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Spider Man pinata
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  • Brand: Viewsonic

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Good message: Order pinata gift stick a root(BAG pull-type the)

HalloweenProduct after another on the new friends~~~

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Spider Man pinata

Size: 45 cm* 45 cm* 9 cm

Function play method: Beat-

  •  Beat---pinata hanging up--With percussion stick hard the beat-----The knock broken wind the candy

Brief description:

Pinata is a kinds of color paper to do to the container(itself are is empty), can be made into a ever-changing style; cartoon character, animal, small car, not rule shape..... As long as to out are can be made out. Pinata inside of the exquisite the gift--such as candy, toys, small dolls and other.By after hanging up to small children with a stick beat, the knock broken pinata, Inside candy wind down, to small children greatly the surprise!Gift the more about rich grab to the more that this small children good luck yue duo.


Picture Play method schematic diagram:


Pinata play point:( brief three step)

  • Pinata the buckle rope the more long, about easy to shake, also means that the not to be knock in
  • To wear pinata goggles plus some difficulty, place to two ring and then to beat, oh! Dizziness in, to find not to the pinata pull
  • With a stick beat is very is fun, pull big part is very is quiet also very simple.

Theme real shot pictures:


Pictures For real shooting, general kind are than picture look good. Owner built by shooting pirates of the map will study.


 Pinata is what:

花驴皮纳塔Sponge baby pinata
Now domestic can buy to the pinata, is colored paper production of hollow closed-container. Usually stay with a hook for hanging from the pinata, And with a small the opening can be plug into the candy, small toys or any interesting of small things.
Pinata the style is very rich. The more the is a variety of cartoon image, Princess, pirate, Spider Man and so on, as well as guitar, Car, crown and other a variety of wide range. In addition as well as equivalent to a variety of holiday the pinata. Such as Halloween the pumpkin and ghost head style, Resurrection Day the big egg shape and so on. If you do not know the selection which a models, that on the selected flower donkey style, This is the classic The on behalf of the style.
Currently the pinata products, the main production from Mexico. But Made in China the pinata also stretch across the more large the international market. In Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and other domestic
Common Problem:
Pinata in put what good?
General for all kinds of candy, recommended lollipop. Not; chocolate, easy.
Pinata for more large the children?
At least 3 years old or more, can independent walking both stick play to play. Pinata and is not so easy to break the, best with a little effort.
Game with skills it?
Hanging the way, rope the long short, Is not it Mongolia on the eye, All is can be to the game increase or decrease difficulty and fun of skills. Way own eclectic, laughter free constantly.




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