Ponds is your Trusted Skin Care Brand

Ponds is a world leader in beauty and healthcare products for over 150 years. It’s always good to remember that – the skin is the largest organ of your body. So, it takes special skills to maintain and take care of this organ. It is the organ that is visible to everyone and you should invest your worthy time in keeping your skin healthy, glowing and radiant. Let’s face it, your skin is exposed to dirt, pollution and the harmful UV rays of the sun. To add to that, the waste discharged in the form of sweat engulfs the skin throughout the day. So, this organ suffers a lot and it is necessary that we look after it with much care. Just cleaning it with plain water or using any body soap won’t do. You need a deep cleanser that will remove dirt and pollution after-effects from your skin, leaving behind smoother and younger skin which shines with a unique radiance. You will need a trusted company, whose products are not full of chemicals that not only harm your skin but deteriorate it to a more drastic level. This is one such company which has decided to manufacture some of the best skin care products that have been well received by customers all around the globe.

This is a major skin care line, and throughout the years, it has been able to form a strong, loyal customer base that has experienced the goodness of the brand. As it is expanding to other skin care products for both men and women, the customers have been nothing but positive towards its expansion. You can purchase these exceptional products from Lazada Singapore now. Yes, getting Ponds products is that easy in Singapore and you should immediately buy some for yourself as well.

Buy Ponds To Treat Your Dry Or Oily Skin Easily

There are generally two skin types – oily skin and dry skin. It is good to know that the products from this brand are designed to suit both skin types. For oily skin, the products will block the pores keeping your face dry and matte, whereas, for dry skin, the products will keep your face moisturized without letting any trace of wrinkles set in. The Facial Foam is one such product. It is a face wash that produces rich foam once you start washing your face with it. Your skin will regain its glow and become soft and supple. For dry skin, the Cream for Dry Skin is perfect to keep your face hydrated and moisturized, as it prevents the formation of wrinkles and delays aging signs on your face. You will get all of these products and much more from this brand at Lazada Singapore. Now, enjoy free shipping and 14–day free returns on purchases too.

Why choose Ponds?

  • It is an internationally acclaimed skincare brand.
  • It manufactures a wide variety of skin care products for all skin types.
  • You will get everything, from face washes to face creams, from winter creams to summer lotions and much more from this brand.