from nature. If you are into adventure, riding fast in extreme environment, then take a mountain bike with you in your next trip.

The different parts of the Mountain Bike ensures safety

All brands of mountain bikes usually follow a specific set of features, built for safety and efficiency. All of the bikes' tires should have wider tractions allowing them to ride through rough terrains, while the form should always be straight up, so the rider could easily maneuver the vehicle around. But if there’s one important feature that separate one mountain bike from another, it is the size. Mountain bikes come in three sizes, each based supposedly on the body type of its user. The bike’s size is important when selecting the best one for you, not only because of the practical reasons, but also to ensure safety when you are riding on the open. Choose the appropriate mountain bike that will be safe to use, but also fun and exciting to ride on.

    Small / Small-Medium Mountain bike

  • Product Description: This type of mountain bike is suitable for kids and pre-teens. This type is significantly faster than the other variants, but isn’t suitable for all types of terrains.
  • Technical Specifications: This bike has a frame size of between 13-17 inches, made of carbon or steel. The bikes’ tires are made of durable rubber with basic traction.This type of bike is suitable for riders who are under 5-feet.

    Medium Mountain bike

  • Product Description: The medium mountain bike is the most suitable bike for experienced cyclists, built for rougher terrains. The handling of the this bike is also better compared to the bike’s other sizes
  • Technical Specifications: This bike is most suitable for people between 5-foot 7 and 6-feet. The bike comprises larger traction tires, reinforced steel frame, strong brakes, and a slightly slanted seat.

    Large / X-Large Bikes

  • Product description: This type of bikes are often used by professionals, especially if they need to travel a mountain slope much faster. This bike is very durable, but a bit harder to control because of its size.
  • Technical Specifications: This bike is made either from carbon or reinforced steel frames. The handles are much wider, the wheels are larger, and the tires are more durable. This bike also comes in 8-gear shifts, making it possible to ride fast on the toughest roads.