Resistance Therapy Band 0.4mm - Charcoal

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Product details of Resistance Therapy Band 0.4mm - Charcoal

  • Light and Durable fibreglass bar
  • Non-slip grip in the middle
  • Great tool for workout
Product Highlights
  • Fitness Flexi Bar consists of light and durable fibreglass bar, non-slip grip in the middle, two small weights at both ends, which allow for an upward and downward swinging through moving the bar when holding it on its grip.
  • Non-battery operated & easy to use. A slight rhythm of hand movement is sufficient to bring the Fitness Flex Bar into motion. The vibration is transported through the body at an optimal frequency for vibration-training. When the vibrations stream through the body, the equilibrium center is brought slightly out of balance. As a result the smaller deeper stabilizing muscles alongside the spine have to work harder. When these muscles are tensed up, the spine is relieved and an upright posture is made easier.
  • Fitness Flex Bar uses vibration to work the major muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, shoulder, chest, abdominal and lower body through oscillation.
  • The workout increase in strength of joint stabilizers and core muscles. This in turn improves joint health and the integrity of your spine, thereby improving your posture, your movement quality and prevents injuries.
  • Vibrations promote blood circulation thus help to remove toxicities out of the blood and to expedite healing of chronic injuries.
  • Suitable for all level of people, beginner or advanced, young or old and it is ideal for fitness and physical rehabilitation:
  • A enhancement tool in yoga workouts
  • As training tool for golfers. It enhances golfers physical flexibility, endurance, swing and muscular imbalances
  • As and aid for physical rehabilitation especially stiff neck, stiff shoulder, back hips, knee problem etc.
  • It is handy and portable. Nylon carrier is included for easy transportation & storage. Bring one to living room, office, gym, & golf course!

Specifications of Resistance Therapy Band 0.4mm - Charcoal

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What’s in the box

1 x resistance band

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